Eric's Weekly Round Up: Mazzini 7/1

Friday, 18 August 2017

Racing Post Vs Eric Winner Tips

Racing Post Vs Eric WinnerWho doesn't love the Racing Post? Perhaps along side the Sporting Life it is one of the staples for most punters. 

I know I would be lost without. Looking at race cards, results, news, tipping & much much more. To think it is free of charge online rather than paying £2.80 for the paper version. Both great value. Online gambling, finding information and appreciating top tipsters like Tom Segal Tips and his excellent Pricewise selections. 

I mean Tom Segal is good. He wouldn't have carved himself a niche within the Racing Post if he didn't have that winning edge. But who would be the winner in a challenge: Eric Winner Vs Tom Segal?

In the red corner, we have Tom flexing today's edition of the Racing Post, flicking through the results trying to frighten Eric Winner with a recent, juicy favourite that hit the frame. 

In the blue corner, we have Eric Winner doing pull-ups as he writes out a betting slip with his feets. He reminds Tom and John McCrirrick that last week he had two 16/1 winners in two days while smoking a cigar he stole from Sir Mark Prescott. 

Oh, the battle. It would be like Mike Tyson Vs Evander Holyfield except for this time the Iron Man is wearing dentures, removed before the fight ensues like a great white not so fearless with his gnashers sitting in a jar by his bed. 

If Tom Segal is reading this post (unlikely) we would like to set a 10bet challenge. Whoever wins, we will give a £50 free bet to a lucky reader with all the winning going to charity. 

Come on, Tom.