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What can Eric Winner do for you? 

That's the question. Like betting, to make a profit you need to find value. And that is the centre point of this website - to help readers find big priced winners. 

Every tipster - worth their salt - has a niche. Why? Because they haven't got enough hours in the day to find the winner across the board. It doesn't make sense to even try. A specialist within their chosen subject isn't a Jack of all trades. 

When it comes to sprint racing Eric Winner is the master of time.  

So what can Eric give you? Well, it all comes from his love of mathematics, statistical & analysis.

Obsessive about sprint racing. 

He's noticed something amazing. 

Official Median Times Are Flawed 

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The Secret to his Success

After years of study, he has created his own figures which help him identify the fastest horse in every sprint race. This added to his insight of individual horses, race styles & trainer statistics - he delivers selective tips.  

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With over 1000,0000 page views you can guarantee he's proven his ability to find winners. What makes him far from the norm, is that he isn't a favourites man. He has landed a few monster pay days with horses winning at huge odds.

Eric Makes the Bookmakers Cry

Look at these results which detail winners and race analysis.

You're Cool 14/1 

Zac Brown 14/1 

Munafallet 18/1

Goadby 16/1 

This is Spectacular

Give Us A Belle 16/1 + £226 F/C

You're Gifted 20/1

Speightstown Kid 25/1 + £205 F/C

Harrison Stickle 25/1

In fact, Eric Winner has tipped over 50 10/1+ winners

Distance In Time
No Time
Time And Motion
Time Of Course [Killing The Myth Of Median Times!!!]

About Mr Winner

My first memory of going horse racing was with some of my family to Uttoxeter. My uncle's friends told me to back a horse. 

It won! 

I vividly remember standing next to one of the chase fences to watch. A horse unseated its rider while another fell. I realised jump racing was a risky business. Those thoughts must have struck a cord with me because I have always loved Flat racing.

Like many people, I had my regular Saturday bet. However, my interest really took off in 2004 when I researched race times. With mathematics and data analysis being something, I have always enjoyed it seemed a logical step. I've honed my skills within sprint racing. In my opinion, the official speed figures are wrongly collated. 

Basically, median times are a joke. I've developed my own figures to find winners.