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Wednesday 20 February 2019

Antique Slot Machines: Mills 1948 5 Cent Golden Nugget Black (Gambling Hall)

As readers of Eric Winner will know, I love a night at the casino, especially after a day at Great Yarmouth races.  

It probably sounds bad talking about gambling all the time. But it's certainly not for me. I make my living from all these crazy websites and betting along the way. 

You know what you need to be a good gambler? 


Sadly, that is a quality that very few people have this day and age. They would rather tell someone else it is ''all your fault'' when they have no responsibility for their actions. 

If someone has a gambling problem, then I suggest they get professional help. For those who bet responsibly then do as you please. I know for a fact, I could make even the most naive punter money without any doubt at all. 

I'm not keen betting on slots. Why? Well, if you know anything about gambling you don't need me to say. Because...they are fixed odds. And long term you cannot win! Unlike betting on something that is skill-based such as horse racing, greyhounds or even, as some people do, betting on the weather. 

What I do love is the look of these old slot machines. (Look at that beauty in the photo.) 

It's an antique slot machine called the Mills 1948 5 cent Golden Nugget Black. Guess how much it costs? On sale for $1999. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad deal, but it looks a fine machine. 

While others visit Online Casino Deutschland to find the best deals for free bets and spins some lucky 'devil' has this Golden Nugget of loveliness in their living room and playing a one-armed bandit that you don't mind losing to (money box).

I remember a few of the old Jennings slot machines when I used to go on holiday to Great Yarmouth (Caister-on-sea) and they were some special looking beasts. All chrome, sitting elegantly with the Indian head shining a touch brighter with all the handling from punters (children and adults) hoping for a bit of luck. 

In many respects, they were the days of innocent gamblers. I was one of them because I was aged about seven years old. A bag of twopences changed at the kiosk. I'm not sure what I was enjoying more the thought of winning or playing the chromed wonder. Those reels spinning in hope of three melons stopping on the winning line. 

It was pure joy. 

Did I learn any lessons playing slot machines? Yes. They are not worth a bet. In fact, these modern-day slots are the most addictive form of gambling. The equivalent of a pigeon pecking a button for corn. 

You know, even the pigeon stops when the corn doesn't appear. 

I would much rather have one of these beautiful old slot machines in my house as an ornate and fun money box. 

Who says gambling has to be a problem?

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