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Monday, 4 April 2016

They called it what? Funny Horse Names You Didn’t think they’d get away with!

The Grand National 2016 is upon us! Each year we see cheeky, qwirky, and sometimes plain rude race horse names. Just when you thought you had heard everything imaginable someone comes out with something even more outrageous.

In the build up to the annual race at Aintree, Paddy Power have trawled the annals of time, looking for the funniest, most ridiculous names to have raced on British soil and beyond.

Puma Pants

Puma Pants certainly looks like she may have a digestion problem…

Pork Hunt

Not sure what to say about him really…

Lost East Testees

We don’t think you’ll find them in there buddy….

Ben Jackinoff

We hope you didn’t finish too quickly, Ben…

Norfolk Enchants

Race horse Norfolk Enchants had every chance when he raced in the Grand National in 2012

Down On Me

Not the most outrageous, but we can imagine the sound of the cheering from the stands!

Here’s a few more funnies Paddy Power found:

Sofa King Fast
Dean Windass

Think we’ve missed a belter? Share with us some of the peculiar horse names you’ve heard in the comments below: