Monday, 21 May 2018

4:05 Redcar Racing Tips (21st May)

Horse racing tips
Just 8 runners and 3 that have set the pace before which includes my top 2 ratings who both have good trainer/jockey stats, so Bashiba could be the one to prosper if they go off too fast and burn out but i will go with the top rated MERRY BANTER 7/2 as it won last time out to show its in form plus my 2nd top rated may need this run for fitness.
Only 7 runners in a Listed race is a poor turnout, my 3rd top rated has run in better class at times but time-wise it needs to improve so not quite sure what to expect from it, it fairly close at the top between, GIFTED MASTER 4/1 and THE TIN MAN 5/4, plus they both have very good trainer/jockey stats, my 2nd top rated is the only known front runner in the race and it won last time out so its in form and fit whilst the top rated horse has recorded a better time this will be its 1st run for over 200 days so because of the slight conflict i will have to back them both just in case the favourites not fully fit.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

4:00 Ripon Racing Tips (20th May)

Best Racing Tips
RIPON 4.00
MAUREB (100) 9/1 (ew)


SILVER STARLIGHT (97) 9/1 (ew)
Magical Dreamer looks a possible pacesetter here but needs to improve to hold on for the win as its not in my top 4, Silver Starlight usually tracks the leaders while Queen In Waiting is more of a hold up type as it struggles to stay if its a fast early pace, MAUREB 9/1 only got beat by a whisker last time out 6 days ago when it tried to lead all the way and the same tactics in this race could see it go one better here and hopefully the 5lb the apprentice claims will be enough to break the run of 3 second place finishes.

Maureb 10/1 6th
RIPON 5.00
King Crimson looks the most likely front runner but needs more to win this race, both Gamesome and Oriental Splendour race as though a longer trip suits them better unless there's a really fast early pace and that might not be the case here, top rated PEARL NOIR 13/2 won last time out and its versatile when it comes to racing tactics and could sit on the tail of the leader and get first run at the pacesetter and do enough before the big finishers can catch it.

Pearl Noir 13/2 7th

Saturday, 19 May 2018

3:20 Thirsk Racing Tips (19th May)

Horse Racing
This should be a fast run race with 5 possible pacesetters and HAROME 7/1 in stall 14 and my 2nd top rated is one of them and both Liberatum my 3rd top and HENLEY 14/1 like to track the leaders and then stay on strongly at the finish, I will go with backing both of my top 2 in case the leader gets an easy lead and proves too hard to catch and then an each way bet on my top rated to cover both angles.

Herone 7/1 7th
Henley 14/1 8th

This race has 3 probable pacesetters and could be won from the front, Captain Colby and Rasheeq would need to improve time-wise if leading to stay there all the way, King Robert my 3rd top and Magical Effect my 2nd top don't want it to be really fast going but my top rated is RELATED 14/1 who is the 3rd front running type and its got a jockey booked who has a 19% win rate for the yard so it points to them expecting a big run here and at the price i will be backing it each way.

Related 20/1 7th
Another race that could be won from the front, Soie D’Leau 4th top and CARLTON FRANKIE 5/1 have been known to lead and if the latter gets to the front should prove very hard to catch while both Out Do and Midnight Malibu will be trying to stay on strongly at the finish.
Early pace should come from Verne Castle and/or Majestic Hero but they should be setting it up for a strong finishing type and my top 2 both fit that bill, the selection is MR POCKET 3/1 who usually tracks the leaders and stays on, the trainer has a 12% win record here and the jockey has ridden 1-2 on this stables older horses, the price isn't the greatest but a winners a winner.

4/1 7th
Not a good race for class 4, Hackney Road is a hold up type, Summerghand can either be held up or track the leaders but top rated BUXTED DREAM 9/1 is one of only 3 front runners in the race and if leading and reproducing its best time from Windsor last year it should be very hard to catch and showed its well being when leading and only getting beat a length and a quarter in 5th place and this looks a little easier.

Buxted Dream 9/1 Unp

Friday, 18 May 2018

2:35 Newbury Racing Tips (18th May)

Eric Winner
I love these top class 2 handicap sprints when the going is good or faster, I've got negatives against 4 horses so i will lay those, there's 3 at the bottom of the handicap that look out of their depth but 2 have done good times when being towed along in a fast run race and in their own class can set the pace and Ashpan Sam recorded a fast time at Epsom last year. The selection is POET'S VANITY 12/1 who ran its best race at Haydock in 2017, it had a run recently on the all-weather, hopefully to get it fully fit for this race but a word of caution in that the trainer Andrew Balding cant buy a winner lately, that obviously has to change at some point and I'm hoping if it will happen here if not before but it does mean my stakes wont be at full strength.

Poet's Vanity 12/1 7th
A poor looking apprentices race where I'm not really sure where the early pace will come from unless its Poets Princess, so i will put forward DANECASE 7/1 as the tentative selection as it usually likes to track the leaders and it can then cover any moves and stay on the stronger at the finish but my stakes will be kept low.

Danecase 9/1 5th
A class 5 race with 11 runners and a couple of front runners, there's is also four 3 year olds that could improve and others that I've not got enough data about to be completely sure of what they can or cannot do so any stakes will be kept low, Aprovado who is my 4th top rated is one of those possible pace setters, Ninjago is usually held up for a run and Uncle Charlie usually tracks the leaders are joint 2nd top but my top rated COSMIC CHATTER 7/1 is the other front runner and if getting to the front could? prove very hard to catch and the price is quite tempting as it looks decent value.

Cosmic Chatter 7/1 5th
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Thursday, 17 May 2018

2:20 York Racing Tips (17th May)

York Racecourse
YORK 2.20
CARLTON FRANKIE 100--20/1 LINE OF REASON 98--11/1 EAST STREET REVUE 97--14/1 DARK SHOT 97--25/1 EDWARD LEWIS 96--12/1 EXCESSABLE 95--20/1 ROYAL BRAVE 95--14/1 WOW! What a race this looks, class 2 with 19 entrants over the minimum trip it should be fast and furious, there's 6 runners in the race that have led before and I've got very few negatives as expected at this level. There's not much between, Edward Lewis, Excessable and Royal Brave in 4th, and joint 5th positions, East Street Revue would be 3rd top using a 2016 time but didn't reach that level during 2017 so I would need to see some improvement before i could think about backing this one, Line Of Reason is in 2nd top position but I'm not sure stall 5 is ideal at this course as a high draw seems favoured. My top rated is CARLTON FRANKIE 20/1 who raced over good to firm going at Nottingham last year and led all the way for an emphatic victory, so is entitled to contest this class and at the price it has be done as an each way bet, it seems to like fast going and a level racing surface so this track should suit it and a repeat of that time would see it win this race, it is this horses first run of 2018 but has won twice before after a break but with such a large field my stakes will be kept on the low side.

Charlton Frankie 20/1 4th

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

2:55 York Racing Tip (16th May)

Horse Racing Tips
YORK 2.55
A cracking 19 runner race and just the size of the field means my stakes wont be at full tilt, there's 3 natural front running sorts but they are not in my top 5 ratings although Foolaad is 6th top and stall 8 isn't too bad, Danzeno and George Bowen are joint 3rd top, EL HOMBRE 25/1 is versatile with its racing tactics and 2nd top rated and only 2lb below CLASSIC SENIORITY 20/1 in top spot but this one may not want it to be good to firm going, ORION'S BOW 5/1 is 4th best using last years times but had a time in 2016 which would see it with a few spots in hand and the betting suggests its fancied to be at its best, I will have to go with backing all 3 to small stakes and i do mean small especially as none of them have good trainer/jockey stats.

El Hombre 25/1 Unp
Classic Senority 20/1 Unp
Orion's Bow 7/1 Unp
YORK 3.30
There's not much i can say about this race, HARRY ANGEL 4/5 is having its 1st run of the year and in my opinion it wont have to be fully fit to win this race and if fully fit should win quite easily but I doubt the price will be worthwhile as a single bet but it could bolster a multi-bet of some sort. I actually thought it might be shorter than the opening 4/5 and I have taken the price already with best odds guaranteed.

Harry Angel 4/5 1st
BATH 5.20
This is a dire race, 15 runners and I've got negatives against 11 of them, Toolatetodelgate is 4th top but at least its best time was recorded this year at Yarmouth, 3rd top is Mighty Zip who looks as though further would suit it better so should be staying on at the finish and could easily make the frame, Mostashreqah is 2nd top and this one also looks as though a longer trip will suit, there's 3 possible front runners in the race but with question marks against 2 of them QUANTUM DOT 13/2 from stall 11 could lead all the way against this motley crew.

Quantum Dot 7/1 7th
BATH 5.55
Only 7 runners and I've split the race with top 3 all having a chance to win and I would lay the bottom 4 in the race, which one of the top 3 will win is hard to predict but I think i can cut it down to 2 candidates, CORONATION COTTAGE 4/1 is the only known front runner in the race and its 2nd top on my figures but it could even be top rated because MET BY MOONLIGHT 5/2 hasn't run over this c/d distance before and it roughly 5 and a half furlongs, on 5f times this one is well down time-wise but using its 6f time its top rated and at this irregular distance it can be won by a strong 5f horse or a weak 6f horse and then it can depend on how slow or fast the race is run, I will have to back both but I think I will lean in favour of the most likely pace setter in the race.

Met By Moonlight 5/2 3rd
Coronation Cottage 4/1 4th

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

3:40 Beverley Racing Tips (15th May)

Horse Racing Tips
Ten runner race and not a bad race for its class and only 3 that i can completely dismiss from my calculations, Dapper Man recorded a fastish time at Wetherby over this c/d but i'm a bit wary of the times there as its not had many flat race meetings so far but it could be in the mix. Savannah Beau may need this run for fitness but is 3rd top on a time recorded last year at Haydock, 2nd top is the top weight Desert Ace but this one needs good to firm going to show its best but my top rated horse, ARCHIMEDES 12/1 who has good trainer 19% and jockey 15% stats, is the only known horse to front run before and here its got the favoured stall 1 draw so i'm hoping it can lead from start to finish as it did at this course last year and the price permits me to go with an each way wager.

Archimedes 12/1 10th
This class 5 race isn't the best but I've hopefully found the winner, there's a couple of runners, Wahaab and Mad Endeavour, who recorded times in 2016 which would give them a chance of making the frame but would still need to improve to win the race, Indian Affair is the only known front running type in the race but only comes out 5th top but with an easy lead it could do enough to make the frame but once again I doubt it will be enough to win the race, my 3rd and 4th top are a few spots behind Evening Starlight my 2nd top rated who usually stays on at the finish as though further would suit it better but this race may not be run to suit its style, top on my list is AIR OF YORK 6/1 who won last time out at Windsor and a repeat of that speed figure would see it win again here, the trainer has a good 23% win ratio here and the jockey rides 26% winners for this stable so it points to them going for the follow up here.

Air Of York 6/1 5th

Monday, 14 May 2018

4:40 Catterick Racing Tips (14th May)

Horse Racing Tips
There's only Crosse Fire who is known as a possible pacesetter so could be dangerous with an easy lead but time-wise its not in my top 3, Straighttothepoint is 3rd top and it usually tracks the leaders so could make the frame, Extrasolar comes out 2nd best and did its best time over this c/d which makes it more dangerous but I've got SPIRIT OF WEDZA 7/1 at the top of my list and its another that likes to track the pacesetters and the trainer has a 1-3 record at this course so this one could add to his list.

Spirit Of Wedza 7/1 1st + EX £34.70 + TRI £336.90
Extrasolar 13/2 2nd
Straightothepoint 13/2 3rd
A nice looking class 5 sprint and I've got negatives against the bottom half of this field, Captain Lars has been in cracking form for a while now but may prefer further, there's only 2 known front runners in the field and they are my 2 top rated horses and there's only 2lb between Bosham in 2nd spot and MERRY BANTER 8/1 in top spot and they also have the 2 inside stalls but the selection has got the number 1 stall and if leading and getting control of the rails it ought to prove very hard to catch.

Merry Banter 8/1 1st + EX £41.20
Bosham 15/2 2nd
I've got negatives against a 3rd of the 9 runners, only 1lb separates Cartographer in 3rd spot and Open Wide in 4th, I've got SILENT ECHO 4/1 as my top rated and this one usually stays on strongly at this distance so may want a fast early pace but there's only LITTLE PALAVER 9/1 known to set the pace in the race and this one is only 1lb off top spot and if this one could set a slightly slower pace and then have plenty left to kick on nearing home and get 1st run on the field but i will have to back them both to cover both angles especially as both horses have good trainer/jockey stats.

Silent Echo 4/1 1st
Little Palaver 6/1 7th

Saturday, 12 May 2018

2:40 Nottingham Racing Tips (12th May)

Are you ready to bet?
With 16 runners its going to be hard to find the winner here's my top 3 highest rated speed figures, Jabbarockie is well weighted to make 3rd top, Pearl Acclaim is 2nd top rated but is dependent of good to firm ground to show its absolute best, my top rated is ARZAAK 16/1 who is a front running sort and ideally drawn in stall 15 so hopefully it can lead all the way here and the jockey booked to ride has a 2-6 record for this stable so at the price I will have to go with an each way wager.

Arzaak 16/1 6th
A poor turnout of just 6 runners, 2 have negatives against their names and 1 has a time quite a bit lower than the top 3, if DANCING STAR 9/4 is fit enough to run to its best then it would be my top rated and the betting seems to think its got a decent chance, Intisaab could be the safest bet in the race but is only 3rd best, my 2nd top rated Mythmaker needs good to firm ground to show its best and as that's what the description says so this one looks likely to be the main danger if the selection isn't fully fit but i will stick with the top rated as usual.

Dancing STAR 9/4 3rd
A very competitive Listed race with 13 entrants, I've got Belledesert and Clon Coulis as my joint 3rd top rated and I've joint top rated as well with Time To Exceed and UNDER THE COVERS 20/1 the latter becomes the selection due to the fact its a front running type and if it runs to its best ought to hold on as the other one would need a completely flawless run, at the price i have to go each way but my stakes wont be at full power.

Under The Covers 28/1 6th
Eternalist is well weighted and is my 3rd top rated and stall 9 is good, ANNIE SALTS 14/1 is the other known front runner in the field and if this one can get to the front it could prove very hard to catch and will probably be my main bet in the race but i always have to back my top rated and ROSE MARMARA 11/1 is top here but the trainer is 0-13 at this course and the jockey 0-46 for this stable which is very off putting, maybe the trainer uses this course and jockey to gain fitness as this is only the horses 2nd run back since the 4th of September, i will have to go with backing them both each way.
I'm not really sure what will set the pace in this race but something will but it is a poor race, Searanger is 2nd top rated but this hold up type might not get the race run to suit its style as there's a lack of pacesetters in the race, I've got ETIENNE GERARD 12/1 as my top rated and this one could cover the front runners and be close enough to deal with whatever sort of pace will be deployed in the race it has to be backed each way but my stakes will be kept low.

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Friday, 11 May 2018

3:25 Lingfield Racing Tips (11th May)

Racing Tips
Only 5 runners and 3 of them like to lead or dispute the lead and the selection is a front runner so if REBECCA ROCKS 11/8 gets to the front and can reproduce its time when winning at Windsor last time out it would win again here unless something else in the race improved a fair few spots on my ratings, I didn't expect the price to be very big but a winners a winner.

Rebecca Rock 11/8 1ST
RIPON 6.55
Only The Armed Man known as a front running type but will try to set its own slower pace but maybe not able in this race, the selection and top rated is REPUTATION 12/1 who i have a few spots ahead of the others despite being the top weight and i will be going with an each way bet at the price.

Reputation 16/1 1ST

ASCOT 7.40
Too many runners to be very confident but i will go through my top 3 ratings, Raucous needs it to be good to firm to show its best and could make the frame as it might get a tow into the race from stall 4 as could Highland Acclaim my 2nd top rated and housed in stall 2 because my top rated is LIGHTNING CHARLIE 16/1 who is coming from stall 3 and its a front running type and I'm hoping if this one does get to the front it can lead all the way and I will go with an each way wager but with 17 runners my stakes will not be at full strength.

Lightning Charlie 16/1 9th

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