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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Eric's Biggest Baddest Winners & Incredible Stats

So we have to struggle with the Coronavirus. 

Horseracing has all but stopped. Irish racing carries on behind closed doors. In so many ways there is uncertainty but racing and tipping winners are all about uncertainty until that winner flies in and you hear those words: ''Weighed in''.

Eric Winner may have to wait until later in the season to see horse racing resume and those winners but it doesn't stop us from appreciating the success of this brilliant website. How many blogs do you know that achieved over 140 points profit since mid-January 2020. In a matter of two months or so Eric showed his readers what could be achieved by following his tips and lay bets. The combination of the two has been a revelation. I have never heard of a racing blog coming close to such profits and I'm sure readers can't wait for his return. 

Eric Winner started back in May 2014

It has been a very successful platform with almost 900,000 pageviews. The most page views in one month came in 2016 when March saw over 22,000. 

Other record months included

March 2015 20,000+ 

July 2015 20,000+ 

January 2019 20,000+ 

The most viewed blog post achieved over 2,000 pageviews. 

When it comes to winners, Eric has had many. But we aren't just talking short-priced winners. Truth be known, the first winner Eric tipped was seen on the 20th of February 2014. It was the 3:30 Lingfield - Seamster 2/1 won by half a length

If you thought Eric Winner was going to be about backing the favourite you were wrong. Because I have never known any tipster to hit the bookies so hard with speculative bets and big-price winners. Quite incredible. 

Look at a few of these statistics:

19 winners priced  20/1+

Including an amazing 100/1 winner that was backed to 12/1

The combination of Eric's winning tips and lay bet losers have been a brilliant adaptation to the blog and I am sure readers have been thankful for all his hard work. 

Knowing Eric, he never stops improving his knowledge and angles to make his and your betting pay. 

There will be more articles post on Eric Winner even in times of the Coronavirus being a rude interruption to British horse racing and our sprinters. 

Thanks for your support.

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