Tuesday, 27 June 2017

3:45 Brighton Racing Tips (27th June) Handicap (Class 4) (3yo+ 0-80)

Horse Racing Silks
3:45 Brighton - Class 4- 5-furlongs - 6 runners
Monumental Man my 3rd top rated looks the most likely pacesetter Mr Pocket is 2nd top and usually, tracks the leaders SANDFRANKSKIPSGO 4/1 is top rated and another that usually races prominently.

SUMMARY: I think the selection will track the front runner and then stay on the stronger at the finish and it missed a race on Saturday to run here which I'm hoping is a positive pointer to the connections expecting a big run here.

Sandfrankskipsgo 5/1 4th 4:15 Brighton - Class 6 - 6-furlongs - 9 runners
A very poor race and I haven't seen a known pace setter so any stakes will be kept low especially when there's only one horse, NOBLE DEED 5/1, that has done a fast enough time to register on my figures, the trainer has an 11% win ratio but the jockey has only had one winner from 38 rides which aren't a positive sign and it will only be a small bet.

Noble Deed 6/1 7th 5:30 Beverley - Class 6 Apprentice jockeys race - 5-furlongs - 15 runners
I would have expected more than 2 known front runners but neither are in my top 6 ratings, Mercers Row is 3rd top rated but a few spots behind the top two CHIP OR PELLET 25/1 a hold up type is 2nd top rated with a 3lb apprentice riding it moves to top spot SEE VERDANT 16/1 is my original top rated and usually races prominently.
SUMMARY: iI'mgoing with one horse that races near the front and the other that is held up for a late run and at the prices I will be having 2 each way bets. 6:10 Leicester - Class 5 -5-furlongs -8runners-amateur lady riders.

This isnt a race to get too involved in but there is 3 known pace setters and my 3rd top rated Swendab is one of them, CLASSIC PURSUIT 5/1 is my 2nd top rated and may be the one to pick up the pieces if they go off too fast and tire rapidly, my top rated BRONZE BEAU 10/1 is a possible front runner and if getting to the front could be hard to catch but I have to go with backing the 2 horses to cover both angles but my stakes will be small as these amateur races usually end with at least one hard luck story in the race.

Monday, 26 June 2017

4:00 Chepstow Racing Tips (26th June) Handicap (Class 6) (3yo+ 0-60)

Chepstow Racecourse4:00 Chepstow - Class 6 – 5-furlongs – 11 runners
Very First Blade my 3rd top rate, front-running sort drawn in stall 10 QUANTOM DOT 15/2 2nd top rated and a front-running type from stall 4, trainer has a 31% winning rate here and the jockey 19% wins for the stable DAVIDS BEAUTY 10/1 top rated and a front-running sort but trainer has a poor 1-19 win ratio here and the jockey has only ridden once before for the connections.
SUMMARY: My top 4 ratings are all front runners and it should be fast and furious for the class, I'm going with the 2 selections because my top rated hasn't got good trainer/jockey stats and my 2nd top-rated has good stats so I'm covered just in case the top rated isn't ready to win this race.

Quantom Dot 15/2 1st
David's Beauty 10/1 5th

4:30 Chepstow - Class 6 – 6-furlongs – 15 runners
This is a poor race and only the top 4 in the handicap have recorded times and they go in order from top to 4th, most of the rest of the field have negatives against their names, Castlerea Tess usually races prominently, DoctorParkess may find the trip a bit too far, Quite A Story can track the leaders or be held up but my top rated GO AMBER GO 7/1 is the only known front runner in the race and is well drawn in stall 14 so if getting to the front ought to be very hard to catch and the trainer has a 19% win ratio here and the jockey a 5lb claiming apprentice has a 18% strike rate for the stable so it points to connections expecting a big run from their horse in this race.

Go Amber Go 7/1 2nd

Saturday, 24 June 2017

4:10 Ayr Racing Tips (24th June) Fillies' Stakes (Listed Race) (Class 1) (3yo+)

Hong Kong Racing
AYR 4.10 LISTED Class – 5-furlongs – 12runners
Cosmopolitan Girl 3rd top rated possible pacesetter in stall 10 Futoon usually tracks the leaders and my 2nd top rated MERRY BANTER 33/1 is top rated and still only a 3year old and another possible pace setter but its in stall one, if getting to the front should prove hard to catch and is maybe worth the risk at the price with a small each-way wager.

Merry banter 33/1 8th 4:50 AYR - Class 3 – 5-furlongs – 8runners
Lightscameraction is dropped in class to run here and this easier course should suit my 3rd top rated Lexington Place is versatile and could set the pace here and my 2nd top rated COOLFITCH 4/1 is top rated and races prominently most of the time, being a 3year old it could still improve, the trainer has a 16% win rate and the jockey 12% so both positives.

Coolfitch 15/2 1st 5:25 AYR - Class 4 – 6-furlongs – 8runners
Not a race to get too involved in with 2 big unknowns in the race, Dandy Highwayman could possibly set the early pace and pushed along by the bottom weight, Vallarta is 2nd best on a time recorded here but top rated is *BUCCANEERS VAULT 13/2 who can track the leaders or be held up for a late surge and hopefully get there in time but my stakes will be low.

5:20 NEWMARKET - Class 4 – 6-furlongs – 12runners
Faang is joint 2nd top rated but my need the run for fitness but a possible pacemaker. ZAMJAR 11/1 is the other joint 2nd top rated and this 3year old could still improve and the jockey is 1-2 for the stable. GOLD HUNTER 10/1 is my top rated and will relish a fast early pace to aim at and it ought to happen here with 3 good front runners but I will go with covering both the lead and finishing tactics with 2 each way bets at the prices.

Gold Hunter 14/1 6th
Zamjar 11/1 9th

6:30 HAYDOCK - Class 4 – 5-furlongs – 7runners
Lydia's Place a front-running sort and my 3rd top rated Annie Salts a front-running sort and my 2nd top rated MABS CROSS 6/4 seem to like to have a fast pace to aim at and this 3-year-old could complete its hat-trick in this race but the price isn't great but could be nice in a multi bet.

Mabs Cross 6/4 1st 8:50 LINGFIELD - Class 5 – 5-furlongs – 8runners
Swendab is my 3rd top rated and a possible leader and could make the frame Mossgo is my 2nd top rated and another possible leader but needs good to firm going HURRICANE ALERT is top rated and a front-running type, plus there's another 2 unmentioned that are also known to lead so 5 of the 8, the 5lb claiming apprentice gets on well with this horse and moves it further clear on my ratings and if getting to the front could be hard to catch.

Hurricane Alert 7/1 4th

Friday, 23 June 2017

7:15 Bath Racing Tips (23rd June) Fillies' Handicap (Class 5) (3yo+ 0-75)

Racing Tips
7:15 BATH - Class 5 - 5furlongs 160yards – 7runners
Molly Jones could set the pace but finds this too far if a fast run race Powerful Dream is my 2nd top rated from a time recorded here JERSEY BREEZE 7/2 could be the pace setter and if getting to the front could prove hard to catch and I'm hoping it will lead from start to finish.

JERSEY BREEZE 7/2 1ST 8:10 AYR - Class 3 – 6furlongs – 11runners
Handsome Dude is 3rd top rated from a time at Doncaster this year and a hold-up type EXPLAIN 14/1 is 2nd top and a possible front runner and if getting to the front it may be capable of making the frame and worth a small each way wager FLYING PURSUIT 14/1 is top spot and has a decent 3lb claimer riding and ought to stay on strongly at the finish so maybe worth a small each-way wager.
SUMMARY: I'm going with 2 each way bets to cover both angles with a possible pacesetter and one that should be staying on at the finish.

Explain 16/1 2nd

Exact: £101.30 9:05 NEWMARKET - Class 5 – 5furlongs – 11runners
Noble Act is my 2nd top rated and a few spots ahead of my 3rd rated but may prefer further but depending how the betting goes but it may prove a better option to back this one each way rather than the selection if that one is made even shorter. PENNY DREADFUL 13/8 is my top rated and the only known front runner in the field so if getting to the front should prove very hard to catch and follow up from its win last time out but the price is very poor but maybe useful in a multi-bet.

Penny Dreadful 13/8 4th

Thursday, 22 June 2017

2:10 Ripon Racing Tips (22nd June) Claiming Stakes (Class 5) (3yo+)

2:10 RIPON - Class 5 Claimer – 6-furlongs – 6 runners
Tatlisu is my 2nd top rated and also 2nd best in on official figures so ought to go well MISHAAL 4/1 is my top rated and top on official figures and has dropped in class to run here and hopefully the drop will rejuvenate it back to winning ways, the biggest bugbear to me is the lack of a genuine front runner and I wouldn't be surprised to see the selection take on the pace setters role and lead all the way.

Mishaal 4/1 2nd
3:20 RIPON - Class 5 – 5-furlongs – 10 - runners
Pearl Noir a possible front runner and my 3rd top rated but can be worried out of contention if taken on early Lawless Louis possible pacesetter and my 2nd top rated and well drawn in stall 9 *RED ALERT 11/4 from stall 7 is another pacemaker and it looks likely the race will be won from the front.

5:20 CHELMSFORD - Class 5 - 5-furlongs - 10 runners
There are a few unknowns in this race so stakes will be kept low and the best call maybe with the top weighted SAVED MY BACON 6/1.

Saved My Bacon 6/1 1st 7:20 LINGFIELD - Class 6 - 5-furlongs - 6 - runners
A poor race but my top rated is PHAROH JAKE 3/1 and will stay on strongly at the finish chasing down Elusivity and Powerful Wind who are both front running sorts, my 2nd top rated Fabulous Flyer usually races behind the leaders for a strong finish but I'm going with the top rated selection Pharoh Jake.

Pharoh Jake 13/2 6th

8:20 LINGFIELD - Class 6 - 6-furlongs - 9 runners

In this race, I'm going with 2 selections in KEEP IT DARK 12/1 with a small each way bet and the same on PLEADINGS at 11/1 but stakes won't be too high.

Pleadings 11/1 4th
Keep it Dark 12/1 7th

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

3:20 Hamilton Racing Tips (21st June) Sam Collingwood-Cameron Handicap (Class 5) (3yo+ 0-75)

Lady Aurelia Wins at Ascot 20173:20 HAMILTON (Class 5 – 6-furlongs -8 runners)
Cosmic Chatter 9/1 could win if allowed an easy lead as my 2nd top rated. LOVE OASIS 3/1 just 1lb higher but loves this course.

SUMMARY: There's just a gap of 1lb between each runner from 5th best (69) to top (73) and I will go with backing both.

Love Oasis 10/3 5th 6:50 RIPON (Class 6 apprentices race – 6-furlongs – 9 runners)
Cool Strutter is 2nd top rated and stays on at the finish at this distance. HIT THE LIGHTS top rated from a time recorded at this course and the trainer is 4-20 here.

SUMMARY: 2 or possibly 3 capable of setting the pace but looks like it will set the race up for a strong finisher and hopefully that's Hit The Lights 8/1.

Hit The Lights 16/1 7th 7:10 CHELMSFORD (Class 2 – 5-furlongs – 9 runners)
Brother Tiger been doing well in class 4 this is a big leap in class Dynamo Walt 3rd top rated good trainer 17% and jockey 2-7 stats so expected to go well BOSHAM 12/1 is top rated and may be able to lead all the way here and at the price, it has to be an each-way wager.

Bosham 25/1 9th
8:10 CHELMSFORD (Class 3 – 6-furlongs – 12 runners)
Udontdodou is joint top rated and a hold up sort MENELIK 12/1 is the other top rated and a possible pace setter

SUMMARY: A very hard race to analyse with 3 potential dark horses in the race so stakes will be kept low if betting at all but at the price its worth a small each way bet.

Menelik 16/1 4th

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

2:45 Thirsk Racing Tips (20th June) Handicap (Class 6) (3yo+ 0-65)

THIRSK 2.45 (class 6 handicap-10 runners)
Eternalist, Krystallite, Roaring Rory my 4th top rated and Horsforth my 2nd top rated are all front-running types. Flash City is my 3rd top rated and usually chases the leaders. GROUNDWORKER 9/1 is top rated and this one needs a fast pace to aim at and ran a decent race in a fast run affair at Pontefract 2 runs ago and that day dropped back to 7th nearing the finish when the jockey didn't push when its chance of winning had gone, this should be its type of race and is worth an each-way bet but my stakes will be kept low.

Groundworker 9/1 6th 
THIRSK 3.55 (Class 4 handicap-12 runners)

Market Choice my 4th top rated is the only known front runner in the field so could have place claims Round The Island was my selection when it won last time out but this is a lot tougher Zylan is my 2nd top rated and being ridden by a 7lb claimer could have gone top but the trainer is a poor 0-10 here and so is the apprentice for this stable HIGHLAND ACCLAIM 14/1 comes out top here and this type of course should be fine for it, it is drawn in stall 2 which isn't ideal but it will like this switch back to grass after a fruitless winter campaign on the all-weather tracks and could pay dividends with a small each-way wager.

Highland Acclaim 14/1 2nd BEVERLEY 7.00 (class 3 conditions-5 runners)

JUDICIAL is my top rated and also the official top-rated it will probably trey to lead all the way. Thesme is 2nd top rated another front runner and is also 2nd top on official figures Soie D'Leau another front runner and my 3rd top rated but is the bottom of official figures.
SUMMARY: My top 3 are all front runners and I can't see the other 2 getting involved unless they improve dramatically and I think the selection JUDICIAL 5/4 ought to be classy enough to lead all the way here but I doubt it will be a very big price

Judicial 5/4 1st . BRIGHTON 8.10 (Class 5 handicap-6 runners)
GOLD CLUB is top rated and a repeat of its Yarmouth run this year ought to be good enough. Jersey Breeze is my 2nd top rated and a possible pace setter but a versatile type Pushkin Museum is the other possible pace setter but might not stay the trip if it's a fast run race.
SUMMARY: I'm hoping the pace is decent if Jersey Breeze is pushed for the lead and then my selection GOLD CLUB 9/4 can stay the stronger at the finish to win this race.

Gold Club 11/4 6th BRIGHTON 8.40 (CLASS 6 HANDICAP-6 RUNNERS)
Ask The Guru is my joint top rated but the trainer is 1-36 here so looks a negative DEER SONG is the other joint top rated and is usually held up for a late challenge. SUMMARY :- a poor race and no known front runners which might play into the selections hands as it doesn't stay the distance in a fast run race so if this race becomes tactical it must have every chance but I'm not sure if DEER SONG 11/8 is value at the odds but would back if winning and in a multi-bet.

Deer 7/4 6th

Monday, 19 June 2017

3:00 Carlisle Racing Tips (19th June) Molson Coors Handicap (Class 5) (3yo+ 0-70)

A 15 runner affair with just 2 that are known as front running types, Silk Mill Blue is my 4th top rated but may prefer a longer trip, Mercers Row is joint 2nd top rated and another that may prefer further and also not too firm ground, Willbeme is the other 2nd joint top and one of the possible front runners but stall 14 isn't an ideal draw and if there's a fast early pace it may struggle to stay the distance at this stiffer course, top of my list is PORTLAND STREET 11/2 who has finished 2nd in its last 2 starts and has a good chance here to go 1 place better but there is a few 3-year-olds in the race which could still be capable of improving so my stakes will be kept low.

Portland Street 11/2 10th
7:00 Nottingham -
There's 8 runners and 3 of them have led before and half the field are 3-year-olds, my 3rd and 4th top rated are possible front runners and could set the race up for a strong finisher, Midnight Malibu is my 2nd top rated and it usually tracks the leaders and then stays on at the finish, my top rated is *POWERFUL DREAM 10/1 who did its best time over the half a furlong trip at Bath but rarely stays that far and this distance will suit it better and has also done a fast time at the distance on an all-weather course and has a decent chance here but I am worried about all the 3-year-olds in the race so my stakes will be kept to a low each way bet.

7:15 Windsor -
It's a 9 runner race and looks a nice class 4 affair with just 1 known front runner, my 3rd top rated is Cool Bahamian but it's a few pounds below the 2nd top rated Pretty Bubbles who may prefer a longer trip to show its best but could be staying on strongly at the finish but my top rated is BAHAMIAN DOLLAR 9/4 who is also the front-running type in the race and if this one does get an easy lead it could prove very hard to catch for most of these.

Bahamian Dollar 9/4 1st

Lady Aurelia returns to Royal Ascot for 2017

Lady Aurelia, trained by Wesley Ward
As Royal Ascot is fast approaching for 2017,  people are getting excited about prepared for their day at the races.

Every year see's new horses and old favourites hitting the track as they take a shot at claiming a stake in the £6.58 million prize fund.

Last year saw newcomer Lady Aurelia, an American 3-year-old filly who flew the British waters to make a name for herself and boy, did she did just that. Trained by Wesley Ward over in the United States Lady Aurelia is returning to Royal Ascot in 2017 for a second shot at a win.

Last year saw Lady Aurelia run in the Queen Mary's stakes and thunder her way to victory in Super lightening speed. Check the speed ratings for horse racing here.

Ridden by the one and only Frankie Dettori, Lady Aurelia left spectators breathless as the American filly stormed her way down the five-furlong course on soft conditions at lightening speeds, leaving other racers to dust.
This year Lady Aurelia is being ridden again hopefully by Frankie Dettori in The King’s Stand Stake which will take place on Tuesday, but Dettori injured his shoulder in Yarmouth last week.
Lady Aurelia is already a favourite at 7-2 to become the first runner for Wesley Wards stables to win twice at Royal Ascot.

No doubt that Ward is very excited for his filly to hit Ascot and stir up a storm.
Lady Aurelia already feeling right back at home over here in England is very settled and happy, she's walking around her paddock with her ears held high. The American filly has been described as a little tiger by her trainer Ward.

While over here Lady Aurelia is having her legs stretched out ticked over with team member Ryan Moore accompanied by her fellow horse friend bound for nowhere, who contended for the Commonwealth Cup. Moore is standing in for Jockey Detroit while he recovers from his shoulder injury, but Moore is hopeful and very confident for Lady Aurelia no matter who her Jockey is, the filly may be young, but she certainly isn't stupid. Lady Aurelia knows exactly what's doing and what needs to be done.
But Lady Aurelia isn't the only little star to come from Ward. This season the American Wesley Ward is going to be watching with a big grin on his face as 10 of his stunning horses thunder around the track at Ascot.

Ward is said to be very excited not just for Lady Aurelia his youngest but for all of his horses competing at Royal Ascot as this year he feels it is his strongest season yet.

Ward has only been coming to Royal Ascot for the past 8 years, and with him, he's already bought along 7 winners.

This year is going to be very nerve wrecking week for Ward and his whole team as there doing their preparations for the start of Royal Ascot.

All the 10 horses are in high spirits, and most will be ridden by Wards favourite Jockey Frankie Dettori, who is said to be getting over his injury well and will be fit and able to ride at this year's Royal Ascot.
Arawak will be ridden by Jockey John Velasquez. Arawak won at Belmont Park in May being ridden by Velasquez, and the duo are looking good to go running in Coventry with general odds at 8-1
Other runners of Wards will include Fairyland, who was a late arrival at Ascot due to a race she had in Keeneland USA in which she did beautifully and has settled down nicely and is set to run Albany Stakes with odds at 4-1
Elizabeth Darcy will be strutting her stuff in Windsor castle with current odds at 8-1.
Nootka Sounds is feeling nice and relaxed and looking set for her race Windsor Castle and have current odds at 6-1.
winning racing tips Happy like A Fool is said to be on target for a win in her race Queen Mary with her current odds at 5-2.
Con TE Partiro has been working alongside Lady Aurelia and Bound For Nowhere and is feeling the need for speed as she gets ready for her race Sandringham Handicap with current odds at 8-1.

McErin is looking big and strong at she gets set to hit the track in her race Norfolk with her current odds at 4-1.

Princess Peggy is also to run alongside Fairyland in Albany Stakes. The further this princess goes, the stronger she gets, and she likes very much the firm ground, no odds are out on Princess Peggy at present.

Ascot is a perfect time to try to beat the bookies, and the only way to do that is to use a system call matched betting. Go and grab your free matched bets, and give it a go.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

2:45 Salisbury Racing Tips (18th June) Handicap (Class 4) (3yo+ 0-85)

horse racing tips
There's only 8 runners but it looks a good class 4 affair, half of them have been known to lead before and that includes my 5th,4th and 2nd top rated horses, Waseem Faris is my 2nd top rated horse and its a few pounds in hand of the 3rd so if they run into their best times it looks a 2 horse race, I'm hoping the early pace sets it up for my top rated horse MR POCKET 5/1 who is a 3-year-old and could still improve on what its shown so far, the trainer is 3-15 with his 3year olds here and the jockey is 3-8 for the stable all positive pointers.

Mr Pocket 5/1 2nd
3:45 Salisbury -
This 10-runner Listed race has a couple of unknowns which could be fatal to any bets, firstly its Glass Office, it hasn't run since 2015 when it was running in Group races so is dropped in class to run here but I'm not sure how much its retained after so long off but if 100% must have a good chance of winning here, then there's the time STELLARTA 20/1 recorded at Goodwood in a very fast run race, if that time wasn't a fluke then it's well clear of the others, if those 2 above are both negatives then DARK SHOT 20/1 could lead all the way and win, I will be watching the betting before deciding any wagers but I'm thinking one of these 3 ought to win this race but I will be going with 2 each way bets both at 20/1.
4:00 Doncaster -
An 11 runner race with 3 known front runners and they are my top 3 ratings so this could be a cracklingly fast run race, in 3rd spot is ISEEMIST 15/2 the trainer has an 188% win rate and the jockey 25% win rate for the stable so a positive booking, RED PIKE 16/1 is 2nd top and this ones jockey has a 17% win rate for the stable so another positive jockey booking, top spot is ASHPAN SAM 16/1 and this horse is a relatively new trainer and there's not enough data to know if it's a positive booking or not as it is a good jockey, I will hopefully be able to back all 3 each way and come out with a profit whichever one wins.