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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

6:30 Chelmsford Racing Tips (28th October)


TENTH CENTURY 14/1 a 3yo who has led before when allowed to set its own relatively slow early pace but the final time was quite a bit slow even for this class of race not for me in this race as I don't think it will get its own way up front. 

COOL SPIRIT 12/1 this one does like to lead but I am not sure that this surface will suit it and on other surfaces its times have also been quite slow so its not for me here today but not value to lay at the price. 

ENCHANTED NIGHT 3/1 a 3yo who races as though a longer distance would suit it better and is still a maiden after 9 races but I'm not sure I could back or lay this runner, that was until I've seen the price and I might be tempted to lay it at 3/1 as it looks poor value in my opinion. 

IT MUST BE FAITH 4/1 its best time from 2020 makes it my 2nd top rated as does its time for just 2021 course and distance runs also so it could make the frame after finishing 2nd on both of its last 2 runs so is in good form but isn't really an each way price. 

LORNA COLE 33/1 this one is my 3rd top rated and its best time was recorded here earlier this year so another that could make the frame and may be worth risking a small each way punt as it usually stays on nearing the finish and looks overpriced.

STRONSAY 4/1 hasn't any form over this distance on an artificial surface and it races as though a longer distance is required and its 3 AW races have been quite poor so at the price I would look to lay it as it looks poor value. 

HOWZAK 9/2 the 3rd 3yo in this race but it hasn't any form over this distance but it did fade over 6 furlongs so this race could suit it but I couldn't back or lay this runner.

RUBY WONDER 40/1 has relatively poor form to its name and still a maiden after 9 races but has made the frame 4 times so could do so again here but its time at Wolverhampton over this distance was slow so not surprised its a big price. 

TILSWORTH ROSE 66/1 comes in top spot on my speed figures and the jockey booking also looks a positive move but the trainers relatively poor stats is a concern but the price looks way too big for its actual chance of winning. 

TOP BOY 10/1 has only poor form to its name recently and age may be catching up with this 11yo who hasn't won a race since 2019 and I doubt that will change in this race and I wouldn't be surprised to see it drift in the market.

RED STRIPES 20/1 a possible pacesetter but I think this is another horse where age is catching up with it as this ones last win on the AW was also back in 2019 

SUMMARY: There is six of the eleven runners in this race which I have negatives against and give very little chance to any of them winning this race then I've got two others, Enchanted Night and Howzak, both 3yo’s and they could be dangerous if suddenly improving which can happen with these youngsters, I have a couple who I might do for the forecast in It Must Be Faith and Lorna Cole but my money will be riding on TILSWORTH ROSE 66/1 (EW) who can be held up or track the leaders and it could get a tow into the race if Cool Spirit blasts out from stall 11 and heads for the rails and a repeat of its winning time here earlier this year would see in winning handily but the trainer is 0-11 in the last 2 weeks and the horse has only won once from 22 runs on the artificial surfaces so my stakes wont be at full strength but I cannot let it run without a small each way punt at the price.

Monday, 25 October 2021

6:40 Newcastle Racing Tips (26th October)


I would normally say something about each individual horse when there's only one sprint I'm interested in for the day but there are quite a few in this race that I have nothing to say about them apart from the obvious to the eye so there's no point, I will look to lay Run This Way 15/2 who I think may need further to show its best and is forecast to be the favourite and I will lay it if its a single figure price, I could also add East Street Revue 13/2 to the lay list if its a single figure price as it hasn't made the frame in any of its previous six attempts on the All-Weather tracks but it did record a time back in 2019 that would make it my 3rd top rated but may have got towed along in a fast run race that day and may have been flattered, so I'm hoping the tissue prices are correct and I can lay it, Another Angel 5/1 comes out 3rd best on my figures using just AW times but that time was recorded on this Tapeta surface but it was at Wolverhampton but the trainer has a 29% win ratio with their older horses here at Newcastle although a top jockey is 0-4 for the stable so could go well but isn't an each way price but the trainer and jockey stats are a little bit mystifying, Gowandlad comes out 2nd best on my figures using a time from much much earlier this year and hasn't shown much in its last 2 runs on the AW surfaces and looks to be a big price, sitting on top of my list is SPARTAN FIGHTER 9/1 using a time it recorded in January over this course and distance and it equalled that time when finishing 3rd last time out and a repeat would be good enough for victory and it could be the one to set the pace to the race and ought to prove hard to catch if getting the pace right.

Spartan Fighter 9/1 1st +9pts

Total on the day +9pts

Sunday, 24 October 2021

7:00 Newcastle Racing Tips (25th October)


GINGER JAM may need a longer distance to show its best and its only run over this course and distance resulted in a slow time so not for me in this race. 

BUNIANN 5/2 usually likes to track the leaders, can be relied to reproduce its best but would need to improve time wise to win this race, may have been flattered by its victory last time out and therefore the price doesn't represent poor value and I would take the risk and lay it at that price.

VICTORY ANGEL hasn't any distance form on the All-Weather tracks over this distance but it does have a time from Ripon on turf which would make it 4th top spot on overall figures. 

JAMES WATT can be relied upon to reproduce its best speed figures when it encounters its ideal conditions but even then those times are relatively slow so not for me in this race. 

GLORIOUS RIO comes out 2nd top rated on just this years course and distance times but that figure is only good enough for 5th top spot on my overall figures but has good jockey stats so may make the frame. 

SOAPY'S SISTER has only slow times over this course and distance but its best time from on the truf at Hamilton would make it my joint 2nd top rated on overall figures. 

QUEEN OF KALAHARI 4/1 this might not be the right surface for it and/or too short a distance and its best speed figure doesn't see it make my top 4 so not for me in this race and at the price I will be laying it because its poor value in my opinion. 

SOUND OF IONA has only had 3 runs on the artificial surfaces and made the frame in just one of them, its best time on turf would make it my top rated but its poor AW form puts me off. 

BALLYARE this 3yo comes out top rated on just 2021 course and distance ratings and its best time on turf would make it my joint 2nd top rated and only 2lbs from top spot but the apprentice jockeys 3lb claim makes it my top rated on both sets of figures. 

SPANISH ANGEL this one comes in outside my top four ratings, it is usually held up for a late run and could run into a place if others falter but I doubt it can win this race. 

TAR HEEL this 3yo has shown very little in its runs to date and I cannot see any reason why it should change here and I expect it to be one of the outsiders. 

SUMMARY: I have said a few of these are not for me in this race and to be honest none of them are jumping out of the page to me, firstly and most significantly is the lack of known front running types in the race which is unusual in a 5 furlong dash, obviously something will set the pace but the question is will it be a true fast pace, I somehow doubt it and I should probably leave this race well alone but then again I might dutch the 3 horses that I think could win this race despite the lack of early pace, GLORIOUS RIO 7/1 has good jockey stats making me think connections are expecting a big run here and does usually like to track the pacemakers so could cover any moves by its opponents, SOAPY'S SISTER 12/1 has a reasonably good jockey stat so could go well but being a hold up type it will need some luck in running and hope the leaders haven't kept plenty in reserve to repel any late challengers but maybe worth an each way interest at a double figure price, BALLYARE 6/1 with its apprentice jockeys 3lb claim comes out top rated on both sets of figures and probably should be my only selection in this race but the lack of pace concerns me greatly and this one being a hold up type could leave itself with too much to do if the leaders don't tire nearing the finish, I will go with backing all three of them but probably tilted in favour of my top rated horse.

Ballyare 15/2 1st +7.5pts + CFS £184.03 EX £167.80
Soapy's Sister 25/1 2nd -1pt 
Glorious Rio 7/ 19th -1pt 

Lay bets Buniann +1pt

Total on the day  +6.5pts 

Friday, 22 October 2021

6:00 Chelmsford Racing Tips (23rd October)


A twelve runner race where seven of them, Shanghai Rock, San Juan, Portias Pearl, Red Stripes, Tittleys Rock, Lady Susie and Tilsworth Valerie, are either out of form or not shown any worthwhile form to date, I would hope to lay Jaffathegaffa 7/1 who I think might need further to show its best and this race might not be run to suit it, Howzak 3/1 has been known to lead before but over 6 furlongs so I'm not sure if it will be away quick enough to lead now its dropped to 5 furlongs but could be staying on at the finish and its best speed figure recorded here over 6 furlongs would make it mt top rated but I'm not sure that figure can be used in the context of this shorter distance race so neither a lay or a bet but I am hoping it doesn't cope with this drop in distance although it looks as though the bookies think it will handle to drop to 5 furlongs but looks too short in my opinion to take that risk but whether I've got the heart to lay it just because of the poor value, Rockesbury 5/1 is my 3rd top rated and should be staying on at the finish as I think a longer distance suits it better but isn't my idea of an each way price, Swell Song 13/2 is my 2nd top rated and is the one I think will lead in this race and the stall 1 draw will certainly help its cause BUT the trainer is 0-12 in the last 2 weeks and this 5yo is still a maiden after having had 24 races, it has made the frame in 7 of those races so could make the frame again in this race, my money will be riding on BLUELLA 7/2 who has only had one previous run on a polytrack surface where it was held up and in a relatively slow run race couldn't make any inroads close home but still recorded a time that would give it every chance here and the apprentices 3lb claim could be what tips things in its favour and the trainer has a 2-10 strike rate at this course. 

Bluella 7/2 6th -1pt 

Total -1pt  


Eight runners in this five furlong dash with half the field having been known to lead before so it should be fast and furious but I think it will be set up for something coming from off the pace. I Am A Dreamer 14/1 has got stall 2 the nearest of the front runners to the rails but I'm not sure if this one will be away fast enough in this race to make the stall 2 draw count as it might be better when raced over further and may get outpaced at this distance on this fast surface but isn't any value to lay at the price, Maajdah 5/2 and Araifjan 9/2 could do best of those racing to the fore with the former being a 3yo and the latter being my 3rd top rated horse and this horse is usually a good yardstick when on song and could make the frame but isn't an each way price, the top weight YIMOU 4/1 is my top rated using just 2021 course and distance times which is usually a positive tick beside its name and another tick could be that it is dropped in class to what its usually faced recently so has to be given a good chance in this race but I do have GARTH ROCKETT 16/1 (EW) rated just 1lb higher using this ones best time form 2020 a tick in this ones favour is that it has good trainer, 19% and jockey, 35%, stats and I the main reason I will be backing it is because of the price which looks generous I do think it has a decent each way chance.

Yimou 4/1 3rd -1pt 
Garth Rockett 18/1 6th -2pts 

Lya bets: Araifjan -3.33, Maajdah +1pt 

Total -5.33pts 

Total on the day -6.33pts

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Best Uses Of A Horse

For many years man and horse have shared a special bond. Hacks bring entertainment to people. In addition, people use horses for transportation, work, food, and sport. The following will show the uses of a horse. 

Horses For Agricultural Use 

Hacks are very important o human because it helps in agriculture. Colts can pull up plows at a rate people cannot do on their own. In addition, they give people the ability to work on a large piece of land. Also, they are very fast than the oxen which makes them be the top choice of people when it comes to plowing. 


People keep a colts as a form of entertainment in their leisure time and for sports. Racing is one of the forms which brings entertainment for best payout casino playersand sports to people. Furthermore, people rode hacks for pleasure, they also had the desire to showcase their mounts’ beauty and talent. For centuries, people have brought their best horses to compete at shows. And they have shown hacks in a variety of different divisions to best exhibit their talents. 


With the power of hacks, people can travel faster to where ever they are planning to go in a short period. Additionally, people can have the ability to spread news faster especially in rural areas. They can also transport their goods from one place to another with the use of carts and wagons. 

Food And Products

In other cultures, colts meat is taboo but others consider horse meat a delicacy. Hack meat has been consumed very well before hacks were domesticated. Apart from that, European and online casino Australia players commonly eat colt meat without any doubt. 

Hack hooves are used in making glue through collagen which is found when breaking it. Moreover, the hair from the tail is used to create violin. 

In conclusion, hacks are very crucial to humans because they entertain them in their free time. They also make easy transportation, people are transporting their goods with the use of carts and wagons.

Horse Betting Terms You Should Know

Horse racing entails a vast range of fancy terminology and expressions for betting on an animal and hopes to walk out with a lot more cash if the horse prevails. Unlike casinoranking games, racing could also be a very easy way to gamble because you don't have to bet on the horse finishing first. You sometimes can earn money if your horse comes second or third, based on the sort of wager you place. To knock it off, you must first learn the jargon and how to put the necessary bets. There are two main types of wagers you can opt for in horse racing which are straight bets and exotic wagers. So if you are looking to gamble in horse racing here are some of the horse betting terms you might need to know. 


Straight bets are the most basic type of horse wagering. Technically speaking, a straight bet signifies you're betting on the horse to win. You will not win anything if it comes in second by a hair's breadth. A straight bet, on the other hand, is when you gamble that a horse will come pout at number one, two, or three. Below are some terms used for straight bets: 

- Across the board 

This entails making three wagers: the first one on the winning horse, the second one on the horse to come out at number two, and the third one for the horse to come out at the third place. If it succeeds, you'll receive payouts from online casino games for real money If it comes in second, you'll be paid for the coming out second and third. If the horse comes third you get paid for the third placing. So if the horse prevails, you essentially earn three times, and if it comes in third you gain still a small return on your bet.

- Place 

When a horse ends up winning second, it is considered to have placed. You can put a wager if you believe it will finish second but not too far after the first-place horse. If you're correct, you'll succeed. You'll get the horse's second-place earnings if it wins, but not if it came third. 


Exotic bets, as the title implies, are finer and more intricate. There is more than one horse involved. This implies they're more difficult to win, but will pay out much more than straight bets. 

Below are some terms used for exotic wagers: 

- Boxed bet 

Boxing a wager involves covering all conceivable finish pairings for numerous horses. If you would like to box a great point, you could wager on Horse A winning and Horse B placing, as well as Horse B winning and Horse A placing. In other terms, you believe the two horses will finish at number one or two, but you're still not certain what sequence they'll finish in. Boxing a $2 exacta will charge you $4 because each pairing constitutes a unique bet. 

- Daily double 

A daily double is when you wager on two different horses in successive races, often the first and second races of the day. Each one of your horses should be the first to complete.

Horse Care – Everything you need to know

Before you decide to bring your new horsy cohort home, you simply need to learn some horse care basics before you start spending real money you win on australian online casino on buying an equine buddy. You should learn how to clean, feed and general care for your pony. 

With that in mind, we are going to unfold some horse care tips that will allow your pony friend to have some good looks in the stable. 

The Essential of Horse Care 

When you cop your horse, there are certain things that you will need to know to take care of it the right way. You should be able to grasp the basics of feeding instead of playing online casino games usa , tying along with basic care for your first horse. 

Horse Care Essentials 

Horse and Pony Care by the Day, Week, Month and Year: 

Have you considered the time needed to care for a horse properly? Every day, week and year, we have broken down what you need to do to look after your horse. 

How to Tie Safely: 

This is the first thing you will surely need to do when you get your first pony. You need to know how to tie properly, in a stable or trailer. 

Feeding Your Horse

Good hay is the only way you can feed your horse. There is also bad hay that can destroy your horse’s lungs and might cause various health problems. 

Shelter your Horse 

Most horses stay indoors in a stall portion of their time. Grands, sheds and stalls must be appropriately built for optimum horse care and safety. Learn how your grates and runs may be designed and maintained. 


Grooming is a key aspect of cavalry. Before riding or driving, you should at least care for your horse. A fast toilet every day is an excellent technique to check for the skin and hooves of your horse.

What Does It Take To Be A Horse Breeder?

Horses are the most majestic animals that you will ever come across. They are proud creatures that require a special touch in order for you to be able to handle them, they are proud, strong and fierce and as such to breed them, you will need to make sure that you have what it takes for the job. 

Educational Requirements To Be A Horse Breeder 

Three are no educational requirements that you need to be horse breeder, just like there are nor educational requirements you need to play best au online casino games. But despite the fact that there are no educational requirements, breeding horses is not just something that you wake and decide to do. It needs, time, dedication and purpose, almost like playing online casino games. 

General Requirements To Breed Horse

While there are no qualifications needed to breed horses, there are some things that you need to know in order be a successful breeder. 

• Your breed 

The first thing that you should know is your breed of horses. Mind you there are over 350 different breeds of horses around the world. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get reading about the breed that you have as ell as how to care for it and also that can help you when you betting on new casino websites so you will have more knowledge. 

• How to ride a horse 

To be able to breed horses, you also need to know how to ride the horses. This so that you give them training as well exercise. 

• How to care for horses 

You will also need to know how to cream for the horses in general. You need to know how to deal with them when they are in heat, you need to know their physiology, nutritional requirements, anatomy and genetics as well. 

As you can see, while there is no formal degree that will focus on horse breeding it is no walk in the park. The animals need to be taken of in certain ways and it is not something that you can juts wake up to one day and think of doing without the adequate preparation.

The Most Common Breeds Of Horses

There are over 350 different horses breeds around the world. Each of these breeds as its own special needs and has something that sets it apart from the other breed. Just like we have different online casino games, that offer us different things when we play them. As many as the breeds are, there the most common that you are most likely to find in most around the world. However, just because they are common doesn’t mean that they are low maintenance. 

American Quarter Horse 

This is most common breed horse in the world and has the largest breed registry in the world. It is originally bred from English thoroughbreds and native American Chickasaw from the 1600s. The reason why this horse so common is because of its agility, docility and athleticism. It is a great horse for beginners.


The Arabian horse has the oldest linage in the world, it has ancestors that hail all way from 3000BC. An interesting fact about this that some breeds like the Appaloosas, Morgens and Andalusians can trace their ancestry back to the Arabian. Weighing about 800 to 1000 pounds, the Arabian has a compact body, wedge shaped head and powerful hindquarters. 


The Thoroughbred is very common in North America as it is widely used for betting at real money casinos . It is known as the hot blood which means that it is agile, fast and has spirit. The horse has been known to be a multipurpose animal that can be used in various competitions like racing, dressage and jumping. 


The Appaloosa horse is great for herding, pleasure riding and long-distance riding as well. The breed is believed to be a descendant from the wild horses with a mix of the thoroughbred, American Quarter horse and the Arabian. It is spotted horse that was mainly used for hunting purposes.

Tips on How to Ride a Horse Safely

When it comes to learning how to ride a horse, most people usually have these two reactions. They think it will be a breeze or they are scared to death. Did you know at best online casinos you can also bet on horses and stand a chance to big. 

Another prevalent myth is that horseback riding is not a physically demanding activity and that the horse does all of the work. Riding is physically demanding for the rider. And each level necessitates a specific amount of ability and knowledge to be completed safely. This is why we want to inform our readers of the patience, and perseverance required to learn to ride a horse.

To Ride a Horse Safely, You Have to Stay Alert 

Staying alert is the most important thing you have to do if you want to ride a horse safely. This is critical not just for your riding success. But for your overall safety, we understand how diverting and enjoyable learning to ride can be. But keep in mind that you’re dealing with a massive living animal that might behave in unpredictable ways. 

Wear Proper Riding Boots 

When it comes to fundamental horse riding safety, wearing proper riding boots is required. The boots are meant to save riders from becoming trapped in the stirrups if they are thrown, need to ditch, or bail. The greatest danger is being dragged behind the saddle, rather than being thrown from or stuck in it. 

Not only that but the thick leather material and reinforced toe area help protect your feet and toes from being trampled by horses. 

When getting on a Horse, Ensure You Have Someone Else There 

Furthermore, make sure you always have someone else there to hold the horse while getting on a horse. Then make sure the saddle is fitted nice otherwise it will slip and roll when you’re trying to get on. In conclusion, these are the tips on how to ride a horse. When you’ve learned to ride a horse, you can also learn to play best casino games and win real money.