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Monday 7 June 2021

Online Casino Slots Websites Controversies

Gambling dates back to ancient times and it is embedded in our culture, it is like a boxer that gets knocked down but refuses to stay down and always rises and swings back into action - play now. Even when gambling was assumed to be dead and buried after numerous gambling bans across the world, it returned. 

Gambling will always be a controversial subject and many people in society would like the metaphorical final nail in the coffin to be hammered in once and for all. But in a so-called free world, it is up to individuals to stay in control of their gambling habits and in particular, when it comes to playing slots online. Slot spinning is an incredibly fast form of gambling and you can drain your bankroll in a matter of minutes if luck is not on your side. Because of this, one of the main slot website controversies is that you can still wager high on these games. 

High Staking Risks 

It is tempting to stake high for a quick big win but as all gamblers know, the opposite often happens. Therefore, there is growing unrest within society that staking up to £200 a spin is still permitted on slots websites. Already, fixed-odds betting terminals have had their max bets slashed from £200 to £2 and many think it is time to call it a day on high stakes betting at slots casinos as well. The problem here is that some can afford to play slots like this, and should they be penalized along with everyone else? Few would have much sympathy if the profits of gambling brands are slashed because of wagering restrictions, but this would be an obvious knock-on effect of such a move. 

Credit Card Gambling 

Being allowed to gamble on credit has always been incredibly controversial, yet it was the norm at slot websites for years until a detailed consultation discovered that individuals had racked up huge debts from gambling with credit cards. The UK government and the UK Gambling Commission recently decided that they had to stand firm and announce an all-out ban on credit card gambling. This new law came in last year and now you can only gamble with debit cards. However, E-wallets and other payment options remain in place. 

Fraudulent Websites 

The biggest controversy that blighted slots sites occurred when online casinos first appeared on the internet. The problems that appeared when online gambling was not highly regulated make the above-mentioned seem like small fry. The problem with early online gambling was that few rules and regulations applied to those who wanted to open a casino, and this meant that rogue establishments could do as they pleased. If you won big then the chances were that you would never see your winnings. If the casinos decided it was time to move on, they would do so with punter’s cash and if the casino collapsed and you had money in your account, that would disappear into thin air as well. Some casinos were even a front for money laundering. 

Thankfully cowboy casino outfits are a thing of the past and today’s focus and controversies are more on player well-being.

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