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Friday, 20 March 2020

I Can't Bet on the Horses... (So What Now?)

UK gamblers are twiddling their thumbs. The Coronavirus has stamped on our betting slip and scuffed it into the dirt. It has no respect. 

Will that stop us? 


Even if we cannot bet on the horses it doesn't mean the interest, love, and hope to find winners stop. Far from it. When you cannot bet you simply invest that time and effort to make your betting pay when the horse racing springs back into life. 

I know Eric works harder behind the scenes than he does on this website. I am always chatting with him via Facebook and we have lots of conversations about horse racing, tips, and how to improve and build upon the success we have seen over the years. 

A few readers may know that I help promote Eric Winner but run a number of other websites but dedicated to two-year-old horse racing. Even after 30-years of study, there is still plenty to work on and like the grumpy teacher who says: ''Little Johnny must try harder!''

I really don't need anyone to tell me to try harder because I appreciate that the foundation goes much deeper than what is seen on the surface. Even after all these years, I am surprised by what can be discovered with a little bit of work. The point of interest and knowledge is that you are three-quarters closer to understanding where the golden nuggets hide. 

The best gold miner isn't the one who digs the deepest hole. It is the one who knows where to dig. He may have been researching this fact for 50-years but you only see him digging for one month. You hear in the newspapers that a blind man found the biggest gold nugget in the world. 

How is it possible?

A blind man!

But he could see, understand and appreciate his expertise because his knowledge was strong. 

So when the horse racing stops for a duration work to know even more. So when the time is right you can make up for the lost time and fill your pockets with gold.

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