Eric's Weekly Round Up: The Lacemaker 100/30 + Walk On Walter 16/1 + £43.75 F/C

Monday, 9 February 2015


1- Very First Blade is quite versatile with its running style so could even attempt to lead all the way but being drawn in stall ten does temper that idea but its my top rated so it could do just that, even though its top rated its rating is very low and I'm just hoping something else in the race doesn't show any significant improvement.
2- Run Fat Lass Run may find this trip too short but could try to lead especially as its been drawn in stall two and which it has done before but over seven furlongs but then the time was quite slow so it might get outpaced here.
3- Master Of Disguise may find this trip too far for it so to have any chance its going to have to be held up which is its normal style of running anyway.
4- Little Choosey is another that might try to lead and isn't too badly drawn in stall five but it can adopt any style of running so a lot will depend on what orders the jockey is given as the two most likely leaders are drawn in stalls two and eleven.
5- Sleet may find this trip too short so to have any chance it will I think need to be near the front end of the race but whether its quick enough to get there I'm not convinced.
6- River Dreamer is another possible leader but has drawn the outside stall so it might struggle to get to the front but its times over course and distance have been comparatively slow.
7- Postillion has only had one run since coming to England and may find this trip too short so another that will need to be prominent early on but its guesswork as to how well it will do but I'm not considering it as a possible winner.
8- First Commandment has so far only shown poor form even though it can track the leaders or be held up.
9- Zat Be Zat has only shown poor form but this is its handicap debut so could be a hidden danger and the betting should be a guide to this ones chances.
10- Stun Gun has recorded a slow time at this course over seven furlongs but its overall form doesnt inspire me and it might find the trip too far for it.
11-La Danza is another that would prefer a shorter trip and it hasn't shown anything for me to consider its chances.
SUMMARY: This is a very poor race with only one horse on my graphs, I'm not quite sure whats going to lead as those that like to lead and have the early speed to lead have got poor draws but I'm sticking with the top weight VERY FIRST BLADE 11/4 as the selection and hope the jockey Robert Havlin can either lead or find a good early position with which to strike later in the race but as I've said twice now it is a poor race and stakes will need to be kept on the low side.

Very First Blade 4/1 1st