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jtw1 said...

Genius ...absolute feckin Genius ...many thanks mate ..just have to stop taking the early odds as they've cost me on the last 2 winners ...}

Anonymous said...

your the best ive seen anywhere many thanks look forward to your selections

WriteABit said...

Another lovely winner tonight Eric, keep it up! DB

Anonymous said...

Art Obsession is a very strange choice IMO based on the fact Paul Midgley the trainer has a 3% strike rate on the all weather in the last twelve months and I cannot see this changing here.

Jason Coote said...

Thanks for our comment. It will be interesting to see how Art Obsession fares. I just help promote Eric's page but I know for him to detail this horse it must have achieved the best speed rating. However, 3% strike doesn't inspire. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Thanks for your comment.