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Saturday 3 August 2019

The History And Nature Of Horse Racing Events

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports around the globe. It has existed many years ago in different parts of the world. In the earliest existence of horse racing, there were not enough rules to follow and whoever finishes first is the winner. Moreover, the betting game is also not popular though there are some who wage the variety of betting options is not enough to make the racing an entertaining sport to take. 

Besides, this sport has existed since 4500 BC and it was the nomadic people of Central Asia who first domesticated a horse. As time goes by, the horse racing event has continuously grown and developed especially in the U.K. and U.S.A. There were several horse racing events held the rules and regulations have changed over time. In the present years, horse racing is now dubbed as the “Sports King” the one of the legalized gambling where sports fans can wager any amount of money. 

Also, horse racing is one of the major sporting events in the United States where normally you’ll see hundreds and thousands of spectators joining the said tournament. In fact, there are numerous big horse racing events in the country today and they give out the biggest prizes on earth. Moreover, this is also one of the most popular sports that’s celebrated in Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, South America, Middle East, and Canada. 

It’s also undeniably true that a lot of sports fan would like to partake in any betting game for a horse racing event. Unlike any other sports you find, the horse racing tournament is often attended by more than ten colts and fillies. This is the main reason why the betting game comes in various ways because there may be a lot of winners generated in a single run. The betting game will also test your true betting prowess as it comes from easy to the most difficult one. 

The Thoroughbred Racing 

Throughout the history of horse racing like Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Breeder’s Cup, it is a sport that is being recognized as a well-organized sport you can find all over the world. In the Greek Olympics, you will be able to observe that they have a horse racing sports to honor this kind of tournament. This also shows that horse racing is popular in the Roman Empire. 

In 1702-1704 when Queen Anne was the leader of Great Britain, the horse racing was considered as a professional sport. There were several match racing made to make each colt and fillies compete with each other. There were also several racecourses developed wherein huge amounts of money were raised to make them as pot prizes. The process of training a horse for racing purposes is called handicapping and horses are beginning to be called thoroughbreds. 

In recent times, there were lots of horse racing organization that emerged to support each every horse racing event held in any country. One of the most popular sporting organizations that support big races is the Maryland Jockey Club. This is one of the most dedicated organizations founded in 1743 in Annapolis. 

The Maryland Jockey Club has existed for more than 30 years even before the Revolutionary War starts. It is one of the oldest organizations for sports in the United States who deems to operate the famous Pimlico Park and Laurel Park. both of these parks are the home of the world's biggest horse racing events like the Preakness Stakes. 

Nowadays, Maryland Jockey Club has continuously supporting horse racing events in the United States. They have been extending their efforts to make sure that all racing tournaments they support can provide the best racing show and betting games are properly managed so that all wagers can make the most out of their money. 

Betting In A Horse Race 

As mentioned, the main reason why horse racing remains as the most popular sport because of the betting game that each bettor can partake. Each horse racing event has the same format of betting games; however, purses can vary depending on the amount placed for each entry. Aside from that, it is also the sole reason why horse racing has continuously grown over the years. If not for betting games, horse racing might not survive. 

The most popular betting system used in horse racing event is the Pari-Mutuel system. This was developed by Pierre Oller which was a Frenchman during the 19th century. In this system, a particular percentage is taken out form the total amount gained from all bets in order to pay the taxes, operating costs, and other miscellaneous fees. The means that the remaining amount is divided into the number of winning bets for the winning entry. Lastly, there are many bets you can make in a horse racing tournament and it’s important that you need to be wise so you’ll not mess up your bank account.

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