Sunday, 25 September 2016


A 15 runner apprentice jockeys race with 6 of them being known to lead before, Englishwoman is joint 4th top and a possible leader and stall 13 is good another 3year old, Peter Park is the other joint 4th top rated, Tonis A Star is 3rd top and usually races prominently and WHITECREST 20/1 is 2nd top rated but only 1 pound off top spot and is well drawn in stall 14 and could be the one to prosper if they go too fast in front and tire nearing the finish so it will be an each way bet on this one at the price but top spot is ARCHIE STEVENS 8/1 and this is another possible pace-setter, although it's just as happy tracking the leaders, and it's the jockeys Holly Doyle's 1st ride for this stable and most of her rides have been for the Hannon yard so she will be well schooled for this race because stall 1 isn't ideal but I'm hoping by backing both we have found the winner but being an apprentice race I will keep my stakes on the low side.

5:40 Bath
This time 14 runners but only 3 known front-runners, I've got 6 horses marked down as potential lays if their any value, the best of those front runners looks to be Go Amber Go who is my 3rd top rated and has drawn stall 13 which is ideal for it to try and lead all the way but I've got two 3-year-olds that have better times, before that I've got Catalinas Diamond down as my 5th top rated and this ought to be staying on strongly at the finish of the race but maybe too late to win but could make the frame, 4th top is Angelito who doesn't like the going to be on the firm side of things but does handle genuine good ground quite well, those two 3-year-olds are Secretfact who is my 2nd top from a time it did at Chepstow when beating DAVID'S BEAUTY 8/1 but there's a 13lb turn around at the weights today which should be plenty to reverse the placings, this time, out but neither are well drawn in stalls 1 and 4 so stakes will have to be kept to a lower level.

Friday, 23 September 2016

4:05 Hamilton Winning Race Tips (24th Sep) JONATHAN LETHAM MEMORIAL HANDICAP (CLASS 5) (3yo+ 0-75)

With 8 runners and being a class 5 race it actually looks quite a nice race, I've got joint 3rd top rated with Meshardal and Farkle Minkus who both like to race fairly prominently so should make sure the front runner doesn't get it all its own way and that leader looks most likely to be Pennine Warrior who is my 2nd top rated but I'm not sure if this one wants it to be too firm but top spot is PORTLAND STREET 3/1 who can be held up or track the leaders but this one might need the going to be at least good to firm to show its best and being a 3 year old it could still be able to improve but it has quite a few spots in hand already so a reproduction of its best time set at Carlisle would see it back into the winners circle for the 3rd time in 4 races. 

Join for top 2yo racing tips. 

4:40 HAMILTON* - For a class 3 race this isn't the greatest race especially as I haven't got a clue who will set the pace or how fast of a pace, m not sure what to expect from Birdcage but I think it might prefer a slower surface so I will leave it alone till it shows me something positive to work with, Dutch Mist is 3rd top and Courier is in 2nd spot both can be held up or track the leaders but the selection HONEYSUCKLE LIL 9/1 is weighted to reverse form with the Courier and has put the same apprentice on board who rode it that day which adds to its chances even more. 

5:05 HAYDOCK** - A race with 17 runners in a class 3 affair, there's 3 that have been known to lead before, only 6 horses I could dismiss as being possible lays, any bias in the race is for a high draw and 2 of the front runners that are not in my top 4 ratings are drawn in stalls 2 and 4 which won't help their cause, 4th top is Duke Cosimo but it's in stall 5, 3rd top is Misterioso and in stall 3 whilst my 2nd top rated Major Crispies is even worse drawn being in stall 1, which leaves me with the 3rd possible front runner and top rated SHORE STEP 25/1 and this one has had some luck with the draw getting stall 17 so I'm hoping this one can set the pace on the high drawn side and then prove more than hard to catch for most of these and at such a big price I have to suggest an each-way wager.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

9:15 Newcastle Winning Racing Tips (23rd Sept) ALPHA BOILERS HANDICAP (CLASS 6) (3yo+ 0-60)

LADY JOANNA VASSA-- hasn't run before on the all-weather, this surface may not suit it but it has been known to lead so could improve so no lay or bet on this horse.
INDASTAR**-- has run twice at this course and distance in what looks like being fast times for the class of race it can lead or race near the front and has to be on the short list.

COMPTON RIVER-- hasn't run on this surface but it may not suit it despite in being capable of leading but it's gone down as a lay on my list. **
WINDFORPOWER-- has no form on this surface and may find this distance too short if they go a fast pace and would likely get outpaced early and then stay on too late and a possible lay. **
INTENSE STARLET-- has run here before but over 6 furlongs and at this trip might find things happening too quick for it but I'm not confident enough to lay it.
CLERGYMAN-- this one looks to need further to show its best but hasn't run on this surface but has only produced slow times on good to firm going on turf so this might be too short and a possible lay
TILSWORTH MICKY-- a 4year old that's only had 6 races, none on this surface,its only attempt at this trip saw it tailed off but also doesn't seem to stay 6 furlongs, so I couldn't back or lay this one.
GOWANLESS*-- hasn't run on any all-weather surface before but did a fast time on good to firm going on the turf so ought to like this surface and a potential hidden danger.
SUGAR TOWN-- this one looks to want a little bit further but has had 2 runs here over 6 furlongs which have muddied the waters another to leave alone on both fronts.
HARPERS RUBY-- has won on this surface at Wolverhampton in a faster time than Indastar but is held by it on a run over this course and distance but could have place claims.
CHANDRESH-- hasn't run at any all-weather track, its times have been slow where it has run and this distance looks too short for it so a possible lay for me. **
TELL THE STARS-- has only had 5 runs and its last one at this course, I'm not sure what its ideal distance is but it is a 3-year-old so could be open to improvement but I couldn't back it or lay it.
MAJESTIC MANANNAN-- has had 2 runs on this surface here and was well behind Indastar when that one won and is held at the revised weights so another possible lay. **
CAMANCHE GREY-- has had 9 races on the all-weather tracks without a victory and this surface doesn't seem to suit it very much but its time says it might make the frame.
SUMMARY: What a poor race, I've only got 3 horses with a recorded time on this surface and there's been no proven advantage to be either side of the track, I've got 5 that I couldn't back or lay, I've got another as a possible hidden danger plus 4 that I would lay if the prices were low enough, in looking for the winner everything seems to link to INDASTAR 6/1 who has won at this course and distance with Harpers Ruby and Majestic Manannan behind it and is weighted to beat them again here but Harpers Ruby has done a faster time than the selection at Wolverhampton that has the same surface, remember we are talking about class 6 animals so consistency doesn't appear on their CV's so any stakes should be kept to a sensibly slow level.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

3:30 Pontefract Winning Racing Tips (22nd Sept) RACING UK HD ON SKY432 HANDICAP (Div I) (CLASS 4) (3yo+ 0-85)

Eric Winner, Sprint Analysis
Division 1 of this race 13 runners and 3 of them have been known to lead before, 5 I've got negatives about, the topweight Lincoln cannot be dismissed from my ideas of the winner as it has been running in much better class races but over a longer trip then last time out it was dropped to 5 furlongs in this class of race but it was on softish going so that may have helped its cause with a slower early pace but it's made it hard to know exactly what it will do over this extra furlong. Cosmic Chatter my 4th top rated is a possible pacesetter in stall 1, Regal Dan usually races prominently and is my 3rd top rated, then Ace Master is in 2nd spot and another that might try to lead, so it looks like being a fast run race which has been known to suit YEEOOW 11/1 before and this one is top rated and hopefully the price will be some value and with a few unknowns stakes have to be kept on the low side but I will be having a small each way bet at the price.
With 3 possible pace setters in this field of 9 it will hopefully be a fast early pace, I've got 2 with negatives and 2 which I couldn't back or lay, the top 2 in the handicap are my joint 4th top rated and 2 of the known front-runners, Rose Eclair comes out 3rd best and like all of my top 3 it likes to race prominently, 2nd top is Burning Thread but top spot goes to ROYAL BRAVE 5/1 who has been running quite well without winning lately making the frame and this looks a good opportunity for it to get back to the winners enclosure and the jockey booking points to them expecting a big run from it but the trainer hasn't had a winner at this course from 14 previous attempts in the last 5 years which tempers my enthusiasm a little but hopefully it will do the business, this time, out but my stakes will be kept low.
There is one obvious danger at the bottom of the handicap and I have to admit I've no idea how good or bad the horse will turn out to be but it is one of only 2 that have been known to lead so it will mean any stakes will be kept low, then I've got 3 with negatives against their names and will be laid if short enough in price, Highly Sprung, is the other possible pace setters its 4th top on my figures, 3rd spot goes to Vallarta who has been running quite well lately only being out of the frame once in its last 8 runs and there's a win amongst them, I've got Harwoods Volante down as 2nd top and it usually races close to the front, my top rated is CANYARI 20/1 who admittedly hasn't been running very well this year but has been known to spring back to life without warning, it may need good to firm ground to show its best and hasn't had that only once so far this year also I don't think this trainer would keep the horse if he thought it couldn't win a race and I'm hoping that today's the day and the price give some decent value for money so we can have a small each-way wager.
This looks a nice race with 12 runners and 3 of them having been known to lead before, I've got Malaysian Boleh and Jameerah marked down as negatives, the front runners are Pink Martini stall 5 who hasn't run here but an ok time at Lingfield (the same surface), Monumental Man stall 8 who is 5th top rated and Krystallite stall 12 who is 4th top, Eternity's Gate stall 9 is 3rd top and usually races prominently, Sir Domino stall 3 is 2nd top but this one believes it or not may do better on a slower surface like Southwell's, top spot is the three year old VERNE CASTLE 7/2 who broke its duck 2 runs ago over course and distance and followed that with a repeat performance and actually improved its time by about 2 lengths but they were in class 5 races and it merits this opportunity at this slightly higher level, its another that likes to race close to the pace but stall 11 isn't ideal so stakes have to be kept on the lowish side of things and at the price I don't really think its big enough for the risk from its high draw.

Verne Castle 6/1 1st

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

3:20 Redcar Winning Racing Tips (21st Sept) WEATHERBYS "WE´VE GOT PEDIGREE" HANDICAP (CLASS 5) (3yo+ 0-70)

Mark Usher, horse trainer
This is a very competitive race with 18 runners, 5 of which I can discount and there's also 5 that have been known to lead before, any bias here is in favour of those drawn low and that's where my selections are all drawn, the 3-year-old Adalusite is 4th top and from stall 11 and likes to race near the front, I've got joint 2nd top rated horses with ANNIE SALTS 16/1 another 3year old and from stall 7 this is one of the possible front runners along with CAPTAIN DUNNE 16/1 from stall 5 but I've got RUBY'S DAY 18/1 rated just above them and this one can race prominently or be held up and it's drawn in stall 2 so will be hopefully on the favoured side and could be the one to prosper if others falter but I will be splitting my stakes in this race between the 3 of them and doing them each all each way and if any of them make the 1st 4 places would at least see me break even.

This 12 runner race looks a little bit tricky and I've only got Panther Patrol down as a pace setter type but its not in my top six ratings, Upavon is 5th top but may need further to show its best, Racquet is 4th top from a time recorded at Salisbury last year but has been about 10 pounds below its best so far this year, 3rd top is the bottom weight DIVINE CALL 20/1 but is being ridden by a 3pound claiming apprentice which would move it to top spot but the apprentice hasn't ridden a winner before for this stable but has only had 3 rides for them I've got joint top ratings with KINGLAMI 11/1 who normally races prominently but does seem to need good to firm ground to show its best which also applies to STRAITS OF MALACCA 10/1 but this ones trainer, Simon Dow, has had 21 runners at this course without a winner which puts me off a little but then he's employed Luke Morris to ride which makes no sense if it's a non-trier so I can't split the 3 of them but will split my stake between them and do them all each-way hope I've captured the winner or at least do enough to show a profit.
As usual with these apprentice races I always err on the side of caution and keep stakes on the low side, of this 11 I've got 3 marked down as known pace setters, Keep It Dark who might not want firm going, Fashionable Spirit who could be hidden danger as all runs so far this year have been over 6 furlongs and Stormflower who only comes out 6th best. Go Nani Go is my 3rd top rated and can be ridden prominently or be held up which also applies to my 2nd top rated the topweight TAAJUB while in top place I've got HEAD SPACE 7/1 from a time recorded last year at Doncaster but this year's figures have been quite a way off that level, so I will go with backing both of these to cover things just in case the selection bursts back to form here.
Twenty runners in this poor class 6 race but only 2 known front-runners, Mustn't Grumble who could be a bit of a hidden danger especially if it gets an uncontested lead and it is drawn quite well in stall 13, the other front running type is TAKE CHARGE 16/1 who is only a 3-year-old so could still have some improvement to come and its only 2 pounds off the top spot, second top is Harbour Patrol who looks like it might do even better when tried over a longer trip so should be staying on at the finish, GOADBY 25/1 is well weighted and comes out in top spot and this horse is a bit of an enigma and is capable of springing back to form without prior warning it usually races prominently so I have to go with backing them both each way and hope that whichever one does its best shows a nice profit but I won't be going in too heavily.
A strange race with a few unknowns and which tempers any confidence so stakes will be kept low and only bet if the price offers some value, there's only two known front-runners in Swendab my fifth top rated and Whaleweigh Station who is third top so I hope it's a decent early pace but the latter may get its own way up front and then be an even bigger threat with the only negative being its stall eleven draw but if nothing else wants to lead that soon negates that problem, Oat Couture is my second top rated but this will be its fifteenth race and it's still a maiden which doesn't fill me with confidence with this horse but it has managed three second places so could at least make the frame in this race but top spot is the top weighted OCEAN LEGEND 12/1 who usually likes to race prominently and has got the coveted stall one draw and if this one can get a good position from which to attack late on in the race and stay on the stronger and a big enough price to back each way.

Monday, 19 September 2016

3:10 Beverley Winning Racing Tips (20th Sept) EDDIE AND VIOLET SMITH CONDITIONS STAKES (CLASS 3) (3yo+)

Winning racing tips
I think the pacemaker in this race will be Hay Chewed from stall four who is my fifth top fastest, in joint third spot is Double Up stall two and Ziggy Lee who will need some luck from stall twelve, Line Of Reason is in second spot and this one can either be held up or track the leaders but top on my figures is ORNATE 8/1 a three-year-old who has been running well and was tried in Listed and Group races so this level should be within its range and only the stall eleven draw put a dampener on my confidence but it can lead or be held up and I'm hoping it can get away quick enough to either get straight to the front or contest the lead one horse's width away from the rails and this selection is from a stable that's on fire lately, 


Vale Of Light no course form, ok time at Chelmsford, no bet or lay, Frank The Barber slow times course and distance versatile running styles, Pushkin Museum maybe too short and a lay for me, Ask The Guru possible front runner and my top rated, Sacred Heart likes to lead maybe not possible here prefers further and possible lay, Zipedeedodah could contest lead but not as fast so far this year and second top on last year's figures, Red Flute another possible front runner, stall seven not helping cause but third top rated, Freds Filly still a maiden may need further a lay to me, Ryan Style maybe too short in trip and slow times course and distance maybe a lay, 

SUMMARY: Hope that ASK THE GURU 7/1 can get to the front and then prove hard to catch but a poor race and keep stakes low. 

FFOS LAS 6.25 

Equally Fast a possible front runner and fourth top rated so maybe place claims, Doc Sportello only had three runs abroad may prefer slower surface or its a danger so no bet or lay, Pensax Lad usually held up or tracks the leaders, not in my top four, Swirral Edge races prominently and my third top rated, Satchville Flyer may find this trip too short and will race prominently unless getting outpaced, Nocturn also races to the fore and second on my figures, HEAD SPACE 6/1 is my top rated and either race in a hold up or track the leader style, Maymyo has poor recent form and may want further so a lay, Bapak Bangsawan may prefer a slower surface and a lay in my eyes if the going is good to firm. 

SUMMARY: Not a race to be betting too heavily in but iI'mhoping it's worth a small wager but I'm not even sure where the early pace will come from but it has got about 5 pounds in hand on my figures if it runs to its best.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

3:30 Leicester Winning Racing Tips (19th Sept) A.T. SERVICES LTD HANDICAP (CLASS 3) (3yo+ 0-95)

Winning Racing Tips
I doubt they will all run as there's sixteen at the moment so four places up for grabs in this class 3 race over the minimum trip fo five furlongs and as you would expect quite a few known front runners and all of my top five are possible pace-setters, in the fifth spot from stall thirteen is Stepper Point who hasn't been in the best of form lately but any bias here is in favour of those drawn high, I've then three co-second top rated horses Majestic hero from stall six, Just That Lord a three year old coming from stall one so there should be good early pace spread right across the track and Distant Past out of stall sixteen but top spot goes to NOBLE STORM 25/1 who has only had three runs this year and they have all been on slower ground but if it's genuinely good or faster going then it should suit it but stall three isn't ideal but to help their cause they have a good seven pound claiming apprentice on board and hopefully it's a big enough price to have an each way wager if the going is okay for it. PS the price is bigger than I had hoped for and it's crying out for an each way wager especially if the going is good to firm as forecast.

HAMILTON 2.50 (Division1)
A very poor class six race with eleven runners and Just Rock Canyon and Cruise Tothelimit being known to lead before, I've got lots of negatives and only two with recordable times in Captain Scooby a hold up type and the top rated KEENES POINTE 7/1 who ought to be staying on at the finish as long as the early pace is a decently fast one but firstly keep stakes low as consistency isn't prevalent in this level on grass and secondly check the going, if it's not good or firmer then there's no bets and it is forecast as being good to soft so it looks doubtful but I'm ever the optimist and hope it dries out enough so I will need to see the first race on the card before making a final decision.
HAMILTON 3.20 (Division 2)
Ten runners and only three with recorded times, in the third spot, is Wahaab who usually races prominently in the second spot is the top weight JACOBS PILLOW 11/2 who did its best time this year and is one of two in the race that can go from the front and another front runner is AMBER CRYSTAL 25/1 and if this top rated horse gets to the front it ought to prove to be very hard to catch for most of these if it can recapture its form from Leicester in 2015 and has been nowhere near that time since,it has got a few pounds in hand BUT and it is a big but, the jockey James Sullivan has had 46 rides for the stable without having a winner which curbs my enthusiasm and means any stakes will be low, if the going permits I will be having a win bet at 11/2 and an each way wager at 25/1 to hopefully show a profit whichever one does the business.
PS: If any horse I give as a selection is a big enough price for you to bet each way then do so to limit losses if it makes the frame without winning, I personally think 8/1 if it's a quarter the odds a place and 10/1 it's a fifth its worth going each way but it's up to each individual.

Friday, 16 September 2016

4:25 Newmarket Winning Racing Tips (17th Sept) ASPALL HANDICAP (CLASS 4) (3yo+ 0-85)

Its a class 4 affair with 13 runners and 3 possible pace setters, Menai who has only recorded slow times, Excellent George who is just the same, and Francisco who comes out 3rd best on my figures jointly with Souville who is usually held up, the old timer Regal Parade is well weighted and comes out 2nd top but does seem to be on a downward turn and at its age I'm not sure if it will be able to re-capture its old form, top spot is FIELD GAME 14/1 who earlier this year was running in class 2 races and a return to time it set at Goodwood last year it would win this race easily and its win 3 runs ago shows it can still be competitive at this level and is a big enough price to be backed each way but PLEASE check the going before having a bet as the going may not be dry enough for me to have a bet as it has been raining today but this course is on chalk so dries out very quickly.
Division 1 of a poor race, I've got 4 that have led before Redalani who is my co 2nd top of 3, the others being Frangarry who can track the leaders or be held up and Seraphima who usually races prominently so it should be a decent fast early pace but top spot goes to PRIGSNOV DANCER 8/1 who has been running fairly well when making the frame twice in its last 3 runs and this is an opportunity for it return to the winner's enclosure as its the other horse that's capable of winning from the front and has got the prime draw in stall 1 so I can see the horse trying to lead all the way.
Division 2 isn't any better, this time, I've only got 2 that have led before and they are co 2nd top of 3, Give Us A Belle, stall 4 and Harpers Ruby, stall 10 so they should make it hard for most of these to catch them, I have got Eland Ally as the other co 2nd top rated who usually races prominently and has got the plum draw in stall one but top spot is WIMBOLDSLEY 7/1 who also likes to be near the front of the race and has got stall 3 so ought to be able to get a good position on the rails just behind the leaders and if it's fit enough to do itself justice after having its only run of the year last month.

There's 3 known pace setters in this field of 12 and 2 of them are in my top 5 ratings, I've co 3rd top rated of 3 with Slingsby and Spellmaker who both like to race prominently whilst Dark Side Dream is usually a front-running sort, Langley Vale is well weighted, enough to come out 2nd best on my figures and the 3rd of the those that have the tendency to set the pace but top spot goes to CLUBLAND 16/1 who hasn't been in the best of form lately but it is the type of horse who can spring back to form with no prior warning lets hope its today, the trainer has booked a seven pound claiming apprentice who has ridden a winner for them before and I do think that's a positive and stall four isn't too bad and as I hoped the price allows me to go with an each way wager and if it did come back to somewhere near its best the price is more than generous.

Exciting Upcoming Race Meetings to Mark Down in Your Calendar

Longines Irish  Champions Weekend 2016
There are some really exciting race meetings coming up in the next few months, and for the discerning punter who likes to keep track of these meets, listed below are some of the festivals and meetings you may wish to mark down in your race calendar, or as a reminder in your phone:
  1. Longines Irish Champions Weekend
The Longines Irish Champions Weekend is coming your way shortly. Spanning over 2 days from 10th to 11th September, this weekend of racing will feature 5 closely contested Group 1 races, over 2 separate venues – Leopardstown & The Curragh.

The QIPCO Irish Champion Stakes is the featured race of the Weekend, taking place on the Saturday. This weekend is perfect for novice punters, looking to leave the Casino Online at behind and step out into the real world.
  1. The Fairyhouse Winter Festival
Another 2-day event, this historic festival is coming your way between the dates of the 3rd and 4th of December 2016. Featuring some of the very best jump racing around, this is one not to be missed.

Sunday is the big day at this festival, with three separate races on offer, all Grade 1 contests: the Hatton's Grace Hurdle, the Royal Bond Novice Hurdle and the Drinmore Novice Chase.
  1. Qatar Arc Weekend
For something with a little more of an international flavour to it, the Qatar Arc Weekend, from the 1st to 2nd October is another all-important fixture. The Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe has been often called the world’s best horse race, which is very high praise indeed.

Last year’s winner, Golden Horn, took the laurels in front of well over 60k spectators, while ridden by famed jockey, Lanfranco Dettori (Frankie).
  1. British Champions Day
Considered the finale to the British flat racing season, British Champions Day falls on October 15th this year. Ascot is the venue, and this one-day event is the richest in the British Calendar.

Prize money of over £4.2 million is up for grabs, and it is expected that both horses and jockeys from the 4 corners of the globe will appear to snatch a piece of that prize money pie.
  1. Derby Festival
Although a time has yet to be confirmed, the 2017 Derby Festival is always one that should be watched out for. This one race features the biggest prize in British racing, with a cool £1.325 million there for whoever wants it bad enough.

It has been won by a “who’s who” of famed horses down through the years, and it will be interesting to see just who will step forward in 2017, and make a name for themselves by pounding over that picket line.

That is just a very small indication of the amount of racing action coming your way in the next few months. If this past year is any indication, it seems we will be in for a real treat in the next few festivals so take note of the dates above and be prepared for a good flutter.