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Monday 15 April 2024

Monday's Lay Bets (15th April)

OK. Heres today's seven lays. 

2.30 Pavlik 3P 
2.30 Both Barrels 3P 
3.00 Largy Train 3P 
4.00 Eloi Du Puy 3P 
4.30 Lexies Moon 2P 
5.20 Savvy Warrior 3P
8.00 Imperial Guard W 

Good luck if you follow

Sunday 14 April 2024

Sunday's Lay Bets (14th April)

OK. Yesterday I got 8 of the 14 right giving a profit of £26.13. Just 5 lays today 

1.30 Fame And Fun W 
2.40 Davidoc W 
3.50 I See You Well 3P
5.00 Crazierthandaisy W 
5.17 Nine Nine Nine 3P 

Good luck if you follow.

Friday 12 April 2024

Friday's Lay Bets (12th April)

Posted late (5PM) as travelling today so just detailed for reference. 

OK. A bad day yesterday with a loss of £43.96 but hey ho there will always be bumps in the road, today I've got 10 lays. 

2.20 Making Headway 4P 
2.20 Ocastle Des Mottes 4P A 
2.55 Mystical Power W 
3.30 Jonbon W 
4.05 James Du Bergais 4P 
4.05 Life In The Park 4P 
4.40 Shanagh Bob 3P 
5.15 Maidenstreetprince 4P 
5.15 Afadil 4P 
5.30 Mr Squires W 

Good luck if you follow

Thursday 11 April 2024

Thursday's Lay Bets (11th April)

OK. 6 outta 7 yesterday giving £21.87 profit hope some of you followed, anyways here's today's, 14 I think.


1 45 Grey Dawning W 
2.20 Sir Gino W 
2.20 Kargese 2P 
3.30 Langer Dan 3P 
3.30 Impaire Et Passe 3P 
3.30 Bob Olinger 3P 
4.05 Romeo Magico 3P 
4.05 Annamix 3P 
4.40 Saint Roi 3P 
4.40 Sans Bruit 3P 
4.40 Unexpected Party 3P 
5.15 Baby Kate 3P 
5.15 Honk Tonk Highway 3P C 
6.30 Viewfromthestars Wp 

Good luck if you follow.

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Wednesday's Lay Tips (10th April)

OK. Yesterday 10 of the 16 lays didn't make the frame so a nice £13.56 profit (that was laying at the normal amount of places per race, i wont confuse you from now on) so here's today's seven lays. 

1.57 Land Genie 3P 
3.52 Thapa Vc 3P 
3.52 Dembe W 
4.35 Job 3P 
5.00 Restorer 3P 
6.30 Ernies Valentine 3P 
8.30 Mr Boson 3P 

Good luck if you follow.

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Tuesday's Lay Bets (9th April)

OK. 8 of the 13 lays yesterday didn't make the frame giving a profit of £24.30 anyways here's today's lays. 

2.30 Pep Talking 2P 
2.45 Enochdhu 3P 
3.15 Burj Malinka 3P 
3.30 The Scorpion King 2P 
3.45 Asadjumeirah 3P** 
4.00 Ask Me Another 2P** 
4.15 Zargun 3P** 
4.45 Asteverdi 3P** 
5.15 Global Spirit 3P** 
5.30 Apache Star 2P
5.45 Mister Sox 3P** 
6.30 Bohemian Breeze 3P 
7.30 General Assembly 3P 
7.30 Johnny Thunder 3P 
8.00 Eleftheria 2P** 
8.30 Socialist Agenda 2P** 

Those with P** indicates that I was given them as laying 1 extra place, but I don't want to be tied down on my laptop all day, so to make things easier I do everything to the official number of lays per race which is done according to how many runners take part. 

Good luck if you follow.

Monday 8 April 2024

Monday's Lay Bets (8th April)

Yesterday was a bad day with a loss of £23.72 but still well in profits overall, ok heres today's lays P = however many places the bookies are paying out on while W = lay the win only. 

Sorry for posting late (2:10)

1.50 Gastronomy P 
2.00 Swiss Pride P 
2.20 Busby P 
2.30 Lucentio P
2.38 The Northernlights P 
3.50 Loubiere P 
3.50 Northern Cracksman P 
4.08 Toss of A Coin P 
4.20 Zain Blue P 
4.30 Victors Dream P 
5.00 Gert Lush P 
6.30 Tamaris W 
7.30 New Image P 
8.00 Borgi P 
8.30 Port Noir P 

Good luck if you follow

Sunday 7 April 2024

Sunday's Lay Bets (7th April)

OK. Yesterday I got 7 of the 12 lays right but the prices went against things but it still managed to show a very small profit of 89p. 

Here's today's list of 17 lays. 

2.12 Milcree 2P
2.47 Netywell 3P 
3.08 Adaay In Devon W 
3.22 William Of York 3P 
3.25 Sunway W 
3.43 Kerdos 3P 
3.43 Silky Wilkie 3P 
3.57 Breeze Of Wind 3P 
4.05 Chantilly 3P 
4.32 marown 2P 
4.40 Perfect Poise 3P
4.53 Destinado 3P 
4.53 Loughville 3P 
5.12 See me Through 3P 
5.25 Thornaby Pearl 2P 
5.55 Four Adaay 3P 
5.55 Sarahs Verse 2P

Saturday 6 April 2024

Saturday's Lay bets (6th April)

OK. Yesterday 9 of the 14 didn't make the frame and to £10 liability you profited by £39.34 (using Betfairs sp's) I've got 12 lays for today. 

1.30 Auric 3P 
2.05 Choisya 3P 
2.15 One Big Bang W 
2.40 Old Harrovian 3P 
3.15 Circuit Breaker 3P 
3.15 Spirit Mixer 3P 
3.20 Jupiter Du Gite 2P 
3.45 Devoted Queen W 
4.25 Notable Speech W 
4.30 Kruger Park 2P 
4.55 Desert Cop 3P 
5.00 Rockchoeur 2P.

Friday 5 April 2024

Friday's Lay Bets (5th April)

OK. Yesterday 10 of the 15 didn't make the frame so there was a profit but Timeform haven't given Betfair's prices for the place markets. Anyways here's today's lays. 

2.30 Viennoise W
4.05 City Of York P 
4.05 Arthus Realm P 
4.40 Hannahs Return P 
4.40 Nordic Return P 
4.55 Winemaker P 
5.05 Autumn Return P 
5.15 Gogo Yubari P
5.30 Royalcorrespondent P 
5.40 Balboa P 
6.00 Air Commander P 
6.10 Jem In Em P 
6.10 Curly Finger P 
6.40 Final Edgar P