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Thursday 6 August 2020

Employing a strategy based on statistics against slots

So… are you thinking that this blog will provide you with a tried and tried, foolproof method of beating the odds (literally) and winning at slots whenever you play? Sorry! That is not what this is about. You can't 'beat the system' when it comes to slots such as www.megareel.com/all-games/jackpots/beehive-bedlam thanks to the random number generator (RNG) system that it all works on. There are so many different combinations and everything is – as the name suggests – random, so it’s not even your worth time trying.

It is possible to obtain an edge over the casino with regards to slots by checking out the RTP and picking a game with a good return to player ratio. You still cannot guarantee a win, but it can help. And there are a few more tricks that you might want to put in place (all of which are strategies based on statistics). 

Calculating Probabilities 

As we have stated, it is simply not possible to discover where slot symbols are likely to be once the reels cease spinning. And that is a part of the thrill and the fun of the game, all things considered. Still, if you were able to figure exactly what the likelihood of punching in a winning combination could be, you might choose to take it – it will help you to decide what games to play and what games to stay away from. 

The very first thing you will have to learn is exactly what the likelihood of winning on the slot you wish to play is. Plus you will have to determine exactly how much you will receive if you win (this should always be discovered in the paytable). And so the latter number is easily found (or should be – if there is no paytable listed then you might be on a fake site or at least one that isn’t regulated and you should try another instead), but the first is much more complicated. It can be done, however. 

Begin with the number of reels the game has. Then multiply that number by the amount of symbols on every reel, and also by the amount of stops on each reel. If you have three reels and they have five symbols each, the sum will be 5x5x5, which is 125. Which suggests that there are 125 ways to win. Next, you are going to want to know exactly how likely it is you're going to be able to win. To get this done, you have to learn what a winning combination is like and go from there. And so on a three-reel game, if you are going to win when three specific symbols are lined up, and there's just one of these symbols on every reel, you will do 1/5x1/5x1/5 which is 0.008 and that's the percentage chance of winning. Complicated? Perhaps – and when the number is even bigger it gets even more brain-busting! 

Can It Truly Be Done? 

We have to be truthful – knowing how you can accomplish this and have the ability to accomplish this are two different. Yes, it is possible to carry out these calculations and work out the odds of winning on games if you want to. It is best to try this with simpler games, perhaps older ones since they have fewer reels and consequently you will find fewer winning combinations. In more recent video games you will find thousands, and the time it will take to work out the likelihood of anything getting won would simply stop being worthwhile. 

In the long run, the smartest thing you can do with regards to slots is picking one with an excellent RTP along with a theme you like. The way, whether you win or lose, you are still going to have a great deal of fun.

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