Tuesday, 15 July 2014

4:00 Catterick Racing Tip (16th July) CATTERICKBRIDGE.CO.UK HANDICAP

Nameitwhatyoulike usually tracks the leaders but hasn't recorded any times fast enough to qualify at my lowest rating. Dark Castle is my second top rated and usually tracks the pace so if it runs to its best should make the frame. Bop It is another that likes to track the pace but its times are too slow to register so doubt it will be involved in the finish. Powerful Presence is my fourth top rated and like so many in this race prefers to track the leaders. Avon Breeze is the third top rated who tracks the pace so could get into the frame if it runs to its best. Go Far is another pace tracker but its times have been too slow and I doubt it will make the frame here. Solar Spirit is able to track the pace or be held up but its times have been too slow to register. THATCHERITE 5/1 is only the second horse known to be held up or can track the leaders and I'm not really sure which tactics it will employ here because it's hard to know exactly how the race will pan out. Lady Frances is the only horse in the race to have led before so it could be a danger with an uncontested lead especially only being a three year old but ideally it might prefer some cut in the ground but can lead or track the leaders.

SUMMARY: A very strange sort of race, the only known front runner might not like the going, only two horses have been known to be held up but both of them have also tracked the leaders in races as well. I'm putting up THATCHERITE 5/1 as the bet because it does come out with a few pounds in hand over the rest if it runs to its best mark which he recorded at Carlisle so this course shouldn't hold any fears.


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