Sunday, 24 June 2018

3:00 Chepstow Racing Tips (25th June)

Chepstow racing tips
Not a great race more quantity than quality but that's to be expected really in class 6 races, I've got half the field with negatives which helps my cause and my top 3 ratings are few spots ahead of the rest, Kylluckey is 3rd top and can be held up or track the leaders from stall 7, my 2nd top is Jaganory, who is being ridden by a 5lb claiming apprentice, from stall 6 and this one likes to track the leaders and could get a good tow into the race but my top rated is a front running type so if GAELIC WIZARD 10/1 who is also being ridden by a 5lb claiming apprentice, gets to the front from stall 5 it could prove very hard to catch but its not really a race i would be betting very heavily in.
There's 3 definite lays another 3 that could be lays depending on their price and 2 known front running types plus 2 that could be potentially hidden dangers so my stakes will be kept on the low side, Dodgy Bob is 3rd best using a 2016 time so would need to spring back to form to make the form, Compton Prince is 2nd top from last year but has been way below that level so far this year while top is MONARCH MAID 11/2 who is one of the 2 front runners and if allowed to set its own pace it ought to prove very hard to catch.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

4:10 Ayr Racing Tips (23rd June)

Ayr Racing Tips
AYR 4.10
This Listed class race has too many unknown quantities in the race to be too confident so my stakes will be kept fairly low despite my top 2 being a few spots ahead of the others, REBECCA ROCKS 9/2 is my 2nd top rated but only by a pound and has a significant jockey booked who is 1-1 for the stable and could try to lead all the way here meanwhile my top rated EQUIMOU 13/2 is the trainers 1st runner here and the jockeys 1st ride for the stable, I will have to back them both to cover both angles.

Rebecca Rocks 9/2 4th
Equimou 13/2 8th
Another race with too many unknowns to be completely confidant but I'm looking at 3 horses with good chances, ENVISAGING 7/1 my 3rd top has a good jockey booking with a 17% win rate for the stable, KODILINE 9/1 from stall 5 is 2nd top and could be the pacesetter in this race along with Rockies Spirit a 3 year old who could be dangerous if allowed to set its own pace but I doubt that will happen in this race, top spot goes to MESHERDAL 9/1 who usually likes to track the leaders and then stay on the stronger and could get a good tow into the race coming out of stall 4 right next to a front runner.

Mesherdal 12/1 3rd
Envisaging 9/1 4th
Kodiline 10/1 Unp

AYR 5.25
I've got negatives against 3 of the runners here, Gnaad, Brendan and House Of Cards, STAR CRACKER 7/1 is top rated and the jockey has a 19% win rate for the stable which looks a good pointer but my 2nd top rated SHAHEEN 7/4 is a 3 year old who won last time out so could improve further and is a front running sort so i will go with 2 bets to cover both angles.

Shaheen 15/8 2nd
Star Cracker 9/1 4th
There's 4 horses in this race that have been known to lead before and they are my top 4 ratings but the 4th top and bottom weight Teepee Time may find itself outclassed here and the other 3 are the 3 at the top of the handicap, Midnight Malibu is 3rd top and likes this type of flat course while Justice Lady my 2nd top rated saves its best form for Salisbury so this course might not be ideal but top rated is MERRY BANTER 10/1 who recorded its best time at Catterick another undulating course and the 5lb claiming apprentice helps its cause and the price lets me go with an each way wager.

Merry Banter 10/1 4th

Friday, 22 June 2018

8:10 Ayr Racing Tips (22nd June)

Horse Racing
AYR 8.10
An 8 runner race which I can split exactly into 2 halves, 4 lays,Holmeswood, Ower Fly, Gin In The Inn and Oriental Lilly, Stanhope (78) may not want the going to be too fast, Summerghand (79) can track the leaders or be held up, Dark Defender (84) another that may not want really fast ground, BATTEN THE HATCHES 14/1 didn't quite get home at Haydock when recording its best time last year, this course is slightly easier which will help, the jockey booking, 16% wins for the stable, looks a positive move, this is one of only 2 that have been known to lead before and if allowed to set its own pace, which is what i hope happens, it could keep enough in reserve to repel any challengers and as long as all 8 run then I will go with an each way bet.

Batten The Hatches 16/1 5th
AYR 8.45
There's a couple of 3 year olds that could improve but do need to to win here, then I've marked 4 down as potential lays, Fumbo Jumbo, Kinloch Pride, Dr Doro and Brendan, Alsvinders best time is becoming to look very much like a fluke time where it was towed along in a fast run race, Fintry Flyer is 3rd top but may prefer further but could stay on to make the frame, so I'm looking at ETERNALIST 5/1 who could be the 1 to set the pace here and ought to then prove hard to catch but i have got DAWOODI 11/1 just 2 lbs higher so I have to back both to cover both angles and the latter will be with an each way bet.

Eternalist 5/1 3rd
Dawoodi 25/1 6th
Only 6 runners and I've again split the race into 2 halves, the bottom 3 may struggle here, the top weight could be dangerous after seeming to improve on the all-weather but I cannot split SITAR 4/1 and COMPTON POPPY 22/1 and i will be backing them both in this race to win as there's not much value in going each way with only 2 places.

Compton Poppy 22/1 4th
Sitar 3/1 6th

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

2:45 Hamilton Racing Tips (20th June)

Horse racing at Hamilton
Aleef is the only known pace setting type in the race but wouldn't want the going to be too fast, I've got joint 3rd top rated horses in Start Time Nuns Walk who could make the frame, in 2nd spot is GOWANBUSTER 40/1 a 3 year old who’s trainer has a 15% win rate here and I cant believe the price so I will have an each way wager but top rated is YES YOU 17/2 who also may not want the ground to be too firm, I will go with having 2 bets here.
I've got joint 2nd top rated horses in Poyle Vinnie 6/1 but the trainer, 2-27 and jockey 0-20 stats put me off its chances and its not really an each way price but it could be thereabouts at the finish, VERNE CASTLE 7/1 is the other one and the jockey booking, 4-25 looks a positive move, bottom weight Something Lucky 16/1 is either top rated or 3rd top rated with an apprentice riding but it also may be slightly outclassed here but that doesn't mean it cant make the frame, I will be backing the selection and having 2 smaller saving bets on the other 2 mentioned.
Not really enough data to work with in this race but Human Nature looks well weighted at the bottom of the handicap and its a possible pacesetter here but the one to catch my eye is the top weight RAUCOUS 9/2 who recorded a fast time last year and showed a return to form winning last time out and has been found an opportunity to follow up here but there are a few unknowns in the race so any stakes will be kept lower than full strength.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

3:55 Thirsk Racing Tips (19th June)

Horse racing tips
A cracking class 4 race with 14 runners, four 3 year olds and only 1 known front runner and I cannot narrow it down to anything less than 4, KING ROBERT 12/1 and MADRINHO 7/2 represent the older horses and both have good trainer/jockey stats, SILVER STARLIGHT 25/1 could go well off bottom weight and is a 3 year old but top rated BREAKING RECORDS 9/2 is also a 3 year old with very good trainer/jockey stats and is the only known front runner in this race but I will attempt to dutch all 3 to make a profit.

Madrihnp 7/2 2nd
Breaking Records 9/2 4th

Silver Starlight 14/1 5th
King Robert 12/1 6th

Only 5 runners in a conditions race and on ratings and my speed figures I'm hoping JUDICIAL 11/10 can lead all the way here, its got 4lbs in hand of the top weight on official handicap ratings and its the hot favourite but handy to add to any multi bets.
A very poor class 6 race and if it wasn't for a few positives against the only horse with a recent decent time I wouldn't have been betting in this race but ASK THE GURU 4/1 is also the only known front runner in the race and ran very well last time out and a repeat of that would be enough for it to win here.
ASCOT 3.40
This is the sprint of the year so far, a Group 1 affair with the cream from Ireland, USA and France, the big 2 on paper looks to be Battaash and Lady Aurelia being the 1st 2 in the betting, Blue Point had some good form last year, I'm guessing the 4 horses from the all powerful A.P O’Brien stable will work together to upset the opposition, I am going to sit back and salivate in anticipation and keep my hands out of my wallet and save my ammunition for another day, good luck whatever you decide.

Monday, 18 June 2018

3:05 Ayr Racing Tips (18th June)

Horse Racing Tips
AYR 3.05

Only 3 of the 11 runners have recorded times and the other 8 all have negatives against their names, Perfect Words may prefer further but could stay on to make the frame if the early pace is fast enough, Dawoodi also may need further on g/f going,my top rated ARCHIMEDES 7/1 is one of only 2 known front runners and if allowed to dictate the pace then it could prove hard to catch here.

Archimedes 7/1 8th 


Of the 14 runners I've narrowed it down to 5, Biddy Brady a 3 year old could be a hidden danger as could Mutabaahy, Cliff is 3rd top who likes to track the leaders, Searanger a hold up type is 2nd top rated with DUNCAN OF SCOTLAND 14/1 as my top spotted horse, its 1 of only 2 front runners in the race and could attempt to lead all the way here and at the price it has to be an each way bet.

Duncan Of Scotland 33/1 Unp

AYR 3.35

On paper the best sprint of the day but I cannot solve the riddle and I couldn't completely discount any of the runners so its a race to watch and savour.


I've marked 3 down as lays and 2 possibly 3 that could set the pace, Fethiye Boy is 4th best a front runner in stall 9, Bashiba is 2nd top and top spot goes to PENNY DREADFUL 12/1 who recorded its best time last year over this c/d so hopefully it can either lead or contest the lead again here and get back to winning ways with a top class jockey onboard and another that's price allows for an each way wager.

Penny Dreadful 12/1 5th


I usually like front running horses but in this race I'm hoping my 3rd top rated Bahamian Dollar and Field Of Vision my 2nd top rated will contest the lead and set a fast early pace which could play into the hands of my selection ENGLISHMAN 8/1 who can be held up or track the pacesetters and the trainer does quite well at this course which I hope is positive pointer.

Englishman 8/1 8th 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

3:40 Doncaster Racing Tips (17th June)

Free Horse Racing Tips
A nice looking class 3 race but too many negatives to be 100% sure of anything. Boy In The Bar 11/2 is capable of running a fast time but doesn't win as often as it should plus I'm not sure these flatter courses suit it but it could make the frame, Huntsman's Close 33/1 would need to burst back to form to win here but never say never, Naggers 12/1 doesn't want the going to be too fast so the predicted g/f going may find it out, Related 16/1 is a front running type who could go well on this type of course, my selection would be Moonraker 10/1 if it wasn't drawn in stall 1 which means it will need a degree of luck to win here, I've mentioned the 5 that could win this race and I will look to dutch them all to small stakes here.
This is a Listed race but only 6 runners and half of them are 3 year olds, I can find a reason to back all 6 of them and I've only got 1 small negative against any, it will be a race to watch and enjoy for me.
Down to class 4 but a competitive affair where I've only got 2 of the 9 with negatives and 1 of those is a 3 year old which is capable of improving, so only 1 lay, Grey Galleon has been off the course for a longtime and may need this run for fitness and would still have to improve a couple of pounds from when it was last seen, Open Wide 6/1 is 2nd top on a time from Windsor last year but has been placed in 3 of its 4 runs this year and this is a drop in class from its last 3 runs, it may need further to show its absolute best as it was staying on but not getting there when doing its best time it ought to make the frame and I may have a covering bet on this one but I'm hoping UNION ROSE 18/1 who I hope tries to lead all the way from stall 4 and if the jockey gets the fractions right it could have enough in the tank to repel any challengers but I have to admit its not been at its best lately but this is a very good opportunity for it to adopt the front running tactics again which were deployed when today's jockey won on it at Bath.

Union Rose 20/1 6th

Saturday, 16 June 2018

4:55 Chester Racing Tips (16th June)

Chester racing tips
I am not a fan of betting at this course but maybe ok this time, I've marked 7 down as lays in the race, Casterbridge is a front runner and in stall 1 and my 4th top rated, joint 3rd top are Highland Acclaim and Mujassam, 2nd top is Lexis Hero but stall 12 isn't great for a front runner but top rated SPIRIT OF WEDZA 11/2 likes to track the leaders and from stall 2 can get a handy early position from which to attack late on.

Spirit Of Wedza 11/2 3rd
YORK 5.15
Too many runners, 20, to be completely confident here, there's early pace across the course but none of my top 4 are front runners, Athollblair Boy 4th best, Bogart 3rd best, Ninjago a hold up type is 2nd best but top rated is TOOFI 10/1 another that likes to be held up for a late run and I will go with an each way bet but my stakes will be kept low just because of the amount of runners

Toofi 12/1 Unp
BATH 5.20
I am not a fan of this distance 5 furlongs 160 yards, I've put 5 of the 12 runners as lays, the biggest problem is the lack of known early paced types which could suit my selection, CAPTAIN RYAN 10/1 who is my top rated on 6 furlong times and 2nd best on 5 furlong times so I'm hoping its the winning combination here and the jockey booked is 1-2 for this stable on previous rides which bodes well and the price allows me to back it each way.

Captain Ryan 10/1 3rd
Only 7 runners, 2 I can discount completely, 2 who are a few spots off the top 2 and an unknown quantity, leaves me with Oriental Splendour who recorded a fast time last year when getting towed along in a fast run race but that time looks very much like a fluke and if that's so that leaves me with KING CRIMSON 7/4 who is also the only known front runner in the race and could easily lead all the way here.

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Chepstow racecourse
I shall be having 2 smallish bets in this race to cover the angles and smallish because there's a 3 year old that could improve plus an Irish horse which I don't know enough about to back or lay the horse as its having its 1st run for a new trainer but I'm going to hope its not fully fit for its 1st race of the year, 3rd top is Sfumato who is the trainers 1st runner here in 5 years and the 7lb claiming apprentice is having their 1st ride for the stable, not sure what to expect but it could make the frame, INDIAN AFFAIR 7/1 is 2nd top and the only known front runner in the race so could be dangerous if allowed to dictate the pace but I have got SWANTON BLUE 9/1 as my top rated when it won 1st time out in 2017 at Salisbury so a lack of a recent run may not matter and the trainer has a 27% win ratio at this course.

Swanton Blue 9/1 1st
Indian Affair 8/1 6th
Of the 12 runners I've marked numbers,7,8,9,10,12 as lays, in total there's half the field that have led before so they may go off too quickly from the start and then fade as 5 of my top 6 are possible pace setters with DAVID'S BEAUTY 9/2 stall 12 my 3rd top and QUANTUM DOT 10/3 stall 3 in 2nd spot, so the race could possibly be set up for JAGANORY 7/1 who likes to sit just off the pace and then stay on strongly at the finish but i will go with backing them all to cover the angles, a front runner drawn high and one drawn low plus a strong staying type.

David's Beauty 9/2 1st
Jaganory 7/1 4th
Quantom Dot 6/1 7th

Thursday, 14 June 2018

3:50 Nottingham Racing Tips: Little Palaver 14/1 (14th June)

Nottingham racecourse
A very nice looking class 3 race with 8 runners so 3 places at the moment so I don't want any non-runners, I've got 3 marked down as definite lays, 1 who needs to improve quite a bit to win so 4 to concentrate on, Red Pike 4th top is a possible pacesetter, Muscika 3rd top likes to track the pace as does Go Far in 2nd spot (this horse got a good tow along in a fast run race at Goodwood last year and the same in 2015 so they might not be a true rating for the horse) top of the pile is LITTLE PALAVER 14/1 who is the only other known front running type and if this one does get to the front could prove very hard to catch, the pluses are the trainer has a 25% win rate here and the apprentice jockey claims 7lb and is 1-5 for the stables older horses so I'm guessing the instructions will be to try and lead all the way and at the price it will have to be an each way bet.

Little Palaver 14/1 4th
Ugh what a race, 17 runners and I wouldn't want to own any of them, I've only got 4 with recorded times, in order, Savannah Beau, Whitecrest+Naples Bay, Pretty Bubbles, there's no known front runner in the race although Sarabi and Drop Kick Murphi have led before it was only on sufferance, i originally thought i would leave the race alone and I'm putting up a selection PRETTY BUBBLES 14/1, because I'm thinking the price is quite a lot bigger than I thought so i will have a small each way bet.

Pretty Bubbles 20/1 Unp
There's only Big Time Maybe who has been known to lead before and this 3-year old could be dangerous if allowed to dictate, another 3 year old Iconic Knight comes out 4th best in a tightly marked race plus decent stats, Ocelot is 3rd top and Patrick 2nd top and both have ok stats so could be thereabouts at the finish, top rated is JABBAROCKIE 5/1 who’s stable have another runner in the race so I'm hoping this ones a trier (i doubt the other horse can win even if it is the only trier from the stable) the 3lb claimer is well worth the claim and it pushes it further clear and it usually likes to track the pace and has a good chance here to get back to winning ways.

Jabbarockie 5/1 3rd