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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The South African online gambling market

South Africa is typically renowned for its picturesque landscape, diverse wildlife, cultural experiences and deep history in sport to name but a few. But those who have a vested interest in gambling and casino games, will know that South Africa has one of the most profitable markets in the world.

Take the online gambling market for example. More and more users are playing online with the wide variety of games, slots and card games now available. Furthermore, online play offers users more privacy than they would get in a real-life casino which would tempt much more participants, especially as you wouldn’t have to travel to start playing.

Popular games Slots undoubtedly lead the way in South Africa when it comes to online gaming. Like much of what the western games across Europe and North America offer, the South African versions are fairly similar and offer a variety of different games with a range of bonuses and other perks. 

Audiences are tempted with the diverse colourful interfaces and designs, exciting and intriguing plots and continuous free spins that are offered. All of this helps keep the users attention to ensure they play online for as long as possible. 

Other games such as poker and blackjack are just as popular in South Africa with quite literally thousands of versions available across a large number of websites.

Africasino is one of said websites that has been really gathering pace in recent times. The site has become very popular in South Africa and some surrounding nations, generating a strong reputation for its strong customer service as well as the variety of games available.

The site has been tailored for South African nationals and not only are there an abundance of games to get stuck into, the instant payment methods make Africasino more attractive to players and the site will likely go from strength to strength.

History of South African online gambling

In 1965, South Africa’s Gambling Act banned all forms of betting throughout the country bar horse racing. Casinos and the like did start to make appearances throughout the 1970’s, although they weren’t accessible to all residents. 

In 1996, The National Gambling Act oversaw a change in betting laws that allowed licensed casinos to operate in South Africa. This potentially paved the way for the online scene to encounter minimal issues when users were opting for online play over land-based casinos. 

Statistically, casinos generate the most revenue for the gambling market in South Africa with 72% of gross revenues in 2014 coming from them. Although the date is four years old now, it puts into perspective just how much money can be generated from casinos and online gaming. 

Similarly, the UK market continues to go from strength to strength with the vast options of online games and slots to play on. Typically, all the branded websites and household names continue to move with the times and offer such services and in 2018, £14.4b was generated in the UK throughout all forms of gambling

Paddy Power are one of the most popular bookies that players have opted to use, and the firm are often adding new games and offering bigger promotions/pay outs than some of their rivals. For example, The Matrix game has a whole host of exciting features and benefits for players to enjoy. 

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