Eric's Weekly Round Up: Musharrif 8/1

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


This race has got three horses that have been known to lead before and my top two rated horses are from this trio. I doubt any of the hold up horses will get involved. Sir Geoffrey won two days ago but that was in Class 5 and I'm doubtful if he's capable of winning and this grade higher. Powerful Wind is quite versatile with its tactics and comes our second on my figures. It hasn't
been helped by drawing stall nine. MOORHOUSE LAD 9/2 is the third possible front runner and the horse that tops my figures. The trainer has employed a good jockey in Graham Lee and from stall one this horse should lead all the way.

4:55 Southwell -  There are three possible leaders in this race, too. China Excels, Durham Express and Novalist but I doubt any of them are capable of winning, even if they got an uncontested lead. The horses to concentrate on are Masked Dance, Catalyze, Ridgeway Hawk and Orwellian. All four are either hold up or can track the leaders. I think Ridgeway Hawks chances are diminished by being drawn in stall twelve. The second best on figures and drawn in stall three is Orwellian, so it must have a chance. However, the selection is CATALYZE (5/1). William Carson should get a good early position from the one stall. (E.R.I.C.)