Eric's Weekly Round Up: Look Surprised 6/1 + Tricast £291.24 - Merry Banter 9/2 + SF £51.15 - Extrasolar 9/2 - Broadhaven Honey 4/1 + EX £14.60 - Hee Haw 9/2 + Tri £115.50 - Mazzini 11/4 -

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

2:40 Salisbury Racing Tips (15th August)

Salisbury horse racing tips
SALISBURY 2.40 (7.7) 

The only sprint of the day and only 6 runners with 2 that are 3-year-olds, Delegate This Lord is 4th top rated and likes to track the leaders and at this distance on g/f going it stays on strongly at the finish but maybe not soon enough here. Secretfact is my 3rd top rated on its 2017 time and needs to improve timewise on what its done so far this year May Remain is a 3-year-old and not in my top 4 time figures and that was from 2017 and nothing much in 3 runs this year SIGNORE PICCOLO is the only known front-running type in the race from a time recorded at Haydock last year makes it my joint top rated, its had 13 runs since its last win which is a little off-putting but the good trainer/jockey stats make me think they will be trying to lead all the way here Swing Out Sister is the other 3-year-old but it may need this run for fitness and a longer trip might be needed to show its true worth. LOOK SURPRISED has won its last 2 races in class 6 then class 5 and now its stepped up again this time into class 4, I'm not completely sure if it can take the upgrade or not so it cannot be my sole bet in the race, the trainers record here is 1-22 but the jockeys stats are 2-5 which is a positive and the jockeys 5lb claim does move it to top spot. 

SUMMARY: I am not confident enough to go with just 1 selection but I do feel Signore Piccolo 4/1 could lead all the way here but Look Surprised 9/4 has the fastest time but from a lower class of race but its an improving type and I will be backing them both.

Monday, 13 August 2018

4:15 Ayr Racing Tips (13th August)

Wolverhampton Racing Tips

This class 6 claimer is quite poor and won't take much winning, there are a few either young or unexposed horses in this race so my stakes won't be at full strength, I've no idea what will set the pace and only 2 with recorded times, CENTRAL CITY 6/5 is 2nd top rated and likes to track the leaders, the trainer has a good 27% win ratio at this course and the 3lbs the apprentice claims moves it to top spot and shes got a 1-6 win rate for this stable, TROTTER 2/1 is the original top-rated and this trainer has a 19% win rate here and the jockey is 1-1 for the stable so it looks both of my top rated horses are well fancied by their connections to run well here and I would look to back them both but the prices are very poor. 

Central City 6/5 1st 
Trotter 2/1 3rd

AYR 4.15 (8.5) 

A few that could be hidden dangers in this race so my stakes will be kept low, Jessie Allan is 3rd top and is usually held up for a late run but needs to improve some to win this race if others run to form, *DUNCAN OF SCOTLAND 7/2 is a front running type and 2nd top rated so could possibly lead all the way here but i do have STEELRIVER 14/1 rated higher but it could struggle in this class of race but i will have a small each way bet at the price, so I will back both to cover both angles. 

Steelriver 14/1 9th 

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

4:35 Windsor Racing Tips (12th August)

Horse Racing Tips
WINDSOR 4.35 (7.5) 

An 8 runner dash with 4 that have been known to lead so it could be fast and furious, Silverrica is 4th top rated and a possible pace setter, Vimy Ridge is 3rd top and should be staying on strongly at the finish but likes to hear its hooves rattle, in 2nd spot is Babyfact who likes to track the leaders but its time was recorded last year and been way below that level so far this year, top rated is EDGED OUT 13/2 another possible front runner and if getting to the front could prove itself hard to catch. 

Edged Out 12/1 6th

LEICESTER 5.25 (8.😎)

Another 5 furlong dash and 3 known front running types, Haveoneyerself is my 4th top rated and being a 3 year old it could still improve, Culloden is well weighted and comes out 3rd best but doesn't want fast ground, DAVIDS BEAUTY 11/2 is my 2nd top rated and a possible pacesetter here and if getting to the front should be hard to catch, i do have COMPTON POPPY 10/1 rated higher and therefore has to be a selection but the trainers 1-27 at this course and the jockeys 0-6 does put me off a little so i will go with backing them both to cover both angles.

David's Beauty 11/2 2nd 

Saturday, 11 August 2018

2:40 Chelmsford Racing Tips (11th August)

Free Racing Tips

Out Do hasn't any previous form here but its best time on this surface at Lingfield would probably see it make the frame. Reckless Endeavour is 2nd best on times over this c/d and could make the frame and should be staying on strongly at the finish. MAZZINI is top rated and has decent trainer and jockey stats, is usually held up for a late surge on the outside of the field Tupi has run in better class races which would normally make it a danger but it may be better over further and this race might not be run to suit it. Polybius hasn't any c/d form but has recorded a decent time at Wolverhampton but looks a better horse over a shorter trip. Hyperfocus hasn't any course form and only a relatively slow time from Newcastle and may prefer a drop in class to show its best Go Far this ones a versatile type and has been known to lead but only if nothing else wants to but has only a relatively slow time at Kempton to show for it and then in a lower class race Monks Stand is capable of running a fast time at Southwell, a different surface but is another that may be out of its depth in this class of race.

SUMMARY: I can find negatives against the bottom 5 in the handicap, Out Do could make the frame, Reckless Endeavour ought to be staying on but maybe too late so i will go with backing MAZZINI 11/4 who is a hold up type and ought to stay on the strongest of all here. I've done the following 3 races in the hope the going isn't on the soft side of things but just a brief note for each race, so if the stick reading isn't high enough then don't bet. 

Mazzini 11/4 1st 

REDCAR 2.55 (7.7) 

Ninjago is capable of fast times but not usually in this class of race Highland Acclaim is 2nd top rated and can track the leaders or be held up MUJASSIM 13/2 usually tracks the leaders and then stays on strongly at the finish 

Mujassim 14/1 Unp

HAYDOCK 4.15 (7.4) 

Too many runners to be very confident here but I'm going to put the bottom weight MESHARDEL 16/1 as my each way selection, it could get a good tow into the race with the fast starting Highly Sprung drawn alongside it but my stakes wont be at full strength. 

Meshardel 16/1 5th

HAYDOCK 4.50 (7.4)

Twentysvthlancers is my 3rd top rated but might not want the going to be on the fast side of things. Mighty Zip is my 2nd top rated and usually stays on strongly at the finish over the minimum distance but could make the frame here. SECRET ASSET 25/1 is in the veteran class nowadays, the reason for me backing it is the simple fact that its the most likely front runner in this race and if allowed to set its own pace it could go very well and at the price has to worth an each way wager.

Secret Asset 40/1 9th

Friday, 10 August 2018

7:30 Chelmsford Racing Tips (10th August)

Chelmsford Horse RacingCHELMSFORD 7.30 

There's a couple in this race, Island Of Life 3/1 and Only Spoofing 13/2, who I would look to lay at the prices, there's 3 in this race that could set the pace but Boom The Groom and Bosham would both need to improve to win the race, Verne Castle is my 3rd top rated and prefers to sit just off the pace and then try to stay on when others falter but I'm hoping that doesn't happen here, Jack The Truth is weighted well enough to be 2nd top on my figures but it might not be up to winning in this class of race so I'm hoping that my selection CAPTAIN LARS 6/1 can lead all the way here and the booking of a 7lb claimer could swing things in their favour.

Captain Lars 6/1 6th

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Thursday, 9 August 2018

2:00 Brighton Racing Tips (9th August)

BRIGHTON 2.00 (8.1) 

This is one of the best 6 runner class 5 that I've seen for a long time, there's 3 possible contenders for the lead and my 3rd top rated, Entertaining Ben and 2nd top rated Red Alert are 2 of them and I'm hoping they take each other on right from the start and go off too fast and play into the hands of *ESSAKA 5/1 who has won its last 2 races and likes to track the leaders and then stay on strongly at the finish.


HAYDOCK 3.40 (7.4) 

I've found 3 who might like to set the pace here, then I've got 3 co-3rd top rated horses in Berlios, Kodicat and Castlerea Tess and any of them may or may not make the frame, my 2nd top rated is HEE HAW 9/2 who looks the most likely one to prevail from the front runners and if allowed an easy lead it could prove hard to catch but i do have the top weight BORN TO FINISH 11/2 as my top rated and i will look to back them both to cover the angles. 

Hee Haw 9/2 1st + EX £34.70 + TRI £115.50
Born To Finish 11/2 3rd


A class 2 race with just Magical Dreamer who is my 3rd top rated known as a front running sort and could go well with an easy lead, I've got Gorgeous Noora as 2nd top rated and this one likes to track the leaders so should have a target to aim at while the top rated MAID IN INDIA 10/1 can be held up or track the leaders and then stay on the stronger. 

Maid In India 10/1 5th


I love me all weather racing but have to admit this class 6 affair isn't the strongest and wont take much winning and there's only one known to front run but I've got Duke Cosimo 14/1 as my 2nd top rated using a time recorded in 2017 and may be worth having a place bet on the exchanges, Pulsating would be joint 2nd top using a 2016 time but hasn't been as good since but never say never for it bouncing back to form but i do have the top weight EPEIUS 8/1 rated just 1lb higher and this one will be staying on at the finish but my stakes wont be at full strength in this race.

Epeius 8/1 6th

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

3:30 Chepstow Racing Tips (8th August)

This 7 runner race has 6 that have led before so should be run at a very fast early pace, I'm hoping BROADHAVEN HONEY 4/1 can lead and if doing so could be hard to catch but if they all go off too fast then it might fall into the lap of JAGANORY 9/2 who likes to track the leaders and then stay on the stronger at the finish.

Broadhaven Honey 4/1 1st + EX £14.60
PONTEFRACT 4.20 (8.3)
This 7 runner race only has Bondi Beach Boy as a known pace setter who would be 2nd best if i used a time taken in 2016 but needs to improve on recent times, Extrasolar would be 3rd top using a 2016 time but maybe the wins beyond it here, Desert Ace is 2nd best using times from this year but I've got CANFORD BAY 11/2 as the top rated and it can track the leaders or be held up and then stay on the stronger.

Canford Bay 11/2 6th

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

2:35 Catterick Racing Tips (7th August)

Horse racing tips
CATTERICK 2.35 (7.7) 

A class 6 which doesn't thrill me too much and from the 10 entrants I've narrowed it down to a couple of selections, Pearl Noir is 3rd or possibly 2nd top rated and versatile when it comes to racing tactics so it could be thereabouts nearing the finish, COMPTON RIVER 7/2 starts off as 2nd top rated but the 7lb claiming apprentice moves it to top spot and it looks the only natural front runner in the field so if the apprentice gets the fractions right it could lead all the way but I'm going to also back my original top rated, CUPPACOCO 5/1 who can be held up or track the leaders but the jockey employed is 0-14 for the stable, so not sure what to expect but i will go with 2 small bets to cover both angles. 

Compton River 9/2 3rd
Cuppacoco 15/2 7th 


A race where I'm not sure where the early pace will come from and I've only got 3 with recorded times, Windforpower is 3rd top but may struggle to see out the trip if there's a fast early pace so it could make the frame with the make-up of this race, the top weight EXTRASOLAR 4/1 is 2nd top rated using a time recorded at Carlisle this year and a repeat would see it going very close here but i do have PICKS PINTA 20/1 rated higher but that ones best time also came from Carlisle but in 2017 and would need to spring back to form to win but it could possible do so, it means i will be backing them both. 

Extrasolar 9/2 1st 
Picks Pinta 20/1 9th 

AYR 6.45 (8.5)

Only 7 runners here and the 2 that are known to set the pace are also my 2 top rated horses, Eternalist is well weighted on its best time but may not win the battle for the lead or the win with MERRY BANTER 5/2 also liking to lead and this one has been running fairly consistently well recently and has a chance here to get back to winning ways.

Merry Banter 9/2 1st + SF £51.15

Monday, 6 August 2018

6:30 Windsor Racing Tips (6th August)

Windsor racing tips
WINDSOR 6.30 (7.5) 

Unlucky 13 runners here but luckily 4 of them could vie for the lead so a properly run race should ensue and Shaheen or Mountain Peak could do best of the front runners but maybe not enough to win as they are joint 5th fastest on the clock, Major Pusey is 4th top but a few spots behind Encrypted in 3rd spot but there's only 4 spots between my top 3 with Rio Ronaldo in 2nd position but top rated is the bottom weight BLACKHEATH 11/2 and this 3 year old has merited the chance to take on better class horses having won last time out and the trainer does well at this course with a 22% win rate. 

Blackheath 7/1 8th


With 12 runners i wish i knew what was going to set the early pace, especially being a 5 furlong race, it wont take much winning so a well ridden front runner could do very well here, Staffa usually stays on at the finish as though further would suit it better so this race may not be run to suit its style, Wotadoll is my 2nd top rated from a time at Nottingham and if taking to this differently configured could go well but my top rated is LOOK SURPRISED 6/1 who recorded its best time at this c/d last year and showed its well being when winning last time out at Salisbury and has things in its favour to follow up here.

Look Surprised 6/1 1st + FC £48.53 + TRI  £291.24

Saturday, 4 August 2018

1:40 Chelmsford Racing Tips (4th August)

Horse racing tips

There's 3 in this field of 9 who have led before and one of them Music Society could be a bit of a hidden danger especially as its only a 3 year old but is in stall 8 which isn't ideal, Top Boy is 3rd top rated but prefers a slower early pace and then a mad dash for the line so this race might not be run to suit its style, Dark Side Dream is 2nd top and likes to track the leaders and then hope they start to fade as its own stamina kicks in but my top rated is both a front runner and a 3 year old so I'm thinking if MISTY SPIRIT 5/1 gets to the front it could be very hard to pass and follow up its last time out win. 

Misty Spirit 8/1 8th 


Alsvinder is a possible pacesetter and has stall 1 but would need to steal the race from the front to win but it could get taken on by Queen In Waiting but neither are in my top 4 ratings but only 2lbs shy, I've got joint 2nd top rated horses in Midnight Malibu and Zamjar who both like to track the leaders and then stay on strongly at the finish but i do have SOMETHING LUCKY 8/1 as my top rated and also likes to track the leaders and from stall 2 it could sit on the rails just behind Alsvinder and then be in prime position to stay on strongly at the finish and follow up from its win last time out.

Something Lucky 8/1 8th