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Tuesday 5 July 2022

Who is the Best Horse Racing Tipster in England?

Who is the best horse racing tipster in England?
Who is the Best Horse Racing Tipster in England? 

To be fair, you will be a confident, intelligent and fantastic horse racing tipster to stick your hand up in the air if ever asked this question. 

Perhaps even a little bit modest too! 

However, from the great and the good there are many very successful tipsters affording his or her followers a tidy profit. 

We've all heard the names of popular tipsters bandied about. 

Hugh Taylor, a king to his many fans. 

My good friend, Craig, has put this man on a pedestal since the year dot. In fact, if he opposes one of the maestros' selections it's like he's found himself in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson, back in the day, and looking eagerly for the corner to throw in the towel before the competition starts to heat up. 

Eric Winner is a respected website which details free tips to all those who wish to follow his selections. As with all horse racing tipster reviews, the fortune of the punter, gambler, investor can bring good days and bad. However, what matters is that long term your tipster is in profit. That's the key to a successful horse racing tipster. 

Eric has taken years to create his very own rating system. His secret is to inform readers that median times are flawed. That edge helped him tip a 100/1 winner!  (Yes, he backed it himself, too). It's important to realise that all tipsters aren't made equally. Each have their own approach - niche. 

It's logical to question: Do you want the jack of all trades and master of none? 

That decision could be a costly mistake.

In addition, it's important to find a horse racing tipster who has a fighting chance to beat the bookies. 

Someone you respect who makes it their endeavour to find winners. 

Also, it is important to find a tipster who matches your interest. For example, Eric is dedicated to sprinters. Why? Because his assessment, rating system, is much more accurate over 5 or 6-furlongs. Other tipsters may specialise in different horse age groups, handicaps, pattern races or even certain bets. 

They do so for a very good reason. 

You may ask why?

Because there simply isn't enough time to know everything. And even more importantly, you recognise for a horse racing tipster to be successful, they don't need to know everything. They simply need to know a little more than most. 

So who is the best horse racing tipster in England? 

It's a difficult if not impossible question to answer because even the best of tipsters have quiet times (when literally nothing goes right) and those elusive purple patches (when they can simply do no wrong). 

Whether you pay for horse racing tips, enjoy making your own selections or visit a free website like Eric Winner, you can be sure the best horse racing tipsters are very professional, dedicated and have a passion which sets them apart from the crowd. 

Which horse racing tipster do you think is the best in England?

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