Friday, 27 May 2016

6:20 Salisbury Winning Racing Tips (28th May) BATHWICK TYRES ANDOVER HANDICAP (CLASS 6) (4yo+ 0-65)

(FREEBIE)  - Fourteen runners but none of them as front running types which are always a problem when trying to solve a race, I've got SpellmaI've marked down as a possible hidden danger if it can convert its all-weather form to grass but I'm not confident so will leave it alone, I've got Babyfact as my third top rated but this one may prefer further and would need it to be a fast-paced race for its stamina to coming into force which applies to my second top rated, Mad Endeavour as well but this one has had thirteen runs on turf without winning so I can't see why that should change here, top rated is MAMBO SPIRIT 50/1 who can be held up or track the leaders at the price I have to say its an each way bet, I didn't expect it to be quite as big a price as it is but it is a horse that's been known to shoot back to form with no warning and if it's done it before it's capable again and has to be worth a small bet, this horse is from the Tony Newcombe stable and so is Spellmaker, my maybe a danger but as usual I will stick with what I've got as proven.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

8:00 Pontefract Winning Racing Tips (27th May) CONSTANT SECURITY SERVICES HANDICAP (CLASS 4) (4yo+ 0-85)

(FREEBIE) - Apart from the odd few this is a poor class four affair, of the four that have been known to lead before Alpha Delphini from stall twelve comes out in fifth spot the other known front runners are in stalls nine and ten and the odd one out is Majestic Hero my fourth top rated and in stall two, third top is DESERT ACE 14/1 who could be the one to prosper if the going isn't firm enough for the main opposition and second top is Master Bond but this one hasn't been in such good form so far this year but this one does probably need good to firm going to show its best which it had last time out but was relatively slow time-wise and on that figure drops outside my top six so I would need to see some improvement before backing this one but top spot goes to SINGEUR 10/1 who showed its well being when third last time out on good to firm ground at Wetherby but tired inside the final half furlong which was half a furlong longer than it's going to race here and this trip suits it better and does look to want good to firm ground to show its best but the stable hasn't had a winner at this course recently which puts me off along with the fact the jockey has fifteen rides for the stable without a winner. So because of the poor form of my top rated and then the reliance on the going being good to firm I will be backing both Desert Ace and Singeur to show a profit whichever one does the job.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

9:05 Newcastle Winning Racing Tips (26th May) VISTAGE HANDICAP (CLASS 5) (3yo+ 0-75)

(ALL-WEATHER) (FREEBIE) Quite a mish-mash of a race and only the second meeting on this new all-weather circuit and to be honest I wasn't impressed with my first look at the course and reminded me more of a dog track than a horse racing course, the sprint at the first meeting was won by Coto and the time was quite quick in comparison with the same surface at Wolverhampton, so either this horse excelled at the course or the surface rode very fast that day, going back to using my Wolverhampton times I've got Jaarih who usually likes to track the leaders as my third top rated while Orient Class is my second top rated and also a possible front-runner in the race but my top rated INNOCENTLY 10/1 is a few spots clear and is also another possible leader and I'm not sure yet if either side of the draw will have an advantage but any stakes at this course will be on the low side till it settles down and I can see a connecting line to other all-weather tracks but I would be looking to back the selection each way at the odds and if it does get to the front it could be hard to catch. 

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

2:20 Lingfield Winning Racing Tips (25th May) FIRST TITLE INSURANCE PLC HANDICAP (CLASS 6) (4yo+ 0-60)

(FREEBIE) - Eighteen runners in a class six affair on turf automatically make this a low stake race but that's no to say I can't find a bet in the race, the bias is given as being best to be drawn high and two of the three known front runners are drawn in stalls fourteen and eighteen so that might even make it more advantageous to be drawn in the high numbered stalls the other front runner is drawn in stall seven which could help if they split into two distinctive groups, I've got COMMANCHE 11/2 marked down as my second top rated and this one is drawn in stall sixteen which could be ideal as it likes to track the pacesetters and then stay on strongly to the finish but my top rated is SECRET WITNESS 20/1 but this one is drawn in stall four but at the price it might be worth a small each way bet and also likes to track the pace setters, so I'm going with splitting my stake and backing them both as I've then hopefully got it sorted whichever side has the advantage and also make a profit whichever one does its job. (Soft ground in description, no bet.)

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

7:35 Carlisle Winning Racing Tips (23rd May) APOLLOBET BET THROUGH YOUR MOBILE HANDICAP

(FREEBIE) - Despite there being fifteen runners and a class four race it doesn't look very good for the grade, I've got two known front runners who are in my top five and I'm going to concentrate on them, Boy In The Bar is one of the possible pace setters but has been woefully out of form for quite a while now and hasn't won since 2014, did one recordable time in 2015 and seems to be going backwards in form since then, Fyrecracker is another that did one decent run last year at Windsor and needs good to firm ground to show its best but even then it's very inconsistent, Manatee bay did its best time over this course and distance in this race but hasn't been in form this year like it was then so not sure if its capable of a repeat but I couldn't say it can't win either but maybe not worth the risk, Meandmyshadow is the second likely front runner but I'm not sure that stall fourteen is ideal but never say never and it could make the frame but top rated is SUNRAIDER 10/1 who hasn't won since 2014 which does temper my confidence a bit but it has run some decent races and seems to save its best for either Pontefract or here, so I'm hoping today will be one of its going days and be worth a small each way bet.

Friday, 20 May 2016

4:45 Haydock Winning Racing Tips (21st May) WALSH IBS HANDICAP (CLASS 3) (4yo+ 0-90)

(FREEBIE) - A very competitive handicap and im going to just concentrate on my top rated horses, Shipyard may not want the going to be any drier than good to show its best, Harwoods Volante may need this run for fitness, Canyari hasn't been in form this year but it did just one fast time last year at Leicester but hasn't been near it since so I think it was just a flukey fast run race and it might never be able to repeat that time, FLOWERS IN VENUS 8/1 is the only one ive got marked down as a front-running type so if getting to the front it could be hard to catch and being drawn in stall nine can go to whichever side looks favourable, the other one fancy is BALLYMORE CASTLE 14/1 who is a four-year-old and did its best time at Newmarket and it hasn't had the right going for it to flourish so far this year but its been drawn in stall one which doesn't look ideal as any bias seems to be high and this would temper my enthusiasm but I will be backing both to show a profit whichever one does the business but stakes will be kept on the low side.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

2:00 Carlisle Winning Racing Tips (20th May) GET CARLISLE TIPS @BOOKIES.COM HANDICAP (CLASS 5) (4yo+ 0-70)

(FREEBIE) - Only three of the thirteen horses are known as front runners and both Razin Hell and Ki Ki might prefer a softer going to show their best, I've got joint second top rated horses and they are only one pound below my top rated, Chaplin Bay who has proven its well being this year but the stable have only a poor record at this course and DIATOMIC 11/1 the other likely front runner and from stall one it ought to use that advantage to try for an all the way win are my two joint second top rated and CIRCUITIOUS 8/1 is top rated and this one usually tracks the leaders and maybe even better over further so should be staying on strongly at the finish but I will be looking to back both to show a profit whichever one does the business. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

5:05 Goodwood Winning Racing Tips (19th May) SOUTHERN CRANES APPRENTICE STAKES (Handicap) (CLASS 5) (4yo+ 0-70)

(FREEBIE) I can only see one what I would call a natural front runner in this field of eleven 

1—Lewisham slow times and maybe prefer softer ground and usually tracks the leaders.

2—Pour La Victoire slow recent times, dropped in class either held up or tracks the pace.

3—Harwoods Star maybe needs further but my third top rated.

4—Bahamian Sunrise may be better at five furlongs but dropped in class.

5—Regal Parade needs good to firm ground but only fifth top rated.

6—Langley Vale my top rated from a time at this course and distance, tracks the pace.

7—Oat Couture a maiden and may need a longer trip.

8—Summersault is the known front runner and my second top rated.

9—Pettochside may prefer it no better than good ground but still fourth top rated.

10—Believe It may prefer further and not much turf form to work with.

11—Captain Ryan looks like a five-furlong horse so be held up to get this trip.

SUMMARY: I would expect SUMMERSAULT 7/2 to try and lead but stall eleven might not be ideal and at the price doesn't offer much value, saying that it would be hard to catch for most of these if it does get to the front and repeats its best time, LANGLEY VALE 12/1 has recorded a time last year over this course and distance that would be good enough to win this but they are fairly tightly handicapped and it is an apprentice race, also neither trainer has a good record at this course and neither jockey is prolific for the stable so stakes have to be on the low side. The going is at the time of writing is suitable but it has been raining and showers are forecast so please be as sure as you can be of the going before placing a bet.

Note: Thursday's Tips: (Please check going - no bet if there is soft in going description)

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

4:55 Ayr Winning Racing Tips (18th May) JACKS ON FIRE HANDICAP (CLASS 3) (4yo+ 0-90)

Class three race with nine runners and only one known as a front runner and it is my second top rated, I've got Anonymous Lady marked down as a horse that could find some improvement but this race doesn't look ideal for it, Classy Anne is my third top rated but doesn't really want the going to be any drier than good to show its best but could make the frame, the second top rated and only known front runner in the field is BAPAK ASMARA 7/2 and an uncontested lead could see it run to absolute best and try to win this cleverly from the front but top spot goes to DESERT ACE 8/1 who hasn't been in very good form lately but does its best when the going is good to firm or even drier and hasn't had those conditions very often so could spring back to form and the best idea may be to back both to show a profit whichever one wins.
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