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Thursday 21 May 2020

Online slots...What’s the point?

We’ve still got time to wait before the world kicks back into action and we can get stuck-in to some “proper” betting. 

In the meantime, I keep seeing loads of people are getting into online casino games to pass the time and to scratch their itch to have a little flutter. 

Now I can understand those people who spend hours, days, and years trying to perfect their methods of beating the house at blackjack. That’s a game where your odds are best - if you know what you’re doing. 

I don’t! 

Roulette looks pretty, and you can make a small stake last a long time thanks to options like betting on red vs black or odds vs evens. But the gambling permutations across the table are complicated and clunky, and there’s not enough time between spins to have a good think about the odds. It’s a distraction for a bit, but nothing more. 

And then there are online casino games like slots… 

Oh dear. No skill at all, just dump your cash and pull the handle or press the button. Couldn’t be more boring. 

Or so I thought before I played some recently.

I have an acquaintance called Dave Monk who runs a casino review site but who is a self-confessed lover of slot machine games. He writes up all the slots descriptions on his site. He gave me a few links to try some of the modern digital slot machines. 

Guess what? I had a load of fun. Here’s why. 

Most of the modern online slots accept bets as low as £0.10. That means you can decide to have a tenner’s worth of fun and get 100 chances even if you win nothing at all. If you do win, but not a lot, then up the bet with the “free” money. 

It brought back great memories from years ago about trying to guess when the fruit machine was going to pay out because there hadn’t been a big win for a while, so the odds are in your favour. Look, it’s pure chance, of course, but as a relaxing break from systems and analysis? Great fun. 

The choice these days is unbelievable. There are literally thousands of them. A lot of them look amazing, sound amazing and some are even licensed versions linked to bands, movies or TV shows. There is literally something for everyone - from simple games that have reels and fruit symbols to whacky themed slots that have no resemblance to the machine you used to play in the pub whatsoever - but turn out to still be a slot machine underneath.

These are high quality “experiences” - it’s not like going to a one-armed bandit arcade in Skegness! One good thing, though - they all let you turn off the music or sound effects if it’s a little too much for your personal taste. And they all work on your phone! Of course, I’d never recommend gambling on the loo, but you can if you like... 

Some of the slots available these days have amazing mini-games and sub-games as part of their play that really gets you into it as a “game” rather than a simple bet. Before I knew it, I’d spend an hour having a good time and spending hardly anything. 

So, what’s the point of online slots? I’ll tell you. 

A low-cost way to have a good time and scratch a gambling itch a little bit until the world gets back to something like normal. 

Sounds good to me.

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