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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The European Market Sees Increase in Sports Betting Online

Wise GambleSports Betting is on the rise, and it is spreading to new markets. In the UK a site called Wisegambler.com targets sports betting users.

Wisegambler is a publisher of content for the UK sports betting and casino user. And it is the Maltese-based affiliate company Traffic Puma that has produced the site, and that administrates it.


Wisegambler is a very well researched site that is in full compliance with the new regulatory changes that were put into practice by the UKCG. They focus on new online casino and new betting sites. 

Visit them to see the all the new betting sites they have 

The content is similar that of other sites, but with a higher focus on relevant information that users are looking for. And content that touches on the responsibility-theme that Wisegambler uses. 

“Responsible gambling is on everyone’s lips right now, but few affiliate sites know how to transfer this interest into something that is valuable for the user, “ says CEO of Traffic Puma, Ken Larsen. “This is something we’re doing something about.”

Great Britain 

The UK market is one of the most interesting ones for sports betting. But the rest of Europe is igniting their interest for this ultra-British entertainment-activity. Sports betting is on the rise, and there are still plenty of opportunities for affiliate sites.

“We have recently launched Wisegambler.com for the UK market, so it’s safe to say that we believe in these markets in the UK right now. But you’ll see an increased professionalization”, he continues, “and it is important to abide by all the relevant rules and regulations.”

UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission recently made some fundamental changes in the UK legislation. It is obvious that affiliate sites need to observe these going forward. But the reality is that many sites will not. 

The danger is that affiliate sites that do not worry about these things may soon become irrelevant. Not necessarily through fines from authorities, but because the more informative sites that appeal to these users will win more SERP-rankings independent of keywords.

Google has openly said it wants to have better search results, and obviously, they are simply working on this day in and day out. The long-term affiliate marketer needs to think a little softer - not just on keyword stuffing of otherwise empty content. 

And it is just that Wisegambler.com intends to do. 

Great Sports Betting Content “At Wisegambler you will see content that could be published in most newspapers. We take great care to create our content, and our users are very happy so far”, says Mr. Larsen at Traffic Puma. 

“Very few affiliates think about it, but Google places an increasing amount of weight on what is called dwell time. This means the time a user stays on your site before clicking away. For people to stay, you need to have content that users want. And that can’t be faked”, he says.

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