Tuesday, 17 July 2018

3:00 Beverley Racing Tips (17th July)

Horse Racing Tips
3:00 BEVERLEY Div2 (7.) 

Its fairly close between the top 3 of my ratings, 4th top is Funkadelic one of only 2 known front runners in the race, my 3rd best is Kibaar who is a hold up type and stays on at the finish and could make the frame, Highly Focussed was my original top rated but this one doesn't want the going to be too fast while COMPTON RIVER 7/1 moves to top spot with its jockeys 7lb claim, the trainer has a 24% win rate here and its the other possible pacesetter, so if getting to the front could prove hard to catch. 

Compton River 9/1 2nd

3:10 BATH (9.2) 

Only 7 runners and I've only managed to get it down to 3 of them, LOOK SURPRISED 5/1 is 3rd top but 2nd top with the jockeys claim and the jockey has a 29% win rate for the stable, ESSAKA 3/1 starts as 2nd top but 7lb claimer moves it to top spot and the trainer has a 22% win rate here, ARCHIMEDES 7/2 started as top but drops to 2nd top but the trainer is 2-5 at this course, all 3 have good stats that would point me in their direction and i may dutch all 3 of them. 

Essaka 3/1 1st + Trifecta £31.20
Look Surprised 5/1 2nd 
Archimedes 4/1 3rd 


I have to admit I do prefer the all-weather racing compared to on grass just because they insist on watering the grass and very often over doing it which does annoy me. This is a poor class 5 affair, there's a couple of 3 year olds that could be capable of improvement but I also have negatives against so hoping they don't improve here but Misty Spirit may be the one that tries to set the pace but one slower than normal so I'm hoping it doesn't get a soft lead, Pretty Bubbles is well weighted on a time from Kempton but has only recorded slow times here but my top rated is the top weight AGUEROOO 7/1 the trainer has a decent 15% win rate here and connections have employed a 7lb claiming apprentice to help their cause.

Agurooo 7/1 2nd 

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Monday, 16 July 2018

3:20 Ripon Racing Tips (16th July)

Horse Racing Betting Online
RIPON 3.20 (8.2)
Only 6 runners now, as my original selection is now a non runner but it has helped my cause as I've got joint top rated horses in Rose Marmara and MIDNIGHT MALIBU 11/4 who is the only front running type in the race and if allowed to dictate the pace it could make it very hard for any of the others to catch it.

Midnight Malibu 11/4 1st
RIPON 3.50 (8.2)
Another small field of 6 this time, I've got negatives against a couple which I will look to lay if they are of any value. Dubai One hasn't run this distance on good to firm going before but its the only known front runner in the race so could be a very big danger,Buccaneers Vault is well weighted and 2nd top on my figures but I've got REPUTATION 8/1 as the selection and its recorded a fast time over this c/d but i will keep my stakes on the low side with unknowns in the race.

Reputation 10/1 2nd
WINDSOR 7.20 (7.5)
Another 7 runner race but 4 of these have been known to lead and my 3rd top rated Kick On Kick On is one of them, I've got joint top rated with the top weight TOMILY 8/1 from the Hannon stable but this one might not want the going to be too fast while BUNGEE JUMP 13/2 is the other one and this one is being ridden by the champion jockey which seems strange as the newish trainer must have convinced him the horse can win this race and her record at this course is 0-11, who knows, i will go with backing them both.

Bungee jump 13/2 2nd
Tomily 11/1 7th

A 13 runner race, there's some unknowns in this race which means stakes wont be at full strength, there's a couple of possible pacesetters who are both just outside my top 3 in 6th and 4th positions, Whitecrest likes a fast pace to aim at and is a law unto himself and could make the frame, Agueroo is 2nd top here, and is also entered to run tomorrow where it has an even better chance of winning, my top rated is A SURE WELCOME 5/1 who won over c/d this 2 runs ago followed by 2 poorer runs on grass, where its still a maiden after 10 runs, so this switch back to its favoured surface good see it back in tip top form.

A Sure Welcome 6/1 Unp

Saturday, 14 July 2018

12:45 Ascot Racing Tips (14th July)

Racing Tips
ASCOT 12.45 (8.6)
Where do i start with 20 runners and only 5 that i can discard completely, there's usually no advantage in the draw but I've got 5 that have led before and all drawn stall 8 or higher so maybe stalls 1-7 may struggle, the one I'm favouring to go well front the front is Foxy Forever in stall 19 and my joint 2nd top rated the other joint 2nd top is Line Of Reason in stall 18 while my top rated is OPEN WIDE 20/1 who from stall 14 could get a nice tow into the race, any stakes will be kept low and i may dutch all my top 3 and cover all my stakes by laying some of the no-hopers but i will be having a small each way bet on the selection.

Open Wide 20/1 Unp
YORK 1.55 (8.5)
Only 8 runners and I've narrowed it down to 3, I've got joint top rated horses with MUTHMIR 4/1 and ALPHA DELPHINI 5/1 but lurking near the bottom is the 3 year old ABEL HANDY 28/1 who could vie for the lead and this Listed class race is actually a drop in class, I will dutch them to make a profit.

Alpha Delphini 5/1 2nd
Muthmir 4/1 3rd
Able Handy 28/1 6th
Newmarket 2.15
WOW what a cracking race and if i had to put any cash down it would be on Blue Point 10/3 but not at this price, then A.P. O’Brien has got 5 in the race and a bunch of 3 year olds that could improve, so a race to watch and savour.
CHESTER 2.40 (8.2)
At least with only 5 runners the draw wont matter but 4 of them are 3 year olds, I've no idea what will set the pace or whether they will go a fast pace, i will be placing my faith in CROTCHET 6/4 who’s time recorded at Ripon this year puts it a few spots clear.

Crochet 7/4 2nd
HAMILTON 6.30 (7.4)
A 6 runner race where i can discount the bottom pair, Oriental Splendour is the only “known” front runners so could be dangerous but it would need to improve time wise to win this race, Alsvineris 3rd top,Scoundrel in 2nd spot with BURMESE BLAZER 9/2 in top place and has to be the selection.

Burmese Blazer 7/1 4th
HAMILTON 7.00 (7.4)
Small field again of 6 and half look as though they will struggle here, Hee Haw is 3rd best and the only known pace setter in the field, Mujassam is 2nd top and races as though further would suit but the pace might not be fast enough for its stamina to come into play, top rated is CAMEO STAR 3/1 who usually likes to track the leaders and that way it can sit just off the pace and cover any moves made and then stay on the stronger.

Cameo Star 7/2 2nd

Friday, 13 July 2018

3:15 York Racing Tips (13th July)

YORK 3.15 (8.5)
A very nice looking Group 3 sprint with 4 that would like to lead, 3rd top rated is Classical Times a front runner in stall 12 the other joint 3rd is Marie Of Lyon who could be the one to benefit if all the 3 leaders faded, DANCING STAR 20/1 another front runner in stall 5 is my 2nd top rated and looking at the ante-post price of 20/1 it could be well worth an each way wager but top rated is the 3 year old PRETTY BABY 9/4 in stall 2 and a possible pace setter and is 7/2 favourite ante-post wise, i will go with the 2 bets although the latter looks the main bet.

Dancing Star 20/1 4th
Pretty Baby 9/4 2nd
ASCOT 4.35 (8.6)
In this race the 3 at the bottom of the handicap look outclassed here but Only Spoofing has done a good time but not sure it can repeat that here but never say never, then 4 in the middle section who usually compete at this class but the top 3 are dropped in class, Normandy Barriere hasnt shone so far this year, so i will go with 2 selections EQUIMOU 14/1 and MIRACLES OF MEDINAH 8/1 and as the latter has done the slightly faster time and over this c/d I will probably tilt my stakes in its favour and each way bets may pay dividends.

Equimou 25/1 8th
Miracles Of Medinah 8/1 3rd
YORK 5.00 (8.5)
A 9 runner race with 3 known front runners and Harome my 4th top rated is a front running type and could move up taking in the apprentices 5lb claim and the apprentice has a 17% win rate for the stable but the trainer is 0-27 here,Bashiba is 3rd top and likes to track the leaders it could also move up with its jockeys 3lb claim who also has a 17% win rate for the stable, 2nd top is Henley who’s trainer/jockey stats are not that good, in top spot is EXCESSABLE 9/2 who hinted at a return to form last time out when finishing 4th, any of the 4 mentioned above could win this race but as usual I will stick with my top rated but i might have covering bets on the others if its worthwhile at the prices.

Excessable 9/2 7th
CHEPSTOW 7.15 (7.3)
This dash has 7 runners and 5 of them like to go hell for leather from the off so I'm expecting a very very fast early pace, some may pay the price and if they all pay the price then the likely winner would be Babyfact my 2nd top rated who usually likes to follow the leaders and then stay on the stronger, Quamtum Dot comes out 3rd best but usually produces its best in a lower class race, top rated is EDGED OUT 9/2 and the well worth it 3lb claiming apprentice could tip things further its way.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

4:25 Carlisle Racing Tips (12th July)

Horse racing tips
CARLISLE 4.25 (8.2)
There's 4 known pacesetters in this race and 2 of my top 3 are in the 4, Pea Shooter is 3rd top who’s best time came from 2017, Billy Dylan is a 3 year old who comes out 2nd best on a Hamilton time from this year but top rated is DAPPER MAN 6/4 who has won 4 of its last 5 runs and if the going remains firm it could follow up again here.

Dapper Man 13/8 2nd
DONCASTER 4.35 (8.7)
A race I won't be getting too involved betting wise, the 3 year old Laith Alareen who has won its last 2 runs but this is a step up in class, You're Cool is 3rd top but is 0-20 on grass, 2nd top is Gamesome who would like a fast early pace to aim at which might not happen in this instance and the same applies to Kingstreet Lady my top rated, so stakes will be small if I do bet.

CARLISLE 5.00 (8.2)
There's only 7 runners and no known pacemakers so analysis is always made harder, the 3 year olds Dizzy G and Power To Exceed are my 3rd and 2nd top rated and they could both be able to improve but i will stick with the proven as usual and go with MAUREB 22/1 who is my top rated and this is good chance for it to get back to winning ways.

Maureb 22/1 3rd
NEWMARKET 5.20 (8.0)
Of the 9 runners there's 3 that like to lead and my top rated is one of them, Gracious John is my 3rd top rated but the weight might find him out here, Shamshon is 2nd top on a 2017 time but hasn't been as good so far this year, top of my pile is ARZAAK 13/2 who if getting to the front could prove hard to catch.

Azaark 10/1 5th
CARLISLE 5.35 (8.2)
I can discount 3 of the 9 runners and this race may be won from the front, I've got Gaelic Wizard as my 3rd top rated and its 1 of only 2 known front runners in this race, the top weight Roy's Dream and my 2nd top rated likes to track the leaders and could be the one to prosper if they go off too fast, this leaves me with the other front runner and my top rated GULLANE ONE 10/3 who is a 3 year old that won last time and has been found an opportunity to follow up here.

Gullane One 9/2 2nd
EPSOM 8.10 (7.5)
There's a couple that i could lay in this race and another race that may be won from the front, there's 3 known pacesetters in the race, Highland acclaim is my 3rd top rated and could be the one to take the honours if they go off too fast, Related is 2nd top and a front runner and they do go fast on this downhill course but i have got ALEEF 7/2 rated 4 spots better and if leading could stay there all the way to the line.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

6:40 Bath Racing Tips (11th July)

Bath racecourse
BATH 6.40 (9.2)
With 8 runners and 3 that have been known to lead and they are my top 3 ratings as well so as long as they don't cut each others throats battling for the lead then the rest shouldn't catch them, Molly Jones is 3rd best on a Chepstow time from this year, Archimedes is 2nd top but its time was done in 2017 over this c/d while my top rated BROADHAVEN HONEY 5/2 also did its best time this year at Chepstow in the same race but is weighted to reverse the form here.

Broadhaven Honey 11/4 2nd
BATH 8.10 (9.2)
Only 5 runners and nothing much between the top 3 on times, Fethiye Boy is 3rd top and only 2 lbs below the joint top rated pair but this one is the most likely leader and with an easy lead it could easily turn that deficit into a winning opportunity, joint top is Defining Moment but this one may struggle in this class of race so I'm going with SECRETFACT 9/2 who’s trainer has a 20% win ratio here and employs a top class jockey making his debut for this stable.

Secretfact 9/2 1st
Of the 12 runners I have got varying degree of negatives against 8 of them and I would look to lay 5 of the 8, I've got joint 2nd top rated horses in Cappananty Con and Blazed but the latter can struggle at this distance if there a really fast early pace but its time was recorded this year while the former's time was run in 2017, my top rated is the top weight LITTLE PALAVER 9/1 who is also the only what I call a natural front runner in the race and if getting to the front here it could prove hard to catch.

Little Palaver 9/1 7th

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

1:45 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (10th July)

Horse Racing
I can see Ocean Temptress setting the pace but setting the race up a strong finisher, Juan Horsepower has a fast time to its name but at Lingfield so cant be discounted, Pushking is 3rd top and did its time this year which means it could make the frame or maybe better, Newstead Abbey is well weighted and comes out 2nd top but hasn't been in such good form so far this year and the same applies to the top rated INVINCIBLE RIDGE 8/1 but i can see reasons why its not shone so far this year so maybe this will be its day but my stakes will be kept fairly low.

Invincible Ridge 8/1 6th
PONTEFRACT 3.30 (7.7)
I can discount 2 of the 8 runners and i doubt another but it could be a pace setter which must be a positive, Mr Orange is 3rd top but this is a step up in class after winning last time out but I'm doubtful it can win but could make the frame, top weight WATCHABLE 7/1 is 2nd top rated and has good trainer/jockey stats and should be staying on strongly at the finish and would be one i want on my side, I have to mention Raselasad who hasn't run over this distance before but a time it did over 7 furlongs could put it in with a decent chance, top rated is *HUNTSMAN'S CLOSE 25/1 who is versatile when it comes to racing tactics a negative is the trainers 0-9 record here over the last 5 years but I'm hoping that's just down to bad luck or running horses that had no chance and the horse hasn't won since 2015, I will look to back both of my top pair but to small stakes.

* NR
Watchable 7/1 2nd

The attention returns to Ascot for the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes

Aiden O'Brien Horse Racing
With Cheltenham, Royal Ascot and the Grand National all behind us, it is easy to think that the most important events of the flat racing season are now gone for another year. However, there is one more major meeting looming on the horizon, and it is back at Ascot, where they are still collecting up the lost hats and discarded champagne bottles from last month’s festivities. 

The King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes takes place on 28 July, and is arguably the most prestigious race when it comes to truly showing a horse’s class. There are no age restrictions, so we will see the best of the best on display. And with a £600,000 prize pot on offer, nobody will want to stay away. 

What happened last year? 

Frankie Dettori has seemingly been unable to stay out of the limelight over the past 12 months, and was most recently seen enjoying a joke with Her Majesty, along with her newest granddaughter in law, at Royal Ascot. Arguably, his most recent purple patch can be traced right back to last year’s King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, when he rode the John Gosden-trained 5/4 favourite Enable to victory under leaden skies. 

The three year old left older and more experienced horses in her wake, and became the first filly in history to complete the treble of the Epsom Oaks, the Irish Oaks and the King George. 

Sadly, Enable has not been able to take to the track since last October. Hopes that she would be fit to defend the St George have been dashed, following the news that she is still recovering from a knee injury. A representative of owner Khalid Abdullah said: “The advice that we have is, that given reasonable circumstances, she should be ready to run in August as a preparation for the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe." 

The early focus is on Masar 

So with Enable out of action, where should you be looking if you are planning on staking a pound or two on this year’s race? A week ago, all the talk was around Charlie Appleby’s Derby winner Masar, but the trick to understanding betting odds is not to look at where they are, but where they are going. Masar was an early favourite at 6/1, but odds have now drifted to 15/2, and the horse has slipped down the rankings. 

In part, this is due to question marks over whether Masar’s Derby win was a one-off and the inability to further evaluate him in Ireland last week. Nevertheless, Charlie Appleby is in bullish mood and says the horse won well and has nothing to prove to anyone. Regardless, all eyes will be on the three year old at Sandown this week, where he is favourite to win the Coral Eclipse Stakes. Any slip ups, and you can be sure those odds will drift further. 

Crystal Ocean the new favourite 

As things stand, however, the bookmakers have named Crystal Ocean the new favourite for the King George. Sir Michael Stoute’s four year old took a comfortable victory in the Group 2 Hardwicke Stakes at Royal Ascot last month, but at 4/7 odds, nobody expected anything else. Stoute feels the time is right for the horse to go to the next level, this will be Crystal Ocean’s first Group 1 race since coming second in last year’s St Leger

The bookmakers seem to agree and are offering odds of just 5/2. But with the likes of Cracksman, Poets Ward and Waldgeist also in the mix, all that could change over the coming weeks.

Monday, 9 July 2018

2:00 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (9th July)

Wolverhampton racecourse
This 1st division is a dire race and the only horse I can see that could be worth a small bet and i mean small, is LANGLEY VALE 7/1, its best time was recorded in 2016 but this horse runs poorly if held up so those runs can be discounted, its not well drawn in stall 12 but if it can lead or at least sit close behind the leaders it would then have a decent chance, for those of you who are prepared to bet in running this could be a good one to lay if its held up or misses the break.

Langley Vale 14/1 4th
I've got 5 with recorded figures in this division and 3 that usually like to set the pace but I think the one most likely to be able to lead is Compton Abbey from stall 9, who led all the way over this distance at Kempton but in a slow time, all of my top 3 ratings like to track the leaders and I'm hoping again from stall 12 that the 3 year old LLAMREI 7/1 can track the leader across and get a good early position and then stay on the stronger at the finish.

Llamrei 7/1 3rd
AYR 3.35 (8.5)
There's only 7 runners and just 1 known front runner but still hard to be very confident, I would lay Golden Steps who may want further as might Soldiers Minute but who knows with it being a 3 year old, Longroom is my 3rd top rated but does its best work in lower class races, LINE OF REASON 11/4 is 2nd best and housed in stall 2 it could get a good tow into the race as my top rated is CARLTON FRANKIE 8/1 who is the only known front runner in the race is drawn in stall 3, so in theory it should lead all the way here which is what I'm hoping happens but the trainer is 0-32 at this course, so i will go with backing both horses to cover both angles here.

Line Of Reason 2/1 1st
Carlton Frankie 8/1 5th
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Saturday, 7 July 2018

12:20 Sandown Racing Tips (7th July)

SANDOWN 12.20 (8.2)

A Group 3 race to start my day, lots of sprints so abridged versions, there's two 3 year olds, Sound And Silence and Different League they are my 3rd and 2nd top rated and could still improve but I've got MUTHMIR 7/2 on the top of my list and it could follow up here and it got very good trainer/jockey stats.

Muthmir 9/2 2nd

HAYDOCK 2.20 (7.4)

This is a tightly rated race for only 6 runner and there's only Mobsta who I can discard, the selection is UPSTAGING 3/1, it is of course my top rated but also the only horse in the field that has been known to lead before so I'm hoping that's what it can do here.

Upstaging 6/1 4th

HAYDOCK 2.55 (7.4)

With 8 runners and 3 that could vie for the lead it could be a fast run race, Athollblair Boy a hold up type is 3rd top and wants g/f ground while King Robert my 2nd top rated doesn't want it to be too fast but top rated is the 3 year old LASHABEEH 10/3 who will track the leaders and then stay on strongly at the finish.

Lashabeeh 10/3 7th

CARLISLE 6.00 (7.7)

This apprentice jockey race isn't one to usually to rely upon but in this race I'm going with the top weight, STRAIGHTOTHEPOINT 7/1 who is the only known front runner in the race and if allowed to set its own pace I can see it leading all the way, Extrasolar could make the frame being my 3rd top rated and Picks Pinta would be able to win the race if reproducing a time over this c/d last year but has been way off form this year and the trainer is 0-29 here and the jockey 0-15 so maybe it still needs the run and has another target in mind, but my stakes certainly wont be at full strength.

Straightothepoint 7/1 3rd

NOTTINGHAM 6.40 (7.)

Of these 8 runners i have have got negatives against 5 of them but 2 of them are 3 year olds so they may be capable of better, just hope its not today, Born To Finish is 3rd top, Mesherdal would be joint top rated on a time from 2017 at Catterick while NINJAGO 11/2 has done its best time this year at Hamilton and ran well last time out when finishing 2nd.

Ninjago 11/2 4th

CARLISLE 7.00 (7.7)

Only 6 runners and I've got negatives against 4 of them which leaves, Kingstreet Lady who likes a fast pace to aim at but i doubt that will happen here and jockeys record of 1-21 for the stable doesn't inspire me, so I'm going with the 3 year old CUPPACOCO 11/2 who needs 5 furlongs on fast ground to show its best.

Cuppacoco 11/2 5th