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Saturday 25 November 2023

Saturday's Racing Tips (25th November)


I must apologise for posting this late. I didn't notice Eric had sent it until after the race so I post it just because he sent it. (Obviously it is null and void). 

A very nice looking class five dash over the minimum distance and with three known horses that like to front run it should be a true run race. Firstly I will say about two horses that might be worth laying, Speedacus 11/2 has run on this Polytrack surface before in Ireland but didn't show anything of merit but did much better when tried on the Tapeta surface so may be shorter price that it merits here, Holkham Bay 3/1 has done all of its winning over six furlongs and the question here is will it be able to keep up with the field so as to be close enough to stay on strongly enough to win this race but I somehow doubt it and will stick with the proven so maybe another one i will look to lay. Harb, one of the possible pace setters, and Stone Of Destiny are my joint third top rated, the former is using a rating recorded on this surface at Chelmsford this year and its best over this course and distance is good few spots lower while the latter did record its figure this year but always races as though further would suit it better, my second top rated is The Thames Boatman but this ones best rating was also recorded at Chelmsford this year while my top rated horse ALEXI BOY 9/1 recorded its rating over this course and distance this year where it was held up but travelled strongly and finished well so maybe a fast pace to aim at is what suits it best, it didn't run too badly last time out but the pace wasn't as fast and maybe that was what found it out, so this race could be run to suit it plus it has good trainer and jockey stats and will be carrying my money. 

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Friday 24 November 2023

The Global Landscape of Gambling Prohibition: A Closer Look at Countries and Their Reasons

The Global Landscape of Gambling Prohibition: A Closer Look at Countries and Their Reasons
Gambling has been a source of entertainment, socialization, and economic activity for centuries, but not all countries embrace this industry with open arms. A number of nations around the world have opted to prohibit or heavily restrict gambling activities within their borders, citing a variety of reasons ranging from moral concerns to potential negative societal impacts. In this article, we explore some of the countries that strictly prohibit gambling and delve into the reasons behind their decisions.

Countries with Strict Gambling Prohibitions:

Saudi Arabia:

In Saudi Arabia, gambling is strictly prohibited due to the Islamic principles that govern the country. Islamic law, or Sharia, considers gambling as "maisir" or "qimar," both of which are considered sinful and forbidden. The Saudi government, in line with its commitment to Islamic values, enforces stringent measures against any form of gambling.

North Korea:

North Korea, under the rule of the Kim dynasty, prohibits almost all forms of gambling. The authoritarian regime views gambling as a potential source of social unrest and a threat to its tight control over the population. Any form of gambling is considered a criminal offense, and the government actively works to suppress any illicit gambling activities.


Japan has a complex relationship with gambling. While certain forms of gambling, such as pachinko and certain types of racing, are allowed, casino gambling has been heavily restricted until recently. Casino legalization efforts faced numerous challenges due to concerns about gambling addiction and its potential negative impact on society. However, in recent years, Japan has taken steps to legalize integrated resorts, balancing economic interests with the need for responsible gambling measures.

Reasons Behind Gambling Prohibition:

Moral and Religious Beliefs:

Many countries with strict gambling prohibitions, such as Saudi Arabia, base their stance on deeply rooted religious beliefs. The moral and ethical considerations associated with gambling often clash with the principles of the dominant religion in these nations, leading to a complete ban on gambling activities.

Social Order and Stability:

Authoritarian regimes like North Korea often view gambling as a potential threat to social order and stability. The fear of citizens engaging in activities that could lead to dissent or social unrest prompts these governments to enforce strict prohibitions on gambling.

Prevention of Addiction and Social Issues:

Some countries, like Japan, are concerned about the potential for gambling addiction and the associated social issues. Governments may fear that an unregulated gambling industry could lead to increased crime rates, financial instability for individuals and families, and a range of other social problems.


While gambling is a global phenomenon enjoyed by millions, the reasons for prohibiting it vary significantly from one country to another. Moral, religious, and societal concerns play a crucial role in shaping the stance of nations regarding gambling. As the global landscape evolves, some countries may reconsider their positions, introducing regulated gambling industries with responsible measures to mitigate potential negative impacts. Understanding the diverse reasons behind gambling prohibitions offers insight into the complex interplay of cultural, moral, and political factors that shape a nation's approach to this age-old form of entertainment.

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Thursday 16 November 2023

3:40 Newcastle Racing Tips (17th November)


With a couple of known front running types it should be a true run race but I doubt Dickieburd will be able to cope with the early pace of Strong Johnson 6/1 who is my 4th top rated over this distance, and this one could do enough to make the frame but isn't what I would call an each way price, the 3yo’s Brooklyn Nine Nine 5/1 and Dickieburd 6/1 both might be better prospects when racing over a longer distance and if of value they might be worth laying them to a small set liabilities, Ramon Di Loria 12/1 can produce decent ratings but this class of race might be too much for it to win but maybe it could make the frame but I will be leaving it alone unless its of value to lay,Treacherous 8/1 who likes to track the leaders and is well drawn in stall 11 sits in 3rd top spot so could go well here and possibly make the frame, in 2nd top spot is Princess Karine 7/1 who also likes to track the leaders so is another that could make the frame but I will be taking a punt on VENTUROUS 12/1 (EW) who is another that likes to track the leaders and has the plum draw in stall 12, it hasn't run for 2 months but has won twice before when returning from a break so it known to go well when fresh and hopefully it can get a good position on the rails and prove the stronger nearing the finish and at the price it has to be an each way punt.

Venturous 16/1 9th -2pts 

Total on the day -2pts

Friday 10 November 2023

3:15 Newcastle Racing Tips (11th November)


The early pace to this race could well be set by Magical Spirit and this one could be a slightly hidden danger if allowed an easy time at the front of the field as its best time on turf would make it my 3rd top horse in this race so might be worth an each way punt. Gweedore 6/1, Brewing 4/1 and Zip 6/1 all race as though further would suit them better so may get outpaced in the early stages and not make up the deficit in time to win this race and ones I will be looking to lay here and I could add Bielsa 7/1 to my lay list as time wise using both All-Weather and Turf ratings it needs to improve to be able to win this race. Roman Dragon is my 4th top rated so could go well and possibly make the frame if others falter, sometimes Monsieur Kodi can struggle to stay this distance but in the make-up of this race it might run ok but I somehow doubt it will be an each way price but i will be relying on GULLIVER 16/1 (EW) who has won 5 times on an artificial surface but admittedly hasn't run on this course before but a repeat of its best rating from Southwell the last time it ran on an All-Weather surface it would be winning this race a shade cosily and it worked last time it won after running on turf and then the switch back to the All-Weather surface brought it instantly back to form I'm hoping for a repeat here but at such a big price it has to be an each way punt.

Gulliver 16/1 7th -2pts 

Lay bet: Bielsa +1pt 

Total -1pt 


This race looks likely to be won from the front as all 4 known front running types are in my top 5 ratings so as long as they don't push each other too hard and then tire badly nearing the finish a lot of horses wont get competitive in this race, if Shalaa Asker 7/1 is a single figure price I will look to lay it as with a fast early pace it can struggle to stay the distance, Holkham Bay stall 7 is my 5th top rated, Buccacay stall 1 is my 4th top rated so could gain control on the rails which will help its cause so may be worth an each way interest if of value to back each way, Hello Me is the one that could prosper if they go off too fast as its my 3rd top rated but its best rating of this year would plummet it down my list, The Waiting Game stall 10 is my 2nd top rated and has won its last 5 races starting off on an official rating of 48 and won last time out rated 75 and is up another 3lbs here it doesn't have to lead which could be helpful seeing it s pretty bad draw but I wouldn't pt anyone off of backing it as it could still be improving but I will stick with the proven and put my faith in CUBAN BREEZE 12/1 (EW) stall 8 who can front run or be held up and it finished fast behind The Waiting Game when beaten a short head and is 2lbs better off on that run which is plenty to reverse that form and finished 3rd last time out in a very fast run race so it has a good chance to get back to winning ways here but at a double figure price it has to be given as an each way bet.

Cuban Breeze 12/1 1st +15pts
Lay bet: Shalaa Asker +1pt 

Total +16pts

Total on the day +15pts

Monday 6 November 2023

5:15 Newcastle Racing Tips (7th November)


There is 5 of the 9 runners that have been known to set the early pace and I'm hoping that it will set up the race for one coming from off the pace, Open Market might get outpaced over this distance and one I would lay if it was less than 5/1 in price otherwise it wont be of value to lay as it has been known to lead before but I doubt it will be able to do that here. Nelson Gay could do best of those front runners as it is my 2nd top rated horse but this one is also happy to sit just off the pace and then stay on at the finish which I expect will be the tactics deployed by CASTAN 4/1 and this 3yo won last time out over this course and distance and a repeat of that time here would see following up in this race and being a youngster it could have improved since that last win. 

Castan 9/2 2nd -1pt

Total -1pt


In this division I can see a few horses with possible weaknesses in their chances of winning this race, Royal Parade is one of 3 possible pacesetters in this race but has been in woeful form of late, Ey Up Its Maggie may not like this fast running Polytrack surface, Milbanke hasn't any form over the minimum distance and races as though it might have a better chance of winning when competing over a longer distance, Rambuso Creek may also prefer a longer distance unless its improves a good few spots for its first run on an artificial surface, Le Beau Garcon hasn't won a race since 2021 although it has run well on occasions, I could lay any of them as long as they are value to do so, you will have to decide what you think is value if you decide to lay any of them, Vadamiah is a possible pacesetter in this race and its best rating on turf would make it my 2nd top rated so could go well and might be worth an each way interest, the other possible pacesetter is Astapor but this ones last 3 runs have been quite poor but is my 3rd top rated on times on this surface so could make the frame if back to form Pockley is another who hasn't been in good form recently but is my 2nd top rated, the same can be said of SHOW ME SHOW ME 8/1 (EW) who comes out in top spot on my figures so his race isn't one to be betting in too heavily if at all and unless my top rated horse drifts to a double figure price so its of value to take an each way punt on then I will be leaving this race alone.

Show Me Show Me 18/1 2nd +2.6pts

Total +2.6pts

Total on the day +1.6pts

Friday 3 November 2023

Horse Racing and Numbers: Simple Odds Explained

Horse racing, with its thundering hooves and adrenaline-charged atmosphere, has captivated audiences for centuries. While the sport itself is thrilling, understanding the odds adds a layer of excitement, turning each race into a strategic game of predictions at https://www.privecity.com/en-ca/online-baccarat . In this article, we'll delve into the basics of horse racing odds. Breaking down the complexities to make it accessible even for those new to the racetrack.

Understanding the Basics of Odds

Before we jump into the specifics of horse racing odds, it's crucial to grasp the fundamental concept. Odds represent the probability of a particular outcome occurring. In horse racing, these odds are a way of quantifying the chances of each horse winning a race. For newcomers, deciphering the odds may seem daunting, but fear not – we'll guide you through it.

Decoding Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are a common format in horse racing, presented as a fraction like 5/1 or 2/7. The first number (numerator) represents the potential profit, while the second number (denominator) signifies the amount staked. For instance, in 5/1 odds, a $1 bet could yield $5 in profit, click here, if you would like to win big. Understanding this ratio is crucial for making sense of fractional odds.

Embracing Decimal Odds

Decimal odds offer a more straightforward alternative. Presented as, for example, 2.50, they represent the total amount returned for every $1 wagered, including both the stake and profit. Converting fractional odds to decimals is a breeze – just add 1 to the fractional odds. So, 5/1 in fractional becomes 6.00 in decimal.

Unravelling Moneyline Odds

If you encounter odds expressed as +200 or -150, you're dealing with moneyline odds, the American way of presenting betting lines. Positive numbers indicate potential profit on a $100 bet, while negative numbers reveal the amount needed to wager to secure a $100 profit. Uncomplicating these odds makes them a valuable tool for strategic betting.

Calculating Payouts

Knowing how to calculate potential payouts is vital for any aspiring bettor. Whether dealing with fractional, decimal, or moneyline odds, the process is straightforward. Multiply the stake by the odds to determine potential profit and add the stake to find the total payout. This simple calculation empowers bettors to make informed decisions.

Practical Tips for Betting

Armed with a foundational understanding of odds, it's time to venture into the world of betting. Assessing risk, managing finances, and making well-informed bets are key strategies. Researching the horses, considering track conditions, and staying informed about jockeys and trainers contribute to successful betting experiences.


In conclusion, horse racing odds, though initially perplexing, become a powerful tool once decoded. Fractional, decimal, and moneyline odds all offer unique insights into the betting landscape. As you venture into the world of horse racing, armed with this newfound knowledge, remember that informed bets make for a more enjoyable and potentially lucrative experience at the racetrack. Happy betting!

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Wednesday 1 November 2023

2:38 Lingfield Racing Tips (1st November)


Of the 10 runners there appears to be 2 known front running types and it could be won from the front, Change Sings 11/4 is one of them and if able to reproduce its best Tapeta rating which it recorded at Wolverhampton but its best Polytrack rating is 12lbs below that and as usual I will stick with the proven and there is no way I could back it especially at that price, the other known front running type is RAZZAM 12/1 (EW) who from stall should be able to gain control of the rails and then kick for home entering the home straight and then will hopefully be too good for them to catch and at the price it has to be given as an each way bet as a form of insurance.

Razzam 12/1 7th -2pts 

Total -2pts


A field of 6 where half of them like to front run in this 5 furlong dash but they could set the race up for something coming from off the pace,Haymaker 4/1 may need further to show its best so this race might suit it but it could get outpaced in the early stages and then have too much ground to make up to get the win, Celsius 8/1 only has poor form on the All-Weather tracks, the other 3 are the front running types with just ALEXI BOY 7/1 who is usually held up for a late run so this race might be run to suit it well.

Alexi Boy 7/1 3rd -1pt 

Total -1pt 


There looks like 3 front running types in this race but Baldomero only leads when its allowed to set a relatively slow pace which I doubt it will be allowed to do here, Watchya 14/1 has the plum draw for a pacesetter in stall 1 and could do enough to make the frame. Gisburn 6/1 hasn't ran on an artificial surface before and will need to improve on its best turf form to win this race so maybe one to lay along with Admiral D 8/1 and the same reasons applies to this one as well. Treacherous and Justcallmepete are capable of going well at this level and either or both could make the frame but I will be putting my faith in BUCCABAY  5/1 a 3yo who finished 2nd last time out over today's course and distance where it set the early pace and wasn't beaten far, a repeat of that performance would see it going one better here.

Buccabay 5/1 4th -1pt 

Total -1pt 

Total on the day -4pts

Friday 20 October 2023

6:00 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (21st October)


A hard race to analyse as there isn't any known natural front running sorts amongst the 11 runners, yes something will lead but will it be a true gallop which messes up all my work if they canter before sprinting for home in the straight. Maybe looking for something to lay is the answer, Glamorous Express 4/1 who has only slow times on turf and would need to improve for its 1st attempt on an artificial surface to win this race, with a decent early pace then Speed Dial Baileys 9/2 and Cabeza De Liave 8/1 may struggle to stay the distance and Phoenix Glow would need to improve on its best Chelmsford time to win here. Beauzon 14/1, who could make the frame, and Newyorkstateofmind 10/1 another possible each way punt, as they are joint 2nd top rated horses on course and distance times but if WATER OF LEITH 15/2 can reproduce its best rating from 2022 then it would win this race with a bit too spare but with the uncertainty with the early pace question then any stakes will be kept to a minimum. 

Water Of Leigh 15/2 6th -1pt 

Total -1pt 


Another 11 runner race but this time there is a couple of likely pace setters in Boom The Groom 11/2, but this one seems much better on the Polytrack surface so I would be surprised if it could win this race and I will look to lay it, and Resilience 15/2 who is my 2nd top rated using a rating from Southwell but is 4lbs lower on its best rating over this course and distance but could do enough to from the front to at least make the frame. The 3yo Granny B 11/2 may need further to shine so it might be worth laying the win part on this horse, Josies Kid 7/2 and Street Life 20/1 are my joint 3rd top rated so could go well here and might make the frame but there might only be the 3rd place finish up for grabs if the front runner does its job and leaves just DALBY FOREST 9/1 who is rated top and the trainer has a 16% win ratio at this course and the jockey has a 19% win ratio for the stable and this one does seem to like a fast target to aim at so this race could be ideal.

Dalby Forest 9/1 8th 

Total -1pt 

Total on the day -2pts

Thursday 19 October 2023

8:30 Newcastle Racing Tips (20th October)


A field of 11 for this sprint with a couple of known front running types in Lezardeux my 5th top rated and Muddy Lynn who comes out in joint 3rd top spot so it should be a true run race but they could set the race up for something coming from off the pace. There is a few i would lay if they were of value to do so but maybe Yaanobby and One Of Our Own 4/1 will struggle to stay the distance with a fast early pace the former is actually 2nd top rated on my ratings BUT its best form comes on the Polytrack surface and doesn't get anywhere near that standard on this Tapeta surface. The top weight Notable is my other joint 3rd top rated but this ones best rating was recorded at Southwell but in its defense it hasn't run at this course before so maybe connections think they have a good chance but its had 16 races and is still a maiden which is enough to put me off its chances but never say never with this one but I will be taking a chance by backing KRAKEN POWER 7/1 at first look it doesn't seem to be in good form but its run 3 races ago when finishing 3rd over this course and distance and a repeat of that rating would be enough to see it winning this race and the jockey has a reasonable 16% win ratio for the stable and if big enough an each way punt might pay dividends.

Kraken Power 7/1 2nd -1pt 

Total on the day -1pt

7:00 Chelmsford Racing Tips (19th October)


There are 4 horses in this field of 10 that have been known to lead before and that quartet contains my top 3 ratings also half of the field are 3yo’s which isn't ideal as they can still be improving, Fast And Loose 11/1 in stall 8 is 3rd top but this is using a time recorded at Newcastle on the Tapeta surface so would need to improve for the switch of surfaces to tin this race. Sitting in 2nd top spot is the front running Musical Tribute 13/2 from stall 1 so has the advantage of the rails to help him so ought to make the frame from the front and if the top rated horse falters it could lead all the way but I have CUBAN BREEZE 7/1 who showed a return to winning ways was close when finishing 2nd last time out and is rated a few spots higher and this front running sort is drawn in stall 6 and in the make-up of this race should either be able to get to the front or at least contest the lead from the off and then should be able to stay on the stronger nearing the finish.

Cuban Breeze 7/1 3rd -1pt 

Total -1pt 


There are 2 known front running sorts in this dash and 5 of the 11 runners are 3yo’s but this time its a 3yo that I think will win the race, Lion Ring 14/1 is my 3rd top rated and one of the front running types in this race but it is using rating recorded on this Polytrack surface but it was at Lingfield this year which is virtually a replica of this course so it should be okay running here, I've got Suanni 11/1 rated 2nd best and once again its using ratings from Lingfield but this time it back in 2022 and its best rating for this year is well below that level but it bounce back to form anytime so it could make the frame but I will be relying on UNIVERSAL GRACE 7/2 who won over this course and distance last time out and has been found a good opportunity to follow up here the jockey that day has been retained for the ride again here so I think that's a pointer to connections expecting it to go well again in this race as he has a 24% win ratio for the stable in this type of handicap. 

Universal Grace 5/1 5th -1pt 

Total -1pt 

Total on the day -2pts