Saturday, 21 January 2017

4:15 Lingfield Winning Racing Tips (21st Jan) BETWAY BEST ODDS GUARANTEED PLUS HANDICAP (CLASS 5) (4yo+ 0-70)

With 12 runners and 4 known as front running types it should be a true run affair, Nora Batt has the best draw for a front runner in stall 1 but this horse may find this trip too far and therefore have to try and save some energy for the finish, Bridge Builder has got stall 6 which in the make-up of this race may not be too bad for its front-running style but its best time going back to 2015 doesn't put it in my top 4, Compton Prince won for me last time out but here is taking on slightly better horses and is only 4th top rated but could make the frame if others falter, my 3rd top rated is Rigolleto who is the 3rd of the front running types but is in stall 8 so will have to be at its best to get to the front here, my 2nd top rated is Noble Deed who usually likes to race prominently but without leading and stall 11 isn't going to be ideal but not insurmountable, moving on to my top dog BUSH WARRIOR 10/1 who is also the 4th and final possible front runner and if I'm right it could from stall 4 gain control of the rails and if getting to the front could prove hard to catch and is being ridden here by 1 of the top jockeys which point to the connections expecting a big run here and as usual when the price permits I suggest going with an each-way investment.
6:45 Newcastle -
It's still hard to analyse racing at this newish course and then being straight as well makes the make-up of the race less important, Dynamo Walt is joint top rated on Wolverhampton times but only 4th on course times, the relevance is that Silvanus is the only known front runner but only equal to 4th spot which looks like it will be setting the race up for a finishing type, Foxy Forever is 3rd top on times from here and usually races prominently, Poppy In The Wind is 2nd fastest but that was in a lower class race and may struggle here but my top rated horse has been running lately with negatives against its name and its the same thing here for Fredricka 10/1 who's trainer is 0-18 from his older horses which put me off again and I think the race is maybe best left alone.
:8:45 Newcastle -
This class 6 race with 14 runners won't take much winning, there's 3 that have led before but the going might not suit one of them and I'm not sure another one, Leticonsbeicons will be fast enough to lead despite being my 5th top rated which leaves me with thinking that Doeadeer might get its own way up front and then prove hard to catch and as this one is my 2nd top rated but the trainer hasn't had a winner from 31 runners aged 4 or older and the jockey has had 1 winner from 18 rides for the stable so nothing to enhance any confidence, my top rated is Windforpower 9/1 who's trainer is 0-35 with all her runners here and the jockey is 0-12 for the stable so once again it knocks my confidence, if I move down to my 3rd top rated Spirit Of Zebedee the trainer of this horse is 0-10 with his older horses it still points to a negative so also once again I will have to say it may be best to leave this race alone as well.

Friday, 20 January 2017

2:35 Lingfield Racing Tips (20th Jan) BETWAY HANDICAP (CLASS 2) (4yo+ 0-105)

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This looks a nice class 2 race with 10 runners, I think Big Time may want further to show its best then Robot Boy and Zac Brown look to want a shorter trip, there's 2 front running types in the race so the early pace should be fast'ish, of the 3 courses with this surface I've got Dhahmaan marked down as my 2nd top rated on Kempton times with Gentlemen in top spot but this one hasn't any form over this course and distance, on Chelmsford times Gentlemen comes out 2nd best with Bosham in top spot and this one is of the possible pace setters, if now looking at course and distance times, Bosham comes out 3rd best with Sign of the Kodiac in 2nd spot and this one is the other possible pace setter but top spot belongs to KASBAH 11/2 who usually likes to race prominently and has got the best of the draw in stall one and showed a return to form last time out when finishing 2nd here last time out.


3:10 Lingfield

Rather surprisingly over 5 furlongs and 10 runners there's only 3 that have led before and it looks likely the race will be won from the front, Annie Salts has the best draw but despite leading her best time only puts her in 5th top position another front runner, Roys Legacy is 4th top, Pharoh Jake is 3rd top and only 1lb behind Charlie Lad in 2nd position so they could prosper if they go too fast in the lead but if my top rated ASK THE GURU 16/1 gets to the front at any point it could be hard to catch as it comes out top rated on times from all 3 courses that use this surface and is being ridden by the stables leading jockey for the 1st time in 17 races and he has won on the horse before and I'm quite pleased to see the price permits me to go with an each-way wager.

Ask The Guru 16/1 8th
6:15 Wolverhampton
Class 5 race with 11 runners and 6 that have led before and as long as they don't go too fast and cut each others throats it could be won from those near the front from the off, Powerful Wind stall 2 is my 4th top rated and a possible pace setter, Red Stripes could lead and stall 1 is ideal as long as it gets control of the rails and comes out 3rd best on my own figures, I actually start off with joint top rated horses in Noble Asset who could be the one to prosper if they go too fast up front but has had 8 runs on all-weather tracks without even making the frame so maybe its time is a case of it being towed along in a fast run race and its last few runs in a lower class don't point to it being in form and warranting this move up in class, besides all that the other joint top rated is YOUR'E COOL 14/1 who is being ridden by a 7lb claiming apprentice which moves it into clear top spot and if getting to the front it ought to prove to be hard to catch but stall 6 could be a positive or a negative as there's 4 possible pace setters in stalls 1 to 4, I will be looking for some value in the betting with this question to the fore in my analysis and its good enough to go each way but stakes will be kept on the lower side.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

2:00 Southwell Racing Tips (19th Jan) BETWAY HANDICAP (CLASS 4) (3yo+ 0-80)

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It's not the best class 4 race but there are 12 runners and 5 have been known to lead before so it should be a true run race, Bring On A Spinner starts off as my 3rd top rated but it is being ridden by a 3lb claiming apprentice which would normally move it into 2nd spot but my original 2nd best horse is Jacobs Pillow who is also being ridden by a 5lb claiming apprentice, the trainer is 0-16 at this course with all runners and the apprentice is 0-6 for the stable which doesn't fill me with any confidence but keeps it in 2nd spot so could make the frame and moves it to within 1 spot of the top rated BOROUGH BOY 28/1 who is very versatile with its running style and that does include leading if needs be and the jockey booking looks to be a positive as he was the last jockey to win on the horse and makes me think they are expecting it to run a big race and luckily enough the price allows for an each-way wager.

Borough Boy 28/1 Unp
5:20 Chelmsford - (Division I)
Of the 9 runners I've got just 2 marked down as having led before and that's, where I will start as Mighty Zip, is one of the possible leaders and also my 3rd top rated so could do enough to make the frame, in 2nd position on my figures is New Rich who ran well last time out when finishing 2nd beaten a length so is known to be in good form but top shot is the top weight COLOURBEARER 10/1 who has got stall 1 so will hopefully be able to get a good position on the rails from which to attack late on and the employed jockey has had 2 all-weather rides for this stable and won one of them so another race where the jockey booking enhances my confidence in that the horse is expected to run a big race and another that's big enough in price to go with an each-way wager.

5:50 Chelmsford - (Division II)
Division 2 is of the same ilk as the 1st but this time there looks to be only 1 front running type and is my 3rd top rated so if Fujin gets to the front it could be hard to catch and ought to be able to do enough to make the frame here and to add to that if you take off the 5lb's the apprentice can claim it moves to 2nd top spot, my original 2nd top rated was Camdora who is usually held up for a late run but my top rated is TASAABOQ 12/1 who can be held up or track the leaders and usually finishes strongly at this distance so will be hoping the early pace is a fast one, then to help their cause even further they are using a 3lb claiming apprentice who has had 19 rides on the stables older horses and has had 7 winners so for the 3rd time today the jockey booking looks a big positive move and also for the 3rd time today a price big enough to allow for an each way bet, and maybe a small each way treble at the odds will pay dividends.

Tasaaboq 16/1 Unp

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

1:55 Kempton Winning Racing Tips (17th Jan) MATCHBOOK BETTING EXCHANGE HANDICAP (CLASS 6) (4yo+ 0-55)

I wish I had enough relevant data so I could do a summary of each horse but 8 of the 12 runners all have negatives against their names in this poorish class 6 race, there is 3 of them that have been known to lead before but only 4 have got fast enough times to register at any of the 3 courses that use this surface, using Chelmsford times Tilsworth Micky did the fastest time in 2015 but would only be 3rd best using 2016 times so it will have to show more before I could be backing it, Multi Quest would come out 2nd best on the times from there and is a possible pace setter and is coming out of stall 7, Wedgewood Estates comes out on top but its times at this course in 2015 were relatively on the slow side, my top rated using course and distance times is ROYAL NORMANDY 16/1 and it does look like its out of form but everything is now what it seems, it only dropped from class 5 to class 6 races 3 runs ago but all of those runs have been over a 7th furlong so theoretically this is its 1st run down in class and over its best distance and they are using a very useful 3lb claiming apprentice to help their cause and just to help even further its 1 of the 3 that could set the pace and if getting to the front it could be very hard to catch and at the price has to be given as an each-way wager.

Royal Normandy 16/1 4th 

Monday, 16 January 2017

5:00 Wolverhampton Winning Racing Tips (16th Jan) BETWAY SPRINT HANDICAP (Div I) (CLASS 6) (3yo+ 0-55)

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A poor class six split into two divisions. This first contest looks quite poor. Pushkin Museum is the only known front runner. It is third top rated. 

However, stall nine isn't ideal. If nothing else wants to lead he looks a prime candidate to hit the front. 

Sometimes, out of the blue, something housed near the rails may change tactics.  They may try and fail.

Second top rated is Secret Millionaire. He prefers to track the leaders.  

Top rated is ELAND ALLY (4/1). Anabel Murphy's charge is another that likes to race prominently. Stall four should afford a decent early position from which to stay on strongly at the death.  This gelding must have a good chance of returning to winning ways. 

Eland Ally 4/1 Unp

5:30 Wolverhampton - (Division II) 

Division II. A poor race. Of these, just five horses have achieved times fast enough to register on my figures.  Three have led before, which at least, in theory, makes it easier to analyse. 

Swendab may not be able to lead from stall ten.

Roys Legacy is third top rated and has the plum draw. Must have a chance if gaining control of the rails. However,  I'm still unsure he will get its own way up front. 

Second top rated is Imjin River. William Stone's old time [ten-year-old] could prosper if they go too fast in the early stages.

WARM ORDER  is top rated. This 20/1 shot comes from stall three so should be able, at least, contest the lead. If this bay gets to the front he could prove too strong for the opposition. At the price, I'd be looking for an each-way wager. 

Warm Order 40/1 7th

SUMMARIES: Both divisions are quite poor. They won't take much winning so stakes will have to be kept on the lower side as consistency isn't a byword in these races. As with all sprints, any mistake is magnified, horses chances have soon come and gone, for little reason. My analysis assessed each horse on the tactics usually deployed. In that sense, I hope they stick to the script and don't ad-lib at any time.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

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1:25 Wolverhampton Winning Racing Tips (14th Jan) BETWAY BEST ODDS GUARANTEED PLUS HANDICAP (CLASS 3) (4yo+ 0-95)

A very nice looking class three handicap. On paper, quite difficult to analyse. Ten runners, four have been known to lead before. The best of these is probably Memories Galore who is third top rated on my times over this course and distance. Stall six isn't ideal with Sign Of The Kodiac berthed inside [stall four]. However, if getting to the front could be hard to catch. Kasbah is my second top rated. It usually races near the front without actually leading so this one might need a degree of luck to get a clear run based on Chelmsford times. I've got two joint top rated: Highland Acclaim, who is in stall 5 and likes to race prominently, and Boomerang Bob who can be held up or track the leaders. This horse has the plum draw in stall one so will be looking to either get a prominent early position or clear run when coming from the back. Top rated on Kempton times and also my top rated at this course and distance is BOOMERANG BOB 3/1 so this looks a good opportunity for it to get back to winning ways here. 

Boomerang Bob 3/1 4th

7:15 Wolverhampton - 

With 12 runners this race looks above average for a class 5 affair, there's 3 known front runners and COLOURBEARER 5/1 who starts off as my joint top rated could get the lead from stall 3 and then prove very hard to catch, Divine Call is the other joint top rated and both of these are being ridden by proven jockeys but this one is stuck out in stall 12 which could be its undoing, See Vermont starts off as 4th top rated but when I take off the apprentice's 5lb claim its moves to joint top rated but it finds this distance stretches its stamina if they go a fast early pace which looks likely here, Burtonwood is only 1lb behind the joint top rated pair but it's being ridden by a 7lb claimer but I'm not completely sure that's a positive and it's got stall 1 which normally is a good thing but it might get squeezed out early and then struggle to get a prominent position from which to attack which seems to be the style that suits it best, so I'm sticking with the 1 bet on Colourbearer who can hopefully lead all the way and go one better than its last 2 runs where it's finished 2nd on both occasions.

Colourbearer 9/1 5th

Friday, 13 January 2017

4:00 Lingfield Winning Racing Tips (13th Jan) BETWAY APPRENTICE HANDICAP (CLASS 6) (4yo+ 0-65)

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A typical class 6 race with 10 participants and 7 of them have been known to lead before, there is at the moment 3 courses with this surface to analyse, Red Flute and Lady Nayef are 2nd and 3rd top rated on Chelmsford times with Ask The Guru top rated, Quality Art and Ask The Guru are 1st and 2nd top rated on Kempton times but only 1lb separates them, then switching to course and distance times I've got 3 horses in co-third spot, Pharoh Jake, Frank The Barber and Red Flute, my 2nd top rated is TEMPLE ROAD 11/4 who is being ridden by a 7lb claiming apprentice in this apprentice riders race but I watched this lad ride a very good race on Tuesday and he looks well worth his claim and that moves it into top spot going 2lbs ahead of Ask The Guru who was the original top rated, it looks like there will be trouble in running with so many wanting to lead and my top rated is usually held up and will need a degree of luck from stall 4 to get a trouble free run and it's not guaranteed from stall 7 Ask The Guru will get to the front or a trouble free run, so whatever it looks like a gamble whichever way I go but I'm hoping they go too fast up front and play into the hooves of the staying on selection but stakes will be kept below maximum and the price doesn't give much value I thought about 4/1, so here's hoping.

Temple Road 11/4 2nd

5:45 Wolverhampton - (II)
Another class 6 affair with 11 runners and only Kyllach Me known as a front-running type but its best time here doesn't put it in my top 5 so will probably set it up for 1 of the others, Top Cop who is a hold up type is my 3rd top rated and my 2nd top rated Smart DJ also usually deploys the same tactics and both ought to be staying on at the finish, I'm hoping my selection from stall 7 cab follow the leader across to the rails and get a good early position from which to attack late on, if CITY OF ANGKOR WAT 10/1 is ridden close to the pace it should have every chance, if held up then it usually takes too much time to get into top gear and stays on too late to catch the leaders up at least the price allows for me to do it each way but maybe a bet in running could pay dividends.

City Of Angkor Wat 10/1 5th

6:15 Wolverhampton (II)
This 2nd division looks just as competitive as the 1st but only 3 known pace setters in this race but none of them look good enough on the clock to win this race, with its 5lb claiming apprentice riding Hamish McGonagain is my 3rd top rated its a hold up sort but hasn't been in good form in recent runs and may need this run for fitness having not run since September, Mr Chuckles 2/1 is my 2nd top rated and its only 2lb off top spot and this one showed signs of returning to form last time out when finishing 2nd beaten half a length but the price is poor value, DIAMOND VINE 16/1 is the top rated but hasn't been in form recently but this one is capable of coming back to form without warning so I will be going with an each way wager, I was going to go with backing my top 2 but I would rather go with my actual top rated and hope it springs back to form.

Diamond Vine 25/1 5th

7:15 Wolverhampton -
Save the best race till last, this class 4 race has 13 runners with 2 known front running types being Captain Dion who could be hidden danger and Oriental Relation who is my 4th top rated, Fast Track who hasn't run on this surface before is dropped in class and would be very dangerous if taking to the surface, Parkour is my 3rd top rated and usually races prominently, SOPHISTICATED HEIR 6/1 who has been running consistently good enough to make the frame in this class of race and starts off as 2nd top but is being ridden by a 7lb claiming apprentice which then moves it 1lb above my original top rated HIGHLAND ACCLAIM 16/1 who is also dropped in class and if getting a clear run from stall 11 must have a decent chance and I think I have to back them both if I'm having a bet but only to small stakes with the possible dangers blunting my confidence and at the prices it will be a win bet and an each way bet but would be happier if they were both proper each way prices.

Sophisticated Heir 6/1 5th
Highland Acclaim NR

Thursday, 12 January 2017

2:00 Newcastle Winning Racing Tips (12th Jan) BETWAY SPRINT HANDICAP (CLASS 4) (4yo+ 0-85)

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This class four race has one drawback. Who will set the pace? 

Both the top two in the handicap look as though they are better horses over a longer trip. If this is a slowly run race they will probably be outpaced in a two-furlong sprint. 

On times from Wolverhampton, the bottom three are well weighted but may be found out in this higher class race. 

The top rated on course times is FREDRICKA 9/1 who can be held up or track the pace setters. One thing bugs me! The trainer has had three winners at this course but from his older brigade, he's zero from seventeen. However, this looks a good opportunity for him to break his duck.  Keep to small stakes. 

Fredricka 9/1 7th

5:00 Newcastle - 

A very nice class two conditions race over 5f. Seven of the nine runners have been known to lead so this will most likely be fast and furious. I can't find the link between the times here and those from Wolverhampton so I'm going to have to go with my top rated from both courses which is BOWSON FRED 8/1 and ROYAL BIRTH 8/1 but I also have marks against three other runners as being possibly hidden dangers. Keep stakes low.  

Bowson Fred 9/1 5th
Royal Birth 8/1 7th

8:30 Chelmsford - 

This is a very poor class seven race. Most of these have very little to inspire parting with my money but I have hopefully found something to get my teeth into. Of the twelve runners, I've only found two horses that have led before, (mainly because they are not fast enough to lead). Also, I've only one horse with a recorded time so I'm hoping from stall two LOUIS VEE 7/2 can gain control on the rails and lead all the way. However, consistency isn't a byword at this level but I'm hoping it might prove worthwhile having a small wager but have to admit there's not much value in its price but I have to go with my figures else there's no point in doing my speed ratings. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

6:15 Kempton Winning Racing Tips (11th Jan) 32RED CONDITIONS STAKES (CLASS 2) (4yo+)

Affirmed, Belmont Stakes, USA,
Only 5 runners so I doubt there will be much value in the race but I'll have to wait for the betting to know for sure, the biggest problem could be who will set the pace, if I had to back 1 to lead it would be Related but this may want further and if it's a slow pace he might get outpaced if it became a 2furlong sprint for home but could be dangerous if allowed to dictate from the front and it is 2nd top rated on course and distance times, Golden Amber comes out 2nd top on Chelmsford times but SPRING LOADED 7/4 is top on both course and distance times and Chelmsford times and it can be held up or track the leaders which I hope it does here and covers any moves and follow up its win last time out, PRETEND 4/5 is the highest rating here on official figures and this is a drop in class so it looks like being a 2 horse race but there's no value in backing then both so maybe it's best to watch and enjoy the race.

PRETEND 11/10 1ST WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spring Loaded 7/4 3rd
6:45 Kempton - (Division I)
A class 6 race but it looks quite competitive, of the 10 runners I have got 2 possibly 3 marked down as possible lays as they have big negatives against their names here, theres 2 known that could set the early pace, Major Valentine, hes my 5th top rated on course times and usually stall 10 would be a no no but with only 1 other possible pace setter it could get into contention especially with Adam Kirby riding plus Triple Dream my joint 2nd top rated doesnt have to lead although capable of doing so and stall 7 isnt ideal if theres scrimmaging for positions early on but if getting to the front ought to be very hard to catch, Diamond Charlie has place claims if getting a clear run from stall 3 which wont be guaranteed in this race, bottomweighted Ocean Legend has place claims on some form but stall 5 just might be a coffin box in the early battle for position but is my 3rd top rated, top spot is NEW RICH 6/1 who is usually held up for a late run and as long as theres a fast enough early pace so the eladers are tiring as hes finishing then it could get there for the victory but I will also be backing TRIPLE DREAM 6/1 just in case it does get an easy lead and once again I cant narrow it down to 1 with any confidence.

New Rich 8/1 2nd
Triple Dream 12/1 3rd
7:15 Kempton - (Division II)
This division is weaker in some aspects but there is also a couple of possible hidden dangers which means stakes will have to be kept low, I think I can narrow it down to 3 that could have a chance if I exclude the 2 possible dangers, COMPTON PRINCE 12/1 comes out 3rd best on course and distance times but is top rated using Lingfield times and 2nd top on Chelmsford times so can't be dismissed from my calculations, RIGOLLETO 100/30 is 2nd best on course times and is the only “known” front runner in the race and its drawn stall 1 so with an uncontested lead it could maybe be capable of leading all the way if others falter, the bottom weight NASRI 14/1 comes out top on both course and Chelmsford times and has been running lately over a longer trip but must have a chance of getting back to winning ways here but I can't, with any confidence, split these 3 and would have to back all 3 to show a profit whichever one does its job but the betting will once again be the final deciding factor in my final decision. (the betting now says it's a win bet and 2 small each way bets).

Nasri 14/1 2nd
Rigoletto 100/30 4th