Wednesday, 24 April 2019

2:10 Epsom Racing Tips (24th April)

Epsom Racecourse
EPSOM 2.10 

COX BAZAAR hasn't any form on good or faster ground so not sure what to expect but I have an inkling it might prefer some cut in the ground to show its best a 16/1 shot.

BOOM THE GROOM doesn't seem the same horse as it was 2 or 3 years ago and seems better on the all-weather than turf these days, a lay at 8/1 or less. 

MIDNIGHT MALIBU is a possible pacesetter in this race from stall 3 and is in good form winning last time out and could at least make the frame 13/2. 

MERRY BANTER is maybe another possible pacesetter coming out of stall 1 but timewise needs to improve a few spots so maybe it won't stay in the front all the way and a lay at 13/2. 

DUKE OF FIRENZE may need this run for fitness, it doesn't want the ground to be too fast but the trainers 0-13 record puts me off a little and it needs to spring back to form a lay at 10/1. 

JUST THAT LORD another that doesn't want them going to be too fast and this one's trainer is 0-27 here and timewise needs to improve so a lay at 13/2. 

HARRY HURRICANE could get a tow into the race from stall 2 as it likes to track the leaders and the jockey booking looks a positive move and maybe an ew bet at 10/1. 

DARK SHOT hasn't shown much recently and timewise needs to improve and another with a poor trainers record this time 0-9 and way too short for me at 5/1. 

SHAMSHON is capable of going well here but the jockey is 0-26 on the stables older horses which puts me off a bit priced 8/1 

BAHAMIAN SUNRISE may not want the ground to be too fast and timewise is a few spots off the top spot but does have good trainer/jockey stats and a 9/1 shot. 

SUMMARY: Most of the form in this race is from 2018 so fitness isn't guaranteed, I've got 4 that could win if reproducing their best times but Shamshon and Duke Of Firenze have negative jockey or trainer stats, Harry Hurricane ran ok on its only start of this year when staying on into 4th on the aw at Lingfield and has a positive looking jockey booking but I will be putting my money on MIDNIGHT MALIBU 13/2 who has been on good form on the all-weather tracks winning twice from 4 runs and im hopeful it can lead all the way here.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

4:35 Yarmouth Racing Tips (23rd April)

Great Yarmouth Golden Mile

A poor turnout of just 7 runners but 2 that have been known to lead before but they are not in my top 3 ratings who all recorded their best times over this c/d last year, Wiff Waff is 3rd best and like all of my top 3 it can be held up or track the early pacesetters, I've got Princess Keira rated 2lbs higher in 2nd spot and then 2lbs higher still I've got TERRI RULES 8/1 in top spot. I will be backing my top rated but in this race to smaller stakes than usual. 

Terri Rules 8/1 4th 


This quite a poor class 6 race where I've only got 6 horses with a recorded time, Poppy May would be my 3rd top rated using a time from Chelmsford but has only slow times at this c/d but it is one of 2 known to lead before so could be dangerous from stall 1, using a time from Newcastle Breathoffreshair would come out 2nd best rated just 2lbs from top spot this is its 1st run over this c/d so could be a danger, Krazy Paving who won last time out is 2nd best on c/d times so could make the frame here but top rated is BILLYOAKES 9/1 who did record its best time this year here and the jockey booking looks a positive move as he has an over 20% win rate for this stable. 

Billyoaks 9/1 3rd 


Now this class 6 race looks much better, there's 3 or possibly 4 that could set the pace here, Come On Dave a possible front runner comes out joint 3rd top but that's using a 2017 time, Pharoh Jake who did its time this year is the other 3rd top rated, Sandfrankskipsgo is my 2nd top rated and another front running type but is in stall 9 so might spend some energy getting to the front from that draw, my top rated DOTTED SWISS 6/1 likes to track the leaders and then stay on the stronger at the finish is drawn in stall 10 so could get a tow across from the horse on its inside to get a prominent early position from which to attack when they turn for home and the trainer has a good win strike rate here of 21% and the jockey has a 20% win rate for the stable so im hoping that's a pointer to them expecting a big run in this race.

Dotted Swiss 6/1 4th

Monday, 22 April 2019

3:40 Redcar Racing Tips (22nd)

Redcar racecourse
REDCAR 3.40 

Only 7 runners but there's very little between my top 5 ratings, Saluiti is the favourite and over an extra furlong I would probably agree but there's only 1 known front runner in the field so this race may not be run to suit it and at 13/8 I would lay it as its poor value in my opinion. John Kirkup is top rated but hasn't won on its last 17 runs, while my 2nd top rated, Magical Effect is on a 17 times losing run, 3rd top rated is Musica who seems to like these level courses recording its best time at Ayr last year, Seen The Lyte is my 4th top rated and can be held up or track the leaders, the most likely leader here is THE ARMED MAN 9/1 and there looks to be a positive jockey booking as he's got a 22% win record for this stables older horses so it could possibly try to steal this race from the front and looks the value call but my stakes will be on the low side. 

The Armed Man 9/1 1st

WOLVER 4.30 

This looks at 1st glance a right messy looking race but there looks to be plenty of early pace but again theres very little between my top 6 ratings in this race, Kyllukey usually stays on at the finish so may need some luck from stall 11 and in my opinion sure isnt any value at 9/2, Fuel Injection is on a losing run of 11 which puts me off a little, with its 7lb claiming apprentice Zipedeedodah 6/1 moves to top spot although its a possible pacesetter its has 28 losing runs to its name which tempers my confidence in it, Bahango 5/1 from stall 3 could set the pace against the rails and this one 5lb claiming apprentice who is having their 1st ride for this stable would make it very competitve here but the 4 already mentioned are using times from 2017 or 2018 while Captain Ryan did its best time this year which is a bonus but the jockeys 1-15 record for the stable doesnt fill me with confidence, FOXY BOY 8/1 did a time this year which makes it competitive but a time from 2018 is 8lbs higher which would take it to top spot and has to be the one I back in this race.

NR: Foxy Boy 

Sunday, 21 April 2019

3:05 Southwell Racing Tips (21st April)

Southwell racecourse tips

A class 5 claimer doesn't usually inspire me but I usually analyse them hoping to find a gem and im hoping I've done just that in this race, im not sure what to expect from Inexes, it hasn't run on this surface before but some of its turf form makes me think it could take to it, Captain Lars has won its share of races but not much for this c/d since 2017 and that time would put it into 2nd place, Mujassam is my 3rd top rated and the good thing is that it recorded it this year as did my top rated THE GREAT WALL 5/2 and this one is the only known frontrunner in this field so if getting to the front it ought to prove too hard to catch and will be carrying my money. 

The Great Wall 5/2 4th


I can split this field of 12 into 2 halves and I could possibly lay 6 of the runners in this race, Elusif has been known to lead before but may need further to show its best and might not be able to go the early pace that I think CAPTAIN DION 12/1 will set in this race and it could feasibly steal this race from the front, Gorgeous General is my 2nd top rated but this one just might be in the grip of the handicapper having won 3 races before not being placed in its last 2 efforts, I will be backing 2 selections in this race and GLOBAL MELODY 8/1 is my top rated and if getting a clear run it should be staying on strongly at the finish but I will back them both to cover the angles.

Global Melody 8/1 3rd
Captain Dion 12/1 6th

Saturday, 20 April 2019

2:00 Kempton Racing Tips (20th April)

Tomily Race Horse

As I would expect 4 of the 9 runners here have been known to lead before and of those 4 Outrage is my 3rd top rated and from stall 3 could gain control of the rails so the pace should be genuine, Udontdodou hasn't any c/d form to work with but its best time from Chelmsford would make it my 2nd top rated but my top rated is TOMILY 12/1 who did record its best time at this c/d in 2018 and there lies the question of whether it will need this run for fitness on its 1st race of 2019, it likes to track the early pacesetters and has the plum draw in stall 1 so if fully fit should be able to sit on the rails just behind the leader ready to pounce, which means my stakes won't be at full strength but it may be worth a small each way bet at the price. 

Tomily 10/1 7th


Another race where my stakes will be kept on the low side, 4th top rated is Harome who is 1 of 6 runners in the race that likes to lead so could go well here, MOKAATIL 9/1 won last time out but in a relatively slow time but if I go back to its best time in 2017 it comes out top rated and the apprentices 5lb claim moves it further clear, my dilemma is with my 2nd, LINE OF REASON 16/1, and 3rd, FINAL VENTURE 9/1, top-rated horses as they come from the same stable and are drawn on either side of the filed in stalls 5 and 17, I will go with backing Mokaatil and then the same stake split between the other 2 and I can back all 3 of them each way. 

Final Venture 10/1 2nd
Mokaatil 10/1 3rd
Line Of Reason 16/1 5th


Hopefully this race will run to form and I can gain a clearer picture, Global Tango who won last time out is my 4th top rated so we know its in good form at the moment, Treacherous is well weighted and comes out 3rd top rated and usually likes to track the leaders as does my 2nd top rated Indian Tygress so they should be trying to stay on strongly at the finish but my money will be riding on NAADIRR 12/1 who is one of two known front runners in the race and from stall 3 it should be able to either lead or at least contest the lead and then prove hard to catch and another race where I can back each way.

Naadirr 20/1 7th

Friday, 19 April 2019

3:05 Lingfield Racing Tips (19th April)


A nice class 2 race but on paper the favourite looks a good thing, there's 3 horses that have been known to lead before but none of them is in my top 4 ratings, my joint 3rd top ratings both can struggle to stay the trip if there's a fast early pace so this race might not be run to suit Stone Of Destiny and Encore D’Or, sitting in 2nd spot is George Bowen who’s the best time was recorded at Kempton but hasn't any c/d form to work with, I've got KACHY 8/13 rated a few spots clear in this field and looking at the tissue prices it will be a very short-priced favourite and may even be odds on, its even shorter than I hoped so maybe each way bet is the way to go so I will go with backing George Bowen 12/1 each way and may also have an f/c bet with the favourite. 

Kachy 8/13 1st 
George Bowen 12/1 2nd 


This aw race is hard to narrow down to a single selection, at least with 3 known frontrunners in the race it should be run at a true pace, Tathmeen is my 3rd top rated and usually stays on strongly at the finish over this distance but in this race may be too late to win but could make the frame with a clear run, ANOTHER ANGEL 8/1 is one of the 3 front runners in the race and its 7lb claiming apprentice moves it into 2nd top spot and could steal the race from the front and the apprentice does have a decent 15% win rate for this stable, the only one that could catch the leader/s is DYNAMO WALT 16/1 who is a law unto itself whether it does its best or not but I cannot ignore its chances especially as it won this race last year so I will be backing them both each way to cover the angles. 

Another Angel 8/1 3rd
Dynamo Walk 20/1 Unp

BATH 5.05 

Only 10 runners and 4 that have been known to lead and my top 2 are both possible front runners, Secretfact, Delegate This Lord and Powerful Dream could be the ones battling it out to make the frame but it might only be for 3rd place, I've only got 1lb between WASEEM FARIS 20/1 and BUNGEE JUMP 12/1 and they are both being ridden by apprentices which muddies the waters and I cannot see any way other than backing them both each way in this race.

Bungee Jump 12/1 4th
Waseem Faris 20/1 6th

Thursday, 18 April 2019

3:25 Ripon (18th April) Mr Wagyu to Lead All the Way

Ripon Racecourse 2019
RIPON 3.25

There's 4 of the 13 runners that are frontrunning types so it should be a true run race, Paddy Power is my 4th top rated and has to be held up to get this trip if there's a fast early pace so this race may not suit it, Penny Pot Lane is well weighted and comes out 3rd best, 2nd top spot goes to Zumurud who likes to track the leaders and finished behind my selection and isn't weighted to reverse the form with the front running MR WAGYU 8/1 and this one has good trainer and jockey stats with their older horses. 

Mr Wagyu 9/1 Unp


Twelve runners and 3 possible pacesetters but they will be setting the race up for one of the strong finishers, Equimou’s trainer has a poor 1-25 win ratio at this course so not quite sure what to expect but it could make the frame, Quench Dolly likes to track the leaders but this one's trainer is 0-11 at the course but records or stats are there to be broken im just hoping its not here as I will be backing OPEN WIDE 11/2 and this ones trainer has good stats at this course and being drawn in stall 12 it can either get a clear run all the way or take some cover and wait for a late run. 

Open Wide 11/2 3rd

RIPON 5.45

I've found 4 in this race that could lead, Drakefell could be a bit of a hidden danger if it can repeat its aw time on turf, Canford Bay my 4th top rated and Nibras Again 3rd best are well weighted on their best speed figures, East Street Revue comes out 2nd best on my figures and is well drawn in the make-up of this race as its drawn besides my top rated DAPPER MAN 10/1 who is a front running type and if getting to the front it should be hard to catch and the price makes it worth doing each way. 

Dapper Man 10/1 6th 

See Eric's Secret Tip (20/1+) 

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

3:00 Newmarket - Racing Tips (17th April)


Half of the 8 runners have been known to lead before so it should be a fast early pace in this Group 3 class race, I've got Brando as my 3rd top rated using a 2017 time but this is a drop in class from its last few runs last year after winning this race last year so a big run maybe expected here, Gifted Master is my 2nd top rated timewise but im not sure if its quite up to this level of race, my top rated is DREAMFIELD 3/1 who also won 1st time out last year so it can go well when fresh and I will be backing my top rated but may cover it with a bet Brando if prices allow. 

Dreamfield 3/1 8th


Im going to concentrate on my top 4 ratings, Terantum Star could be one of two runners in this race that would like to set the pace and if it can reproduce its best time, but I have had to go back to 2017 to find it, would have every chance to be competitive here but it is a while since it showed its best, Watchable won last time out and comes out 3rd top on a time recorded at Pontefract last year, Billy Dylan is being ridden by a 3lb claiming apprentice which would make it level top rated with Line Of Reason who’s the best time was at Ayr, which is a different type of course so im not completely sure what to expect and my final decision could be made when I see some prices for the race. Now the other potential frontrunner, Sandras Secret is a non-runner I will be backing TERUNTUM STAR 9/1 in the hope that it gets to the front and it would then hopefully be very hard to catch. 

Teruntum Star 9/1 1st


Once again figures from this year and last year muddy the waters a little but my top rated did record its best this year, Show Palace could be a bit of a hidden danger in this race which automatically makes my stakes lower than full strength, Mininggold is 4th top rated on a 2019 time and usually tracks the leaders, Samovar hasn't won for a while but is 3rd best but on a 2018 time and another that likes to track the pace, Classic Pursuit will be trying to stay on at the finish and has a time from 2018 that would make it my 2nd top rated but sitting on the top of the pile is WARRIORS VALLEY 10/3 a possible pacesetter and if getting to the front it should prove hard to catch.

Warriors Valley 10/3 5th 

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

1:50 Newmarket Racing Tips (16th April)

Newmarket racing tips

A big field of 15 runners with many making their debuts for the year so fitness isnt guaranteed but luckily most of the ones that have caught my eye have had at least 1 run this year and I will concentrate on my top 6 ratings, Blackheath is capable of a fast time, enough to make it 2nd top rated, but usually in lower class races so may struggle here, Zain Hana hasnt shown much speed wise in the last year or so but does have a time from 2017 at Yarmouth that would make my top rated, despite finishing 2nd before at Newmarket, in a slow time, im of the thinking this type, of course, doesnt suit it best so its speed figure won't count on this course, Buridan is the only known pace setter in this race and that alone could make it very dangerous and its rated only 5lb’s off of top spot, Kimifive and Tommy Taylor are my joint 3rd top rated and could make the frame but my top rated is GREEN POWER 13/2 who finished 4th on its only run of this year and the stable have booked Ryan Moore to ride here and this maybe a significant booking as it will be his 1st ride for the stable in the last 5 years, it is a bit of a tricky race so I will be backing my selection but my stakes won't be at full tilt. 

Green Power 7/1 3rd


Only 7 runners here and there's 4 in the field that has led before and my top 3 are all front running sorts, Tropics could be one to prosper if the leaders go off too fast and Kyllang Rock could be a bit of a hidden danger, Reflektor should be staying on at the finish but may need further to show its best form, Just That Lord is 3rd best and has got the stall 1 draw but in a small field like this that might not matter too much, on c/d times Corinthia Knight is only 3rd top rated but its best time from Lingfield would make it top rated but that is on a different surface so I will be backing GRACIOUS JOHN 5/1 who by chance is a horse I laid when it last run 4 days ago on soft ground at Newbury and the switch back to this surface will suit it much better.

Gracious John 7/1 7th

Monday, 15 April 2019

3:00 Windsor Racing Tips (15th April)


In all reality this isn't a good race for a class 4 affair, there is 5 in the field that has led before so the pace should be a true one, there's a few im not quite sure what to expect but cannot be dismissed easily and could throw a spanner in the works, The Daley Express is my 3rd top rated who likes to track the leaders and the jockey booking looks a positive move and could at least make the frame, Bellevarde comes out 2nd top rated so could make the frame, my top rated is BIG LACHIE 14/1 and the jockey booking does look a positive move but the trainer is 0-17 at this course but nearly half of those runners have made the frame so maybe the trainer has just been a bit unlucky and im hoping he can break his duck here. 

Big Lachie 14/1 9th


A cracking looking class 2 dash and unusually there's only 1 known frontrunning type in the race so Sandras Secret could be dangerous if allowed to dictate and set its own pace, it could possibly be the favourite but im doubting whether it can hold them all at bay but was in good form when we last saw it run but that was June last year and I wonder why it hasn't run since then, I've got joint 2nd top rated horses in Powerallied who usually stays on strongly at the finish but this stiffer course might not suit its style like Chester where it recorded its best time, the other 2nd top rated is *WATCHABLE 5/1 and im putting this one up as a selection because its fit from running on the aw recently and that could help its cause but I do have LEO MINER 10/1 rated higher and the jockey booking looks a positive move but the trainer is 0-10 at this course but he has had 4 placed so again lets hope he can break his duck here but I will be backing both of my selections in this race.

Leo Miner 10/1 8th