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Monday, 23 March 2020

Eric Winner's Footy Method to Make Your Betting Pay


Jason, who runs my Ericwinner webpage for me, mentioned about me working just as hard behind the scenes all the time. 

He is not wrong!

I have over four and half thousand lines of data for horses and that is just for the All-Weather tracks and even then it takes me about an hour and a half to analyse an average twelve runner handicap. 

So on a day with several races, I have many hours of form to get through. When racing is finished, I have got to input all the new data and work out my unique speed figures. It leaves very little time for anything else. 

Saying all that I would rather be busy than idle and I rarely spend any of my spare time on anything other than looking through videos online about horse racing or football. 

For instance, the Premiership introduced Video Assistant Referee - V.A.R. 

I thought it would reduce the number of goals scored per game. 

In early October, I started analysing the past results - all four leagues. I looked at the goals scored feature on the betting exchanges where you can back or lay many markets on over or under x amount of goals scored per game. 

I quickly realised that the 2.5 goals market was too volatile and very hard to predict and with my thinking of there being fewer goals. 

I moved on to the under 3.5 goals per game. 

The results for the lower leagues were very much hit and miss as I quite expected, although most weekends I'd make a small profit. I did say most, as I am not sure if it would be viable for the whole season. 

The Premiership was looking quite promising. My analysis up until mid-October looked as though it could show a profit. However, without a clue as to what the average prices would be it was not a given. 

The results from then up till just postponement of football using £100 stakes per game made a profit of over £2,700. 

It isn’t a great Return On Investment (R.O.I.). Every weekend, you'd be laying out £1,000. However, a profit is a profit and it all adds up over time. 

Will the markets give me the same edge next season? I am not sure! When punters analyse the results for this season the odds may well be re-adjusted. 

Next season I will monitor the games to assess whether it will be wise to start betting again.

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