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Sunday, 13 August 2017

GG Horse Racing Tips VS Eric Winner

GG Horse Racing Tips VS Eric Winner
Every racing fan loves competition. Who can forget Muhammed Ali Vs Joe Frazier 1971? Even better when they had a rematch before the total blitz known as the Thrilla in Manila. So Ali proved victorious with a TKO in the 14th rounds. Take a look at this great article from David Ubben at Sports On Earth to see The Best Title Rematches of All Time

Let's, just for a moment, imagine a battle of racing tipsters. In the blue corner, flexing his muscles like Popeye with two cans of spinach and an oversized pipe, we have Eric Winner.  A master of sprint race analysis. The speed of mind akin to Jaydur jumping a shadow. His winners' more double figure prices than pleasant jolly backers. 

In the red corner, we have GG Horse Racing Tips.   

It would be a battle of Herculean might. 

Eric Winner zapped with gamma rays as a child and when angered he has the tipping strength of The Incredible Hulk. GG a noble opponent akin to a knight on his mighty stead, lance in hand. 

What a fight. 

If Eric Winner and GG tipped 10 horses who would show the greatest profit? 

That's a challenge we're are looking forward to seeing. Know, I'm not saying who will win because with just 10 selections both may get the good, bad and the ugly. 

If those who run GG would like to take part in our contest we love to hear from them.