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Thursday 11 April 2019

Preakness Stakes 2019: What Makes A Winning Thoroughbred Horse Racer?

A thoroughbred horse racer is the most popular breed of horses found in any given country competing for all flat horse racing show. They are multi-purpose because they can be used for racing, driving, or even driving. Aside from that, all thoroughbred racers are trained with full strength and stability to show-off their full stamina and confidence as they go along and take part in all major and minor horse racing shows across the world. 

In line with thoroughbred horse racing show, the most prestigious horse racing showdown in the United States which is the Triple Crown Series about to unfold a few days from now. The Triple Crown Series is composed of three major legs kicked off by Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and closed by the Belmont Stakes. 

All these horse racing legs are attended by hundreds and thousands of spectators across the world to witness an action-packed show at the same time take part in the betting game. So, to make sure that you bet for the right horse entry, let us give you some hints of the best qualities you need to look for a winning thoroughbred racer. 

Origin and History of Thoroughbred Horse Racers 

It was way back in the 17th century in Britain where horse breeds were initially raised. The thoroughbreds are documented well as they go along and undergo different types of activities showing-off their full strength and stamina. After that, they were first used for riding and driving as their major activity. On the latter part, these breeds have shown a very athletic activity which helped them to be coined as thoroughbred racers later on. 

The Body Type 

Each thoroughbred horse racer has a usual body type that comes in a deep chest, long flat muscles, and lean body type. In one major leg of the Triple Crown Series which is TVG Preakness Stakes, the horse racers are considered to be three-years-old thoroughbreds competing in the Grade 1 Stakes category. Each three-year-old thoroughbred racers should be seen to have a medium and fined bone structure. 

Each thoroughbred racer should possess a well-balanced angled shoulder that comes in a lean type to produce a powerful haunch. Lastly, an incredible and competitive thoroughbred horse racer is seen to have an athletic and powerful body type. 

The Size 

When it comes to choosing a competitive thoroughbred horse racer, there might be no exact breeding standard, but size matters. As a matter of fact, Preakness Stakes along with Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, each thoroughbred racers are seen to stand 15HH up until 17HH. Also, the average and the most competitive thoroughbred horse racer usually stand around 15.3 HH to 16HH. 

The Usage 

Technically, the main use of thoroughbred horses is both for small and big horse racing shows. They are highly trained and skilled in the different type of race track at the same time they are also able to adjust in different seasons affecting their ability to run in a horse racing tournament. Trainers and jockeys too, ingest different types of running and saddling strategies to make sure that their horse entry can make it to the finish line heading a winning run. 

While this may be true, good quality of a thoroughbred horse racer comes also with multi-purpose use. Nowadays, it is impeccable that a thoroughbred horse racer can be used for hunting, dressage, and jumping. Aside from that, they are also amenable to be used in trails and other hobbies like riding and driving. Technically, an excellent thoroughbred horse racer can stand to different usage wherever and whatever purpose it might deem. 

Lastly, a good thoroughbred horse racer shows an incredible off-track performance while they are ridden by their jockeys and esteemed trainers. 

The Markings and Colors 

An exemplary and winning thoroughbred racer should have a solid colour. Most of them can come in a grey colour while some are in roan. The markings of good thoroughbred horse racer have also something to say and they normally show-off in blazes, stockings, and starts with either plain or dark markings. 

In major horse racing shows like the Preakness Stakes, the dominant colours of each thoroughbred racers are bay or dark brown. Although there are some strong entries that comes in a unique colour, previous title holders come in dark colours. 

Vigorous Physical Aesthetics

If you are on the looking for a winning thoroughbred racer in the upcoming Preakness Stakes, you should see a thoroughbred horse racer entry to possess an overall powerful look. Aside from the body type, colours, markings, usage, and size, a winning thoroughbred horse racer should be strong entirely and shows a very energetic aura before the racing show starts. Also, as he goes along and runs inside the race track, he should show a full and unique running ability to emerge as a winner.

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