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Wednesday 20 May 2020

The Day I Moved on from my Gambling Initiation

Do you still bet with a traditional bookie? 

Tell me the truth, do you really make a profit from gambling? 

Most reply: ''I don’t do too bad'', while others say ''I've done my nuts.''

Obviously, I believe the person who told me he has done his nuts because that's what bookmakers thrive upon. It's a sure thing most punters start off in that position. I started off betting on a Saturday afternoon while having a few beers with my mates. 

Nowadays that is a definite no-no in my eyes. 

Drinking and betting is a toxic mix. Even a pint or two can fuddle the mind. The more you get tanked up the worse it becomes.

I used to be a heavy drinker. I'd go out on a Saturday afternoon - worse still the pub was next door to the bookies. I'd watch the racing on the TV while popping back and forth between the two. 

I'd venture home at teatime - winning or losing. If you asked me how much money I won or lost I couldn't have given you a true answer. 

Eventually, I got fed up with the losing weeks. Instead, I would sort my bets out before I started drinking and stuck to the races I had an interest (I'd written them down). 

Most weeks it worked. I didn't go home skint. Maybe I was just lucky or maybe I had a little bit of something that makes me see past the obvious information. 

Don't get me wrong, most weeks I wasn't winning a fortune. I wasn't betting very high stakes. I'd make a profit or a small loss. Most of the time it paid for my beer and something to eat on the way home. 

I moved on from my gambling initiation...

Those people I saw in the bookies still bet the same old way as they did all those years ago.

If I ask them why they keep betting and losing they say: ''I bet for fun!'' 

Pardon me. For the life of me, I cannot see how losing money that you have worked hard for all week can be fun. 


Most punters pick winners. Quite a few of them would make a profit if they used any method of money management. However, they just seem to bet according to the money they have got in their wallet. 

I have given up trying to educate people how, with a little bit of work, they could stop losing their hard-earned cash. It's fair to say I can't make every one of them a winner but I could point them in the right direction.

Here's the easiest way to tell if you are winning or losing. If the bookie still takes your bets - without any restriction - you are losing. 

Nowadays, I rarely bet in the bookies.  In fact, I only go into the bookies if there are people there to have a chat. It makes an enjoyable afternoon. 

These days, I place my bets online, before I go out. I can sit back in the bookies and enjoy the company and the racing, cheer home their horses. 

I like to see people win money and enjoy themselves. It's one of the reasons I post my thoughts freely every day. 

My blog is updated each day with my selections - backs or lays. As you may know, I am a sprint-race specialist. It's my niche. If someone asks my opinion while in the bookies or what I fancy this is my reply: ''Nothing much!” 


If they were really interested they would have looked on my website Eric Winner. This is the truth of the matter, in most cases, they are only hoping my thoughts align with their thinking. 

Here's a little insight for newbie gamblers. 

Please don't go into the bookies and read the Racing Post pinned to the wall and think you are properly informed about any given horses' chances. 

The bookies want you to use the limited information on offer because you cannot have an informed opinion.  

Don't forget, the bookies' price up each horse so in the long run, they cannot fail to make money. You need to know more. And, in my opinion, that comes from knowing your niche and selective betting.

If you are one of the few that win decent money on a regular basis your account will be limited or closed. Contrary to belief, most bookies like it when you back a winner because they know you will be coming back for more. However, this is the score... 

They ban consistent winners! 

Why be restricted by bookmakers? Betting exchanges usually give bigger prices and they will not ban you however much you win. 

I am surprised there are any punters still using the high street bookies. The sad fact is that bookies are more interested in the four “slot” machines they have in each shop. They fleece punters knowing long term they cannot win. 

Those pesky machines have caused a lot of hurt to so many people who have become addicted to playing them.

Author: Eric Winner

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