Eric's Weekly Round Up: Mazzini 7/1

Friday, 29 June 2018

6:20 Newcastle Racing Tips (29th June)

In reality this is a poor class 5 affair with 14 runners 6 of whom I can discount and only 6 with a recorded time, there's 3 that have been known to lead before and Kingofmerrows looks the most capable of setting the pace on a time it managed in 2016, Duke Cosimo would be 2nd top using a time from the same year, then I've got Katheefa, Poppy In The Wind and Nuns Walk all fairly closely rated but top is LETMESTOPYOUTHERE 15/2 who recorded a time head and shoulders above all of these over this c/d in March 2017 in a class 2 race, yes it hasn't been as good of late but this is its 1st run over this c/d since that time so I'm hoping it will spring the horse back into form.

Letmestopyouthere 15/2 4th
A cracking class 2 race with the maximum 14 runners, i can only discount 4 of the runners completely and Copper Knight is the only natural front runner which is a bit surprising, Soie D’Leau would be 2nd top on a 2016 time, Eastern Impact would be 4th if including times from Wolverhampton, Hakam always looks as though further would suit it better but it still comes out 2nd top on recent times around here but the top weight ATLETICO 11/2 is my top rated and this looks a drop in class here both the trainer and jockey have good stats to back up their claim and it has a very good chance here to get back to winning ways.

NEWMARKET 7.55 (8.2)
A poor turnout of just 7 in this race, there's 2 I have discounted, 2 more I have doubts about, 1 who wouldn't want the going to be too fast, and they are very quick to water the courses nowadays which isn't helpful if your horse wants to hear its hooves rattle, so I'm left with the front running Syrian Pearl who is my 2nd top rated but could be dangerous if allowed to dictate its own pace I'm doubtful that will happen in this race but I do have TIME TO EXCEED 7/1 rated 3lbs higher, both have decent trainer stats at this course and the latter has a very good jockey stat but I will have to back both to cover both angles but my stakes may tilt, as usual, in favour of my own unique top rated speed figure horse.