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Wednesday 20 October 2021

Horse Betting Terms You Should Know

Horse racing entails a vast range of fancy terminology and expressions for betting on an animal and hopes to walk out with a lot more cash if the horse prevails. Unlike casinoranking games, racing could also be a very easy way to gamble because you don't have to bet on the horse finishing first. You sometimes can earn money if your horse comes second or third, based on the sort of wager you place. To knock it off, you must first learn the jargon and how to put the necessary bets. There are two main types of wagers you can opt for in horse racing which are straight bets and exotic wagers. So if you are looking to gamble in horse racing here are some of the horse betting terms you might need to know. 


Straight bets are the most basic type of horse wagering. Technically speaking, a straight bet signifies you're betting on the horse to win. You will not win anything if it comes in second by a hair's breadth. A straight bet, on the other hand, is when you gamble that a horse will come pout at number one, two, or three. Below are some terms used for straight bets: 

- Across the board 

This entails making three wagers: the first one on the winning horse, the second one on the horse to come out at number two, and the third one for the horse to come out at the third place. If it succeeds, you'll receive payouts from online casino games for real money If it comes in second, you'll be paid for the coming out second and third. If the horse comes third you get paid for the third placing. So if the horse prevails, you essentially earn three times, and if it comes in third you gain still a small return on your bet.

- Place 

When a horse ends up winning second, it is considered to have placed. You can put a wager if you believe it will finish second but not too far after the first-place horse. If you're correct, you'll succeed. You'll get the horse's second-place earnings if it wins, but not if it came third. 


Exotic bets, as the title implies, are finer and more intricate. There is more than one horse involved. This implies they're more difficult to win, but will pay out much more than straight bets. 

Below are some terms used for exotic wagers: 

- Boxed bet 

Boxing a wager involves covering all conceivable finish pairings for numerous horses. If you would like to box a great point, you could wager on Horse A winning and Horse B placing, as well as Horse B winning and Horse A placing. In other terms, you believe the two horses will finish at number one or two, but you're still not certain what sequence they'll finish in. Boxing a $2 exacta will charge you $4 because each pairing constitutes a unique bet. 

- Daily double 

A daily double is when you wager on two different horses in successive races, often the first and second races of the day. Each one of your horses should be the first to complete.

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