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Thursday 30 April 2020

What Are You Doing on Your Gambling Lockdown?

We're in lockdown!

I'm not talking about Coronavirus, it's a gambling lockdown. 

True, it is a consequence of the pandemic and protecting our loved ones and society by doing the right thing. That's one thing we can't afford to take a punt.

But what has all this done for your gambling? (More or less cash in your purse!).

Has this lockdown changed your betting habits or are you simply abstaining until the horse kicks down the stable door through frustration? I know a few regulars have taken a look at horse racing from the four corners of the globe. For instance, Fonner Park, Gulfstream Park and Oakland Park (lots of parks going on) are under starter's orders today in the United States. 

My niche is two-year-old horse racing while Eric's love is sprint racing. 

That's UK racing because I do not have a glimmer about racing over the pond. 

Such is my disciplined that I usually go to the races and watch rather than bet as my selections are few and far between.  

I guess certain aspects of gambling have increased in popularity. I've seen a few things about virtual horse racing. I can't say I have any idea or interest. Online casinos are bursting at the seams compared to brick-and-motor that sit empty waiting for the Prime Minister and Cabinet to knock on the door. 

Plenty of stories in the media about fears that gambling may become a problem for some over this stressful period or some thinking it is a chance to make some money with financial pressures. 

So what have we all been doing? 

I haven't been betting and it doesn't bother me a jot. Sure, I would like to get back to business and doing what I do but it just proves the point that I'm not compulsive or addicted to gambling. There must be a lot of people who know me sure I'm betting on two flies crawling up a wall (this moment, in fact). 

However, people see what they want to see. I don't gamble for fun. This quiet time hasn't seen me frothing at the mouth or craving a bet. 

It doesn't register.

If you have been betting elsewhere then it may be a time to question why you bet and your relationship with the said gamble. 

Betting for fun still needs discipline and in ways more than those who do it professionally as the newbie lacks the experience to see the dangers until far too late. Unlike many writers, I am anti-gambling. It's the last thing people do for obvious reasons. 

Psychologists say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert (it takes much more). If you fancy learning for that many hours without sticking your hand in your pocket you probably have the making of a very good gambler. Gambling is no different than taking on a class chess player. If you don't know the name Bobby Fischer then don't play chess for money. (Don't gamble unless you know more than most.)

I know Eric has been working just as hard behind the scenes with his systems and learning how to make his betting pay. 

Readers may have seen a few of my articles popping up here and there. They range from the good to the ugly. Most fall between two posts - just bad.

They say writers write and that is true. Practice makes perfect and all that. A few articles have been quite well received. 

Give me a random topic and I can write an article. 


Anyway, this is another post to fill a space.

Have a good day.

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