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Tuesday 17 November 2020

There's Gold In Them Hills?

Another day without any sprints to bet and I’ve caught up on all the work that needed doing so I started to look for new ideas/methods to add to my portfolio. 

This page, Eric Winner, was my first venture into giving people a chance to put an extra few quid in their pockets. Yes, I did it to help others but it did also cement my analysis in my head by writing everything down into a blog so it was a two-way street. I would still be giving out my thoughts on Facebook if I didn’t have someone to manage the page for me, plus Jason answers any queries or complaints. 

My way of dealing with complaints would be to just delete or block them! I do the work and give it out freely and it has made a profit every year so if people want to complain when I have a few losers they obviously don’t want the winners either. 

It’s strange people are quick to moan but very few leave a positive comments - a thank you goes a long way but seems to be an alien concept nowadays. The headline is my way of asking people if they think there is a golden ticket method buried out there somewhere hidden in the mountain of fakers. 

There are loads of adverts saying they can show you how to win big but my question is:

 ''Why would they sell their system if they are making a mint from it?'' 

Obviously, the more people are in the know, the shorter the price, and that alone can turn a winning system into a losing one. 

Yes, I do tell people my opinions so in theory I am hurting myself but as I start off early in the evening and place my bets early and with the “best odds guaranteed” it doesn’t matter to me what happens betting-wise so passing on my thoughts I am not doing myself any harm. 

I have recently been putting up some lays in older horse handicaps in races outside my sprint distances (so more than six furlongs). If you have been following you would once again be making a profit. I doubt I will ever get enough followers to make a difference to the prices and I usually lay them to lose a set amount, so the shorter the price the more I win. 

Every horse is priced eight to one or shorter, anything higher than that price loses it’s value in my opinion but I do lay at bigger prices in my sprint races. 

OK, so both systems make a profit but I have to admit neither are a get rich quick scheme so they fly under the radar of most people who want instant success and no losing bets. 

I am quite happy with that although, thanks mainly to Jason’s promotional work it has just passed the million views mark and if it wasn’t making a profit that figure would not have been achievable. 

What would happen if you found a system that made a profit of ten points a day then this would soon circulate and the prices would be affected. 

If anyone did find such a system I am pretty sure they would keep it to themselves. Most people think it is just a pipe dream but I am convinced if you dig deep enough in those hills there is a magical system waiting for you, so keep digging and good luck.


terry said...

good post mate,ive been searching for the golden system over 30 years,alas never found it,but learnt a lot over the years.

TO said...

Thanks for your post. Terry.

Much appreciated,