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Monday 2 August 2021

Glorious-Goodwood Horse Racing Festival

The Glorious-Goodwood Horsing Racing Festival is a five day event that is home to some of the world-class horse riders, and not to forget it is the home to many fashionista. Style speaks out at this horse racing event, especially with the Earl lawn providing an entertainment join featuring different DJs and Insta commendable moments all for the gram. It’s a pretty hospitable experience at the Glorious Goodwill Horse Racing Festival where you also get to experience fine dining and some exclusive lunches with an amazing view.

Step into the History of the Glorious-Goodwood Horse Racing Festival 

The Glorious-Goodwood horse riding festival is located on the Earls of Richmond estate and Lenox which is a very prestigious area in South Downs National Park. The racing part began at the behest of the Duke of Richmond the third. He would regularly host events for his fellow members at the Sussex Militia. The Duke would always ride the winner on the first day of Goodwood. The future King George IV would always win a race on the third day. 

These two races became the main events of the Goodwood Racing Festival, and started to become a proper event in the 19th century. The event became morepopular after a hiatus in the 1940’s caused by the world war. With the help of television broadcast the races became more and more popular. There were many horse racing betters opening betting shops across England for the Glorious-Goodwood Horse racing festival. 

How Does Racing Work at the Glorious-Goodwood Horse Racing Festival 

Also known as the Qatar Goodwood Festival, the event each day hosts around seven races, and in total has 35 races comprising of a total of 5 days. 

There are different group races that contest for higher stakes and ride with some of the best horses. There is always a Thursday that is known as the “Ladies Day” and this day featured a race for amateurwomen jockeys. There is also a three group one races that takes place on the docket for all 5 days. The group one events consist of: 

 • The Sussex Stakes 
 • Goodwood Cup 

You will come across some of the best athletes from all around the world at the Goodword racecourse. From Stradivarius and Frankie Dettori you will come across many of the elite athletes.

There is also a completion for the best dressed, which is how you will find some of the most extraordinary styles at the Goodwood Horse Racing festival. What’s more, there is a Best Dressed Competition, the Magnolia Cup which is always presented by the Markel. 

It’samazing howyou get to experience, fashion, food, and sports all in one racecourse, and everything done under a very formal setting. You can book all your tickets and dining reservations for the Glorious Goodwill Festival on Goodwood.com

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