Friday, 18 August 2017

2:20 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (18th Aug)

Racing Tips
It's not a great race and my stakes will be kept low, Newstead Abbey recorded a decent figure on this surface at Newcastle so could make the frame, INDIAN AFFAIR 5/1 looks the most likely leader and being 2nd top rated could be hard to catch especially with an easy lead but I have got GOLD CLUB 11/4 as my top rated and being drawn in stall 1 it ought to be able to stay on the rails just behind the leader ready to stay on strongly at the finish and I will go with backing them both to cover both angles.
This 2nd division of the race is a little better, TRIPLE DREAM 10/1, the most likely pace setter, is my 3rd top rated but its 7lb apprentices claim moves it 1lb clear at the top so could try to lead all the way here, Compton Prince was in 2nd spot and comes from the same stable and could also make the frame, the topweight FLECKERL 10/1 was my original top rated but moves down to 2nd spot if the apprentice is worth her 7lb claim, I'm not sure how effective the apprentice is going to be because it's her first ride for the stable so I'm going with backing them both each way to show a profit whichever one does the business.

Racing Post Vs Eric Winner Tips

Racing Post Vs Eric WinnerWho doesn't love the Racing Post? Perhaps along side the Sporting Life it is one of the staples for most punters. 

I know I would be lost without. Looking at race cards, results, news, tipping & much much more. To think it is free of charge online rather than paying £2.80 for the paper version. Both great value. Online gambling, finding information and appreciating top tipsters like Tom Segal Tips and his excellent Pricewise selections. 

I mean Tom Segal is good. He wouldn't have carved himself a niche within the Racing Post if he didn't have that winning edge. But who would be the winner in a challenge: Eric Winner Vs Tom Segal?

In the red corner, we have Tom flexing today's edition of the Racing Post, flicking through the results trying to frighten Eric Winner with a recent, juicy favourite that hit the frame. 

In the blue corner, we have Eric Winner doing pull-ups as he writes out a betting slip with his feets. He reminds Tom and John McCrirrick that last week he had two 16/1 winners in two days while smoking a cigar he stole from Sir Mark Prescott. 

Oh, the battle. It would be like Mike Tyson Vs Evander Holyfield except for this time the Iron Man is wearing dentures, removed before the fight ensues like a great white not so fearless with his gnashers sitting in a jar by his bed. 

If Tom Segal is reading this post (unlikely) we would like to set a 10bet challenge. Whoever wins, we will give a £50 free bet to a lucky reader with all the winning going to charity. 

Come on, Tom. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

4:10 Beverley Racing Tips (17th Aug)

4:10 Beverley

ROARING RORY 4/1 my 3rd best but is being ridden by a 7lb claiming apprentice who has a 1-2 record for this stable and it's a possible pace setter in this race. Astrophysics 2nd best from a time recorded at Hamilton this year but the trainer's record is 1-17 and the jockey is 1-31 which doesn't inspire me with confidence. PEARL NOIR 9/1 is a versatile type when it comes to racing tactics, the trainer has a decent 17% win rate here but the jockey is 1-24 so not sure what to think.
SUMMARY: I will have to go with backing both selections but my stakes will tilt in favour of the front running type mainly because of the jockeys poor win ratio for the stable but I don't like to leave my top speed rating run without backing it.

Roaring Rory 4/1 3rd
Pearl Noir 9/1 7th 7:30 Yarmouth
PICTURE DEALER 14/1 is 3rd best but from a time recorded over this course and distance this year and it's the only known front runner in the race so if getting an easy lead it could try to steal this race from the front. FEVER FEW 25/1 2nd top rated also did its best here and this year and the trainer does have a very good 33% win rate here but I'm not sure about the jockey booking as his record is 0-15 so 1 plus and 1 negative for the horse. CAT SILVER 11/4 is my top rated and this one usually races prominently and it seems to like a fast pace to aim at and has a chance here to follow up its win from last time out at Windsor where it recorded its best time which proves its well being.
SUMMARY:- I wish I could narrow it down further but I couldn't narrow it down to a conclusion, so will go with backing all 3 to show a profit but I may lean more heavily stake-wise on my top rated (Cat Silver) and the one most likely to lead (Picture Dealer)

Cat Silver 7/1 5th
Fever Few 25/1 8th
Picture Dealer 14/1 9th
7:45 Chepstow
it's only a 5 runner race but 3 of them have been known to lead before and my 2nd top rated Major Valentine is one of the possible pace setters but my top rated is the 3year old GLACIER POINT 2/1 and looks the one to benefit if they go off too fast up front and could still have some improvement to come.

Glacier Point 2/1 4th

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

2:50 Salisbury Racing Tips (16th Aug)

It's Not Salisbury
2:50 SALISBURY (8.2)
LYDIA'S PLACE 10/1 is one of 5 in this field that has been known to lead before and comes out 3rd best on my figures. JUSTICE LADY 11/2 my 2nd top rated can lead but is also able to adopt differing tactics if needs be, the trainers 21% win rate and the jockeys 19% points to them expecting a big run here. WASEEM FARIS 16/1 my top rated is capable on its day and a versatile sort when it comes to racing tactics and ought to go well here. I will be looking to back all 3 here, 1 win bet and 2 each way bets, to show a profit whichever one does the business as it looks like being a very fast run race.

Waseem Faris 16/1 1st
Lydia's Place 12/1 3rd
Justice Lady 11/2 4th
He's Done It Again!

5:45 BEVERLEY (7.8+)
Pea Shooter starts off as my 3rd top rated the apprentices 5lb claim moves it up to 2nd spot and a possible pace setter. Foxtrot Knight is my original 2nd top rated from a time recorded in 2016, it usually likes to track the leaders and then stay on strongly as others fade. BOSHAM 11/1 my top rated and another possible front runner so if this one leads it ought to prove hard to catch and get back to winning ways and the price gives a bit of insurance being big enough for me to back it each way.

Bosham 11/1 7th

7:40 Chelmsford Racing Tips (15th Aug)

Racing Post Love Eric Winner
A nice class 2 minimum distance sprint and 12 runners, 4 of which have been known to lead before and my top rated is one of them, Royal Birth is my 2nd top rated and the most likely one to benefit if they go off too fast in the early stages of the race but I'm sticking with my top rated DOCTOR SARDONICUS 16/1 who is coming out of stall 9 but should at least be able to contest the lead if not exactly leading the race but if getting to the front ought to be hard to catch, the trainer has a 22% win rate here and the jockey 19% for this stable and the price permits me to go with an each way investment.

Doctor Sardonicas 16/1 1st

Exceptional work from Eric Winner. Tell your mates he'll put money in their pockets.

Monday, 14 August 2017

3:45 Ayr Racing Tips (14th Aug)

Only two natural front runners in this race in stalls 3 and 4 although Alfies Angel in stall 1 could lead if nothing else wanted to but doubt that here, my second top rated is Funding Deficit who always looks as though further would be better so it ought to be staying on at the finish and could make the frame but the horse drawn in stall 4 is DUNCAN OF SCOTLAND 11/2 my top rated so if this one gets to the front it ought to be hard to catch, the trainer had a decent 16% win ratio at this course and the jockey is 2-4 for this stable which looks pointers to connections expecting a big run here.

Need to find race-course info fast, websites, twitter feed and much more? Take a look at Racecourse Directory.

Duncan Of Scotland 7/1 3rd

Sunday, 13 August 2017

GG Horse Racing Tips VS Eric Winner

GG Horse Racing Tips VS Eric Winner
Every racing fan loves competition. Who can forget Muhammed Ali Vs Joe Frazier 1971? Even better when they had a rematch before the total blitz known as the Thrilla in Manila. So Ali proved victorious with a TKO in the 14th rounds. Take a look at this great article from David Ubben at Sports On Earth to see The Best Title Rematches of All Time

Let's, just for a moment, imagine a battle of racing tipsters. In the blue corner, flexing his muscles like Popeye with two cans of spinach and an oversized pipe, we have Eric Winner.  A master of sprint race analysis. The speed of mind akin to Jaydur jumping a shadow. His winners' more double figure prices than pleasant jolly backers. 

In the red corner, we have GG Horse Racing Tips.   

It would be a battle of Herculean might. 

Eric Winner zapped with gamma rays as a child and when angered he has the tipping strength of The Incredible Hulk. GG a noble opponent akin to a knight on his mighty stead, lance in hand. 

What a fight. 

If Eric Winner and GG tipped 10 horses who would show the greatest profit? 

That's a challenge we're are looking forward to seeing. Know, I'm not saying who will win because with just 10 selections both may get the good, bad and the ugly. 

If those who run GG would like to take part in our contest we love to hear from them. 


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Eric Winner Racing Tips

Push My Buttons
What can we say about the man of mystery? Not many people know his name but they certainly know about his ability to tip outstanding winners. 

I'm sure over these last few months you have benefitted from his sprint analysis. If not, how many winners do you want? I know there can never be enough but when you consider how many tipsters are charging £30 per month and don't measure up to Eric Winner then it really tells its own story.  

We rarely ask anything from our readers. The foundation of this website as all our media is to give value. Eric hasn't achieved over 500,000 page views by under performing. Also, it has taken a lot of time, effort and money to promote him to a wider audience. 

If you have benefitted from his winning tips then please spare a moment to consider the daily updates don't just appear out of thin air. It takes a lot of work. In truth, it can often feel like a thankless task. 

So here's something you can do for Eric. 

Help promote us by telling others about his success or share the posts via the social media buttons below this post or on the left-hand side of the page. 

Thanks for your support. 

1:05 Ascot Racing Tips (12th Aug)

AYR 6.50
Racquet 3rd top rated and can be held up or track the pace setters. Insurplus is a 13 runner maiden and finishing 3rd twice is its best and has a chance here to make the frame again but looks as though further would suit it better. HAMIDAN'S GIRL 8/1 my top rated is a hold-up type and a maiden after 14 runs but this looks the easiest chance this 3year old has had.

Hamidan's Girl 8/1 4th
AYR 7.20

Gamesome 3rd best and will be staying on strongly at the finish. Economic Crisis 2nd best but I'm put off a bit as the trainer is 0-7 here and the jockey 0-3 DESERT ACE 6/1 can be held up or track the leaders, the trainer has a 14% win rate here and it's the same 14% for the jockey when riding for this stable.
Desert Ace 6/1 2nd
ASCOT 1.05
STAKE ACCLAIM 7/1 ought to be staying on strongly at the finish and my top rated. MIRZA 6/1 looks most likely pace setter and could improve with an easy lead. I will go with backing both of them if the stick reading is at least 8.5 which I doubt.

Stake Acclaim 7/1 1st
Mirza 6/1 9th

Duke Cosimo 3rd top rated either held up or tracks the leaders. Kenyy The Captain 2nd top tracks the leaders but doesn't want the going to be too fast NINJAGO 10/1 usually races prominently and then stays on strongly at the finish, trainer has 19% win rate here and jockey 20% win rate for the stable so all looks positive. Just 1 selection in this race which I will back each way but only if the sticks is 7.7 or higher.

Ninjago 16/1 5th
Letmestopyouthere 3rd top from a time recorded here and races prominently. Toofi 2nd top is usually held up for a late run CLEAR SPRING 15/2 doesn't want it to be too firm and can be held up or track the leaders it's the jockeys 1st ride for the stable who have a 2-5 record at this course so it looks a positive entry. I need a stick reading of 8.4 to bet at this course.

Clear Spring 15/2 5th
PEARL ACCLAIM 7/1 2nd top rated but needs good to firm ground to show its best IMPERIAL LEGEND 33/1 usually races prominently and stays on strongly at the finish and at the price has to be backed each way. I will be backing them both but it's a competitive race and my stakes will be kept lowish.

Imperial Legend 40/1 4th
Pearl Acclaim 7/1 6th
Whitecrest 2nd top rated needs a fast pace to aim at but that might not happen in this race. PERFECT PASTIME 25/1 can be held up or track the leaders and the trainer has a 22% win rate here and the jockey a 23% win rate for the stable and has to be an each way wager. Just the 1 bet but only if the going is good or faster.

Friday, 11 August 2017

2:20 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (11th Aug)

Racing Tip
Louis Vee is 4th best and versatile with what running tactics it deploys Ambitious Boy hasn't won since 2014 but can be towed along to produce a good time but not win Head Space is a hold up type that I make 2nd best BOGSNOG 7/1 is the most likely pace setter in this race from stall 2 and if getting to the front ought to be very hard to catch, it won 2 runs ago from this draw but couldn't lead that day as the stall 1 horse took it on and still won, I don't think the horse inside it can lead here so it should be able to gain control of the rails this time, it was then tried over 7 furlongs where it tired and is quickly dropped back to its best distance.

Bogsnog 7/1 1st

HIGHLY SPRUNG 4/1 3rd top rated drawn and a possible pace setter drawn in stall 4, the trainer has a 20% win rate and the jockey has the same 20% win rate for the stable. JERSEY BREEZE 6/1 2nd top rated another possible front runner in stall 8, its the jockeys 1st ride for the trainer who has an 18% win rate here. UNDER THE COVERS 8/1 my top rated and again a possible pace setter but out in stall 14, the trainer has a 16% win rate but the jockey has a cracking 38% win rate for the stable.
SUMMARY: With 4 known front runners in the race and my top 3 all being in that 4 it could be a fast run race, they all have decent trainer/jockey stats so I won't try to split them and will go with backing all 3 to show a profit whichever one wins.

Highly Sprung 4/1 Unp
Jersey Breeze 8/1 9th
Under The Covers 8/1 Unp NEWMARKET 8.10
Just a poor turnout of 5 runners for this class 3 race and the top weighted REPUTATION 13/2 is well clear on my figures despite having to give weight away all round and the bottom weight comes out 2nd best, the only known front running type is the 3 year old Waqaas who could be dangerous if allowed its own way up front but I doubt the going will allow my figures to mean anything but I will be betting if the going is suitable.

Reputation 8/1 4th
Only 7 runners but 3 of them have led before and so have my 2 top rated horses, AYRESOME ANGEL 11/4 starts off as my top rated and the trainer has a 21% win rate, TEEPEE TIME 10/1 starts off in 2nd spot but its 5lb claiming apprentice moves it to joint top and the jockey has a 15% win rate for the stable which has a 16% win rate at this course, I can't split them and will go with backing them both to show a profit whichever one prevails.

Teepee Time 10/1 1st
Ayrsome Angel 11/4 4th