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Wednesday 9 September 2020

Online slot Myths: How and why and they first appeared

Everybody that plays internet slots wants to win, and if they're genuinely serious about this, they may well have searched online about precisely how to do it. This is exactly where the problems begin. Even though there are several practical ideas online about how you can enjoy slot games (although not always telling you how to win since they're a game of chance) there's actually more info that's completely false – misconceptions easily raise up around internet slots, and it can certainly be hard to sort fact from fiction - discover more

Allow me to share several of the biggest online myths, exactly where they came from, and what the fact is actually – if there's some truth at all. 

The More You Bet, The More You’ll Win 

On the majority of internet slot games there'll be a button which says 'max bet' or similar. It can be very tempting for many players to hit that button because, after all, the more you bet, the more you’ll win, isn’t that correct? So if you bet the maximum on every spin, you’ll win much more in the end. And it’s guaranteed. 

Regrettably, this idea is false. It would be wonderful if it was true because everybody would earn a great deal of money each time they hit the max bet button, but all max bet really does is spend your money faster. It won’t provide you with an additional advantage, and you will have to stop playing sooner because you run out of money. 

Stay Away From Slots Which Have Recently Paid Out 

One of the misconceptions that's been circulating for many years now, not merely relating to online slots but to other slots too, is actually the one which says that if a machine or game has just paid out it must be stayed away from for some time since it is not going to pay out once again in the near future. 

It makes good sense that this particular myth has prevailed. All things considered, in rational terms, when you consider just how likely a game is to pay out, those that have not done so for some time are likely the better option (literally); they should be due a pay out any moment. 

The truth is that this is not how slots work; it makes no difference whether a game has paid out or not – all of them have the exact same possibility of letting you win. Each spin is completely random, so there is no way the device can 'know' it is some time to make someone a winner, or make them lose. So go ahead and enjoy your favourite games even if a person just won; you can as well. 

You Cannot Improve The Chances Of Winning 

At the exact opposite end of the myth spectrum, some think that there's nothing at all you can do to boost the chances of winning when you are playing online slots. That is simply because, as stated above, all internet slot games (and physical slot machines) are totally randomised. Just how could you therefore have a greater chance of winning? 

The fact is, you are able to enhance your chances, although that doesn’t mean you’ll definitely win. To make it a little more likely, check out the RTP (return to player) percentage of each game and you will find that some have greater RTPs than others. When you would like to boost the chances of winning, actively playing a slot which has a higher RTP compared to others will definitely help you.

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