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Monday 7 June 2021

Online Slot Games Mechanics Explained

There is far more to slot games than symbols spinning on reels. Even the very first slot that was introduced back in the 19th century was a marvel of engineering. A pull of a lever was all that was needed to get 3-reels spinning. Despite early slots being complex mechanical machines, the actual playing experience for punters was a very simple one. 

Modern mobile slots pay by phone bill still offer a relatively simple gaming experience, but they do come with different complex mechanics that have been created by huge leaps in technology. Whether these over complicated slots are open for discussion, but online video slot players should be aware of the full mechanics of virtual online slots before they play them for real. 

Online Slots: A Closer Look 

Online slots are played on virtual casino platforms that have been created by using some sort of gambling software. Online slots are often called virtual video slots because they only exist in a virtual world. This makes them convenient to store and easy for punters to load and play. When you load up a game on your device you are presented with a set of reels and symbols fill these reels. This is the simple part of slot games. 

Modern online slots also come with mechanics that cannot be seen and a good starting point is to be aware that slots come with a built-in house edge that gives the casino an advantage over the punter. All slots also have an RTP, this is also known as the Return to Player percentage score. The higher the score, the kinder the slot can be to your bankroll. The RTP is a calculation that is worked out over a series of many spins and the final percentage score refers to the number of money punters are likely to have returned to them from their wagering. Games with RTP scores of 96% or over are considered to be high. 

Creating Slot Spin Results 

If you are at a Live Casino and face a dealer, then all game results are created by the human touch. When it comes to facing a virtual slot game, computer microchips known as RNG or Random Number Generators are in charge of player’s fortunes instead. These Random Number Generators constantly create number sequences and each number correlates to individual symbols on the reels. Therefore, you are at the mercy of luck and randomness and the results from an RNG can either devour your bankroll in seconds or win you a jackpot. 

Other Mechanics to Consider 

Pay lines refer to the number of active pay lines a slot offers. There can be a minimum of one on retro slots or over 100,000 on Megaways slots. Visually, slot games contain other mechanics such as wild symbols that mimic all symbols to produce winning combinations. Wilds can expand, stick or walk on the reels. There are random features that aid wins and bonus symbols that trigger bonus rounds that increase your chances of winning as well.

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