Eric's Weekly Round Up: Musharrif 8/1

Friday, 28 March 2014


Hoof It likes to track the leaders or be held up and comes out second on my ratings. LANCELOT DU LUC  is my top rated and is another hold-up or track leader type. Forest Edge has improved greatly on the all-weather and I think it has now reached its maximum mark and it looks in the grip of the handicapper. however, I do expect it to run its usual honest race. Annunciation may need the run, being off the course for 215 days, plus it has never won on the all-weather. It could possibly try to lead but I also think it might prefer a slower surface.
Tennessee Wildcat hasn't got any form in England and is either held-up or tracks the leaders. I'm not quite sure how good the horse is but hoping the betting is a good indicator and at 25/1 doesn't look very promising. Trinityelitedotcom could either track the leaders or actually try to lead. It is not in my top four ratings so doubt if it's good enough unless gaining an uncontested lead. Pearl Ice likes to track the leaders but may need the run having had 155 days off since its last race. Also, it may be better on a slower surface. Polski Max is in the same boat as Pearl Ice except - off course for 169 days. Piscean is either held-up or tracks the leaders but isn't in my top four so doubt it will be involved in the finish. Royal Bajan likes to track the leaders but will probably find this trip too far for it to be competative. Baddilini may prefer a slower surface but is well weighted on his best form with hold-up or track leaders style. Absolutely So is another hold-up or track leader type and is reasonably well weighted but may find these opponents too classy.

SUMMARY: Two known front runners don't really have the times to stay in front all the way. I think Lancelot Du Luc can sit handily from its stall five draw and finish the stronger and a good bet at 5/1.