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Saturday 21 March 2020

Why Did You're Horse Lose?

I guess you have many and varied reasons why your horse lost.

The majority of times your horse lost because, sadly, it wasn't good enough. In that sense, you need to read the form, follow a website like Eric Winner or phone a friend. 

However, especially when it comes to sprint racing you don't need much to go wrong for you to have a hard-luck story. A slow start. Bumped. And the classic General Bunching!!! That always leads to Major Trouble!!!! (Sorry for my humour).

I guess we all have a tale to tell about a winner that should have been. This may be the case on the jumps more than the flat. 

I'm trying to remember a few strange situations for why horses lost when they should have won or just those plain unlucky. 

As a regular to Great Yarmouth, I've been to many horse racing meetings. There is nothing better than being on a track at a coastal resort. There is plenty to do. Have a day at the races, wander along the front, stop at a nice restaurant and even venture to the casino in the evening if you fancy winning or losing more. If you take your racing ticket to the casino you even get a free alcoholic drink and free £5 match bet (just to get you through the door). Anyway, you could do all those things or have sensory overload from all the tat down Regent Street. I mean, if you are desperate, you can go watch Jim Davidson at the Brittania Pier. (That's an in-joke if you come from March, Cambridgeshire and frequent the GER Working Man's Club).

Anyway, enough about all that. 

Back to horse racing...

One of the strangest reasons a horse ever lost could be this. 

I keep thinking this happened at Great Yarmouth, Brighton or Bath. I know it was a coastal track because that's where you find seagulls flying high in a beautiful blue sky. 

You may be thinking...what has a seagull got to do with horseracing, winners, loser and hard-luck stories?

I know it was a two-year-old horse race. Well, the given horse had every chance of winning, up with the lead, when startled it lost every chance, when, of all things, it was spooked by a dead seagull on the track!

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