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7:45 Chelmsford Racing Tips (15th December)

Racun g TIps
7:45 Chelmsford -

PEARL SPECTRE comes out 4th top and looks as though further would suit it better and a lay for me in this race. (lay8/1)

HUMAN NATURE hasn't any form at this distance on this surface and has been running over further lately so may get outpaced but if it comes down to stamina it could be in contention so maybe has to be a covering bet just in case at 11/2
SIR OTTOMAN hasn't any course form and its best from Kempton leaves it outside my top 4 but has a positive jockey booking and at 16/1 I would be having a small covering bet.
HIGHLAND ACCLAIM top rated on course and distance times and also on turf times, it has been known to lead before and has got stall 2 with a usually held up horse on it's inside and at the price, 25/1, it has to be worth each way wager
SIEGE OF BOSTON has any form on this surface at this distance and looks as though a longer trip is better for it so I would lay it at 9/1.
NAUTICAL HAVEN won at this distance in a slowish time on grass and this is its aw debut but has been way off form since being gelded and a lay at the price 10/1.
JOHNNY CAVAGIN hasn't any form on this surface and distance and it appears that this surface is unlikely to suit its running style, it would be a lay but at 20/1 its, not a value lay.
BORN TO FINISH my 2nd top on c/d times and comes out top using Kempton times so should be thereabouts at the finish but there's not much value at 5/2 but it has to be considered as a possible threat.
BAHAMIAN HEIGHTS 3rd top and its 7lb claimer could move it to 2nd spot and likes to contest the lead and could make the frame but not much value in each way bet at 9/2.
DEEDS NOT WORDS has had 1 run over c/d which was poor also a slow time at Kempton so maybe this surface doesn't suit it and has to be a lay at 10/1.
SUMMARY: Of the 10 runners I've got 5 I would maybe look to lay, 2 that I would have small bets on to cover my main bets, I would have to back both Born To Finish and Bahamian Heights just in case HIGHLAND ACCLAIM didn't reproduce its best but I'm hoping for stall 2 the selection can get the lead against the rails and then kick when coming off the bend for an all the way victory and at the price has to be done as an each way wager.

7:45 Chelmsford Racing Tips (14th December)

Chelmsford Racecourse Tip
Union Rose hasn't any surface form and its best time and a relatively slow time on Tapeta at Wolverhampton and only joint 3rd best on turf times so this race might be beyond it unless others fail to deliver.
Monumental Man is 2nd top on c/d times and for a front-runner, its got the prime stall 1 draw and the jockey has got a 24% win rate for the stable which looks a positive booking.
You're Cool comes out top rated using c/dtimes and its one of 6 in this race that has been known to lead before and with such a small field the draw might not be too important. Rosina hasn't any form on this surface and its recent form has been quite poor and I would look to lay this runner.
Juan Horsepower hasn't any form over this c/d and its best time from Lingfield wouldn't see it winning this race but it is from a strong stable so I'm not sure what to expect from it in this race.
Mr Pocket would come out 3rd top using c/d times and its best turf time would see it sitting on the top of the pile and the stable does well with its 3year olds at this course but it is mixed ages in this race.
Penny Dreadful would come out 2nd top looking at its times on grass but its times here and Lingfield would find it wanting and I would be looking to lay it.
SUMMARY: Only 7 runners in the only sprint of the day and even then I can't narrow it down to any less than 2 selections, with 6 of them having led before it could be a really fast run race but there's not really a hold up type to take advantage if they go off too fast and cut each other's throats. I will go with backing both MONUMENTAL MAN 15/2 and YOU'RE COOL 5/2 two front runners coming from either side of the draw which could hamper others chances and Mr Pocket could be a big danger if taking to this surface. I'm not sure what to expect from Union Rose and Juan Horsepower but the other pair I think will struggle in this race.

You're Cool 5/2 3rd
Monumental 15/2 5th

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

12:00 Lingfield Racing Tips (12th December)

Betting on a white Christmas
12.00--Think this race could be won from the front as there's 3 known front-runners and they are drawn in the inside stalls, not sure Kyllukey stall 1 will be allowed to set its own slightly slower pace, Wild Flower stall 2 hasn't any c/d form but has done an ok time at Chelmsford, top weight INDIAN AFFAIR 6/1 is my top rated and if getting to the front should prove hard to catch.

Indian Affair 6/1 1st
12.30-- This race won't take much winning and there's a couple of front-runners to make sure there's a decent early pace but I think they will set ip up for a finishing type, Compton Prince is 2nd top rated but in stall 2 it could get squeezed out in the early stages and that may give the advantage to BILLYOAKES 3/1 who might from stall 8 be able to get an early prominent position from which to stay on strongly at the finish.

Billyoaks 13/2 3rd
1.00-- a very competitive 7 runner race and ive only got Rosabelle who I can discount from my list, Very Honest is the only known frontrunner and if getting an easy lead could well pinch this race from the front and hes only 1lb below Pretty Bubbles and the topweight Show Stealer has an equal rating from a Kempton time, so I will go with these 3 but maybe leaning in favour of VERY HONEST 4/1 who im hoping can win this from the front and if anyone can do it then Luke Morris has to be one of them.

Very Honest 9/2 3rd
2.10-- a nice class 2 race with over half of the 9 runners have been known to lead before so this could be fast and furious, Come On Dave has done a fast time but in a couplke of grades lower and I doubt it can be as competitive from stall 8, ZAC BROWN 16/1 from stall 2 could get control of the rails and thats worth a few pounds and its only rated 1lb below ROYAL BIRTH 9/1 who can also front run but stall 9 isnt ideal but im going with doing both of them each way to get a profit.

Royal Birth 9/1 2nd
Zac Brown 16/1 8th
3.15-- I can see Mossgo setting the pace in this race despite being in stall 7 and it's my 3rd top rated so could do enough to at least make the frame, Temple Road is well weighted and comes out 2nd best but my top rated is SANDFRANKSKIPSGO 10/1 who is versatile with its racing tactics and in the make-up of this race it could easily get prominent early from stall 10 and then prove the stronger and the price permits me to go each way.

Sandfrankskipsgo 20/1 5th
3.50--Roys Legacy is my 3rd top rated and 1 of 3 possible pace setters so could easily make the frame, YOUR GIFTED 11/1 is my 2nd top rated but only 1lb off top spot and could be the one to profit if they go off too fast, SOMETHING LUCKY 11/4 is top rated and a possible pace setter, although he doesnt, have to lead he is stuck out in stall 11 which isnt ideal but also not a deal breaker in the makeup of this race so I will go with backing my top 2 to profit if either does the business.
4.20-- with so many 3year olds in the race its hard to be very confident but I might be tempted to having a small bet on ZENOVIA 7/2 if there's any value in the price but when I say a small bet I do mean small.
4.50-- 2nd division of this race is a little better but still not something to be betting too heavily on, Kyllach Me looks a likely leader and stall 4 is ok, being my 3rd top rated it could easily make the frame but maybe not hot hold off all challengers if the 2 above him run to thier best, Ambitious Boy comes out 2nd top and ought to be staying on at the finish and very often looks as though further would suit it but top rated is WEDGEWOOD ESTATES 6/1 but isnt the most consistant but 1 of its only 2 wins has come at this course and distance and the race won't take much winning.

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Monday, 11 December 2017

1:00 Southwell Racing Tips (11th December)

Southwell Horse Racing Tips
This claimer sure isn't anything to get excited about but of the 11 runners I've got negatives every single one of them but 2 of them escapes from being scrapped altogether. Morache Music is 0-5 on the all-weather but hasn't run here before and could be a possible danger if taking to the surface and looking at some of its form on turf it could quite easily take to this track. The only horse with a recorded speed figure in this lowly grade is SARABI 14/1 and this one finds this distance a bit too far if there's a fast early pace but that looks unlikely here with only the top-weighted 3-year old Peachey Carnehan known to lead before, (so I guess this horse must have a chance if allowed to set its own pace) but I'm not sure this surface will suit this horse. Any stakes will be kept low but hopefully, I can back all 3 to show a profit whichever one wins but my main bet will be an each way wager on the main selection at the price.

Sarabi 25/1 8th
Theres a few front runners in this 5 furlong race and 8 of the 13 runners I have got negatives against their names, ive marked down 3 runners who I doubt can win but im not sure and 2 of them could be potential dangers but sticking with the proven, Coiste Bodhar and Krystallite are from the Scott Dixon stable, they have both recorded decent times but only when towed along in a fast run race and im not sure I could rely on either of them to produce those figures to win a race so the call has to be with ARCHIE STEVENS 9/2 who has proven itself that it can win if given the opportunity and its running here under a 6lb penalty before it gets re-assessed so the stable/connections must be hopeful of a follow up the win in this race. Eric tipped Archie Steven at 22/1. Read the article here. He's been in excellent form this month. Review Eric's Winner.

Archie Stevens 9/2 2nd

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

5:45 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (9th December)

Zapper Cass hasn't run on this surface before but this is a drop in class for it, it might prefer a longer trip but I'm not sure this race will be run to suit it.
Invincible Ridge is my joint top rated and in stall 1 it ought to be able to get a decent position on the rails ready to attack late on and has decent trainer + jockey stats.
Major Crispies hasn't any recent course form and on its Newcastle time, it needs to improve to win this race.
Blazed is in form and has good trainer/jockey stats but I'm of the opinion this horse is better over a shorter trip but there's not too much early pace in this race.
Deeds Not Words my joint 4th top rated and has good jockey/trainers stats and it could get a good early position in the makeup of this race.
Duke Cosimo hasn't any form at this course and would need to improve on its Newcastle best to win here but could make the frame from stall 3.
Trotter not in my top 4 ratings but does like to track the leaders so stall 4, in this race, could be a bit troublesome.
Rapid Ranger is versatile with its racing tactics and could lead from stall 7 if nothing else wants to and being my 3rd top rated could make the frame or more?
Awesome Allan likes to race prominently but stall 5 might not be ideal in this race if the above horse goes across to the rails but does have good jockey stats.
Bondi Beach Boy hasn't been in good form lately and doesn't really get home over 6 furlongs unless it's a slow early pace.
A Sure Welcome is the other joint top rated and won nicely in a 3year old only race last time out and might even be able to improve even more but is out in stall 13.
Mysterious Glance hasn't shown much recently and looks one to need a shorter distance to show its worth but I doubt it will shine here.
Seraphima has a poor 1-38 record and hasn't been in form at all recently, it did record 1 good time when towed along in a fast run race but that now looks a fluke.
SUMMARY: Theres only RAPID RANGER 9/2 in this field who is known to lead and if doing so from stall 7 could squeeze up those housed nearer the rails and it's my 3rd top rated and if getting to the front might be quite hard to pick up and a lot may not get involved in the race, so looking for what else can get involved it might be best to look for something drawn wider or a hold up type and my top 2 fit the bill, A SURE WELCOME 14/1 who likes to track the leaders is in stall 13 but in this race may be able get prominent early and maybe worth an each way wager, INVINCIBLE RIDGE 7/1 is in stall 1 and a hold up type so if getting a clear run along the rails it ought to be staying on strongly at the finish and could then easily stay on to make the frame or better . I honestly cant narrow it down any further and will go with backing all 3 of them to show a profit whichever one does the business.

Rapid Ranger 9/2 1st
A Sure Welcome 14/1 2nd
Invincible 7/1 Unp

Friday, 8 December 2017

5:45 Chelmsford Racing Tips (8th December)

Chelmsford Racecourse Photo
Zipedeedodah a possible front-runner from stall 2 and in my top 5 ratings, the apprentice booked is having their 1st ride for the stable.
Dundunah out in stall 10 and I'm not sure this surface suits it and it may struggle in this race and nothing positive in the trainer/jockey stats.
Berryessa could find itself squeezed out early in the race from stall 6, timewise not in my top 5 so may struggle to catch those ahead of it.
Bahamian Heights is in my top 5 and the only one that's not known as a pacesetter and with a bit of luck could get a good early position and benefit if they all go off too fast.
Yorkee Mo Sabee hasn't any form on this surface and it looks as though it needs a longer distance to show its best form so not for me here.
Penny Dreadful isn't in my top 5 and also looks as though a longer distance would suit it better, stall 8 isn't any help.
Swendab got a prime draw in stall 1 but this one can get lit up if taken on for the lead but is my 3rd top if doing its best.
Red Stripes the 4th possible pacesetter here in stall 7, it may need a degree of good fortune but could be in the mix at its best.
Mighty Zip another horse that may need further to show its true worth but it's outside my top 5 and could struggle in this race.
SUMMARY: Wow! On paper this like it will be a very fast run affair with 3 known front-runners in the field and all 3 of them are in my 4 top ratings. Red Stripes in stall 7 may struggle to get across and I'm not sure the jockey booking is a positive with a 0-5 record, Swendab may get taken on for the lead which can result in this one burning up its energy early on and then fading, ZIPEDEEDODAH 10/1 in stall 2 could challenge for the lead and could upset the horse on its inside with its tactics I just hope it doesn't go too fast for its own good but at the price its maybe worth an each way bet. The other possible winner could be BAHAMIAN HEIGHTS 7/2 who isn't a front-runner, it will need to get a good early position in stall 4 from which to attack later in the race and could be the one to benefit if the front-runners cut each other's throats but price-wise it's a bit on the low side but I thought 4/1-5/1 would be the best I could hope for so I will go with backing the 2 horses to cover the angles of a front-runner and a finishing type.

Bahamian Heights 7/2 1st
Zipedeedodah 10/1 5th

Thursday, 7 December 2017

6:30 Chelmsford Racing Tips (7th December)

Chelmsford Racing Tips
Not the best class 4 race but im hoping ive found a glimpse of a chance to find the winner, ive looked at the 3 courses with this surface which only added one more to my top 4 ratings at this course, Captain Lars is my 2nd top rated and could make the frame, BORN TO FINISH 10/3 is 4th top and has decent trainer/jockey stats so could make the frame but it comes out top rated on both Lingfield and Kempton times so could win, Jameerah is top rated and likes to track the leaders but will need a fair amount of luck from stall 14 and the trainer is 0-8 at this course, Nezar is my 3rd top rated and the trainer has a 15% win rate here with a jockey who has only won 4% of the time for this stable but CAPPANANTY CON 9/1 is from the same stable and this jockey has a good 16% win rate for the stable and this one is 2nd top rated using Kempton times and this 3year old could still be able to improve but it is also the only known front running sort in the field and if getting to the front it could be very hard to catch, I think the winner will come from the five horses mentioned and I hope ive gone with the right two to show a profit whichever one does the business and as usual if the prices permit me would go with an ew wager.

Cappananty Con 9/1 1st
Born To Finish 7/2 2nd
Exacta £40
GREAT TIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This class 7 race is as poor as they can get, ive got negatives against most of the runners, Whaleweigh Station 3rd top rated and known to lead before but stall 11 to overcome, MERCURY 5/1 has very good trainer and jockey stats but stall 10 isnt ideal if it intends to lead as its done before but I can't discard it, so I will have a smallish bet but I was hoping it would be an ew price, LOUIS VEE 16/1 another possible pace setter and its got stall 1 so I expect it will try to lead all the way along the rail and they have employed a decent 7lb claiming apprentice to help their cause and it looks a positive booking as hes ridden for the stable once before resulting in a winner so I will go with a smallish ew bet to show a profit if either does the business.

Mercury 5/1 1st (Amazingly 15/1 on exchanges)
Louis Vee 16/1 8th

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

1:10 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (5th December)

Daily Racing Tip
Dynamo Walt is 3rd top rated and from the same stable as my 2nd top rated and at the time of writing the same jockey is booked for both, so whichever runs they could make the frame. Old Fashioned has poor recent form and looks as though a longer trip will suit it better so not for me here.
Upavon is another that may need further to show its best and would need others to falter to even make the frame.
Rich Again has been dropped in class to run here and both the trainer and jockey have over 20% win ratios here so it looks as though they are expecting a big run.
Tilly Trotter is a 3year old who hasn't run here before, it has a time from Newcastle that could see it make the frame especially as its a possible pacesetter.
Fast Track comes out top at a time recorded in 2016 and a repeat of that would see it win cosily and it should be staying on strongly at the finish.
Landing Night would be 4th top using a 2016 time but hasn't reached the same level recently but would need others to underperforming for it to make the frame.
Union Rose has a fast time recorded on good to firm turf going and could set the pace but this is its 1st aw run and the jockey booking, 1-32, doesn't inspire confidence.
Always Amazing a 3year old that may need this run for fitness and also a longer trip might suit better but could still be capable of improving.
Top Boy 2nd top rated but its recent form hasn't been great and stall 7 might not be ideal for the make-up of this race.
SUMMARY: Not the best class 4 race but there is a couple of possible front runners so it should be a decent pace, im not sure what the trainer D.Shaw is doing with his 2 entrants but both or either could make the frame, FAST TRACK 7/1 is a few spots clear using c/d times and usually tracks the leaders and has stall 1 from which to operate, RICH AGAIN 8/1 cannot be ignored with it being dropped in class and the trainer doing well here and the jockey looking a positive booking as well, so I will go with backing both of them to make a profit whichever one wins.

Fast Track 7/2 2nd
Rich Again 10/1 9th

Monday, 4 December 2017

1:50 Southwell Racing Tips (4th December)

Southwell Racing Tips
With 14 runners this could be a competitive race, theres 2 known front runners and RAZIN HELL 12/1 is one of them and it has a fast time from the front over 6 furlongs in 2016 but hasnt been in form lately but from stall 3 it could have a decent chance here if coming back to form and the price permits me to go each way, the other is Call Out Loud 9/2 who is drawn in stall 13 and could possibly make the frame if others dont do their best but theres not much value at the price, Treaty Of Rome 12/1 is another that could go well and usually stays on strongly at the end, Crosse Fire 6/1 is top rated using this years times and could go well especially if the early pace isnt too fast and sap its fragile stamina at this trip. I will go with backing Razin Hell and hope it gets to the front from stall 3 and leads all the way but I will probably have small covering bets on Crosse Fire and Treaty Of Rome to cover all angles.

Razin Hell 12/1 9th
This is a poor race with negatives against a lot of the field, LACKADAY16/1 hasnt any surface form but if taking to it could be a big danger and a possible front runner so the bet would be each way at the price, ARCHIE STEVENS 14/1 would be 3rd top on a 2016 time but if leading could be there at the finish and another one that would have to be backed each way, Coiste Bodhar 6/1 would be 2nd top using 2016 times and always looks as though further would suit it so if its a fast pace it could stay on to make the frame but could need some luck in running and the price, in my opinion, is a little short, my top rated is MONSIEUR JAMIE 25/1 but again from a 2016 time but this one may also need the run to gain fitness so luckily the price permits an each way bet. If I bet my stakes will be kept low but I'm hoping I've found the winner in the 3 capitalised horses and at the prices, I will have to go with 3 small each way wagers hoping to show a profit whichever one does the business.

Archie Stevens 22/1 1st
Lackaday 16/1 7th
Monsieur Jamie 66/1 Unp

Saturday, 2 December 2017

7:15 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (2nd December)

In case you hadn't noticed there's no five or six-furlong sprints races for older horses today and normally I would have the day off but I enter a tipping competition which is one selection each Saturday and lasts for the month, meaning I had to find something for the nap so I looked at this seven-furlong race and hoping to find something.
I won't bore you with my work but it looks a poor race Jack Blane is the favourite but its two times when finishing second at both Lingfield and Newcastle were slow run races so might not be value. Secret Memories is the second favourite but its form from Ireland make me think it might need further than this seven-furlong affair. Prince Jai is the third favourite but its two runs at this course were both quite poor but it is a front-runner and if getting an easy lead could be a danger. Binky Blue looks to be another that may need further to show its best. Herm hasn't run on the all-weather before and nothing to say this will rejuvenate its form. Rosenborg Rider has been running in Ireland lately but its two runs here last year were both slow run races so it may struggle if this is a fast run race. Every other horse is in double figures and the horse I'm interested in is BROUGHTON'S FANCY 16/1 who usually stays on strongly over six furlongs and has stayed on at this distance so with hopefully a decently fast early pace this one can sit just off the pace ready to pounce near the finish and at the price I will be having a small each way bet.

Broughton's Fancy 16/1 3rd