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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

When Backing A Beaten Favourite Makes Sense

When Backing A Beaten Favourite Makes Sense
If you have followed the Ericwinner bets and lays (which I started posting, I think, on Jan 21st and at the end of Feb with exactly 30 days racing where I had at least one analysed sprint) it showed 100 points profit. The 14 days of March, before racing was canceled, revealed another 44 points profit.

I guess most people would be more than happy to be making regular profits - averaging just over 3 points a day. 

However, I am not one to sit on my laurels. 

I trawl through many hours of videos regarding other people's ideas on how to make money gambling. Sadly, most are quite dire. While some have a degree of merit in the basic idea.

I'm not quite sure what happens to people when they have these ideas! 

I like to run with these ideas and see how much I can improve them and/or how far I can push them. Sometimes less is more and there always comes a point when you cannot push things any further. But this is only reached after many hours of data collection and thorough analysis. 

In addition, I put a few methods on the back burner - for when I have enough free time to do them justice. The major problem with this approach is that it's only possible to keep records as racing takes place. 

Take a look at this new method I think will show a profit. Regarding horse racing, a beaten favourite last time when ridden by an apprentice or amateur jockey. Next start, if ridden by a full-time professional jockey and it is fancied in the market is worthy of interest. 

I doubt there will be many qualifiers. However, if it shows a profit, which I presume, these bets should be easy to identify. If run in conjunction with other methods that show small but consistent profits they could add to the spoils.

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