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Monday 27 April 2020

Who Has a Question for My Answers?

I remember an eminent US politician joking with the press by saying: ''Who has a question for my answers?'' (Sure it was Henry Kissinger).

I like his mentality. 

If you are in a position of power you can make those statements. In general, no one is interested in the views of Joe Public. Although, you probably hear more sense and logic (definitely more honesty) from the populous. It seems to be the case most people are hammered over the head with quotes from celebrities. 

Give me a genuine philosopher at any time. 

What kind of mindset do you have as a gambler? Is it fluid or crystalline? Do you think a successful gambler has an inquiring mind? 

The saying goes ''Curiosity killed the cat'.  I think most gamblers die from apathy, stubbornness, or a plain lack of sense. 

Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.

Here's something you don't need Aristotle to understand (he came up with the theory of logic although it had been starring all those Greeks in the face). If you don't have a question, you sure as hell won't find an answer. 

Now, you may be thinking about what more do I need to know about horse racing. But here's another question. 

''What do you really know?''

If you are looking at the same info as everyone else that is a problem. Because, as I have said many times before, not everyone can win. Especially if we all have the same idea. There isn't too much value floating around at the best of times with bookmakers and layers' cut. You really don't want to be fighting for the last chunk of meat on the bone with the shoal of piranha. 

That's why you may benefit from thinking about how you bet and improving your knowledge than rushing to the counter to have £5 each-way on something in the first race at Catterick Bridge. 

It's surprising what you can learn by doing a tiny bit of research. It may be for a given trainer, owner, horse, betting pattern, or a myriad of things. You are never going to find out because you don't have that burning question you are intrigued to find the answer. 

Each to their own. I would prefer punters to bet blindly without an inkling of Aristotle or any other philosopher ringing in their ears. 

However, something tells me the people who make their betting pay learn something tasty, and as Henry Kissinger said: ''Who has a question for my answer?''

If you ask the wrong thing you will be met with deathly silence. 

Author: Jason Coote 

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