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Saturday 5 December 2020

12:01 Southwell Racing Tips (6th December)

SOUTHWELL 12.01 5f Class 6 

SLOWMO 9/2 this possible front runner has won over this c/d before but in a slow run affair and looking at its overall form I don't think this surface suits it but it is trier and could make the frame but I am not sure it will be an each way price.

PEARL ACCLAIM 16/1 hasn't run for 672 days and usually needs a run to get it to fitness and its best figure from 2108 could see it make the frame at best I would look to lay it but I think it will be a biggish price.

RED STRIPES 14/1 a possible pacemaker who has a time from this year but before lockdown in March that would make it 2nd top rated overall but hasn't shown much recently so not for me and i think it will be an outsider.

LOULIN 4/1 always runs as though further would suit it better its best time from 2019 would see it just outside my top 3 ratings, I will look to lay it as I think it will be a shortish price just because it won its last race. 

NAJAVO DAWN 8/1 this 3yo has only slow c/d times to its name and its recent form has been poor and another who I think will be an outsider if not I will lay it.

CHARLES LE BRUN 4/1 this 3yo has never run on the AW before but it has won over this distance with cut in the ground on turf so this surface might suit so it could be a hidden danger TAN 125/1 hasn't shown much lately and its best from last year would still see it struggling to make the frame and will be a big outsider. 

TILSWORTH ROSE 9/1 hasn't only one slow run over this c/d to its name this year, looking at its best from 2019 would still leave it short and one I will look to lay if a single figure price.

AMAZING AMAYA 15/2 this one hasn't shown much at all since the first lockdown and even the time from early this year isn't quite good enough to win and might be worth laying.

BLUELLA 9/2 luckily the draw, stall 13, isn't a problem racing on the straight course here and if this front runner gets to the front in this race its capable of holding on for the win.

ARCHIMEDES 20/1 has been known to lead before but just lately its not shown much enthusiasm although it is my 3rd top rating if bouncing back to form. 

NELLIE FRENCH 50/1 the 3rd 3yo in the race it has only a slow time over this c/d and hasn't made the frame in all seven races its had to date and looks to be an outsider. 

WALTON THORNS 25/1 the 4th and final 3yo who is a maiden without making the frame in 8 previous races and looks to be another outsider.

ANGEL EYES 33/1 this 5yo is a maiden after 19 races it has made the frame twice but it looks another also ran in the race. 

SUMMARY: There are bad class 6 races and then there's this class 6 race, I've been trying to find something worthwhile to work with but its been a struggle and my stake in this race will be kept low, there's quite a few I could lay but I think some if not all will be big prices so I will stick with having 2 bets in the race, the 3yo CHARLES LE BRUN 4/1 looks as though it could be a danger and will be carrying some of my money as will BLUELLA 9/2 who could go well from the front and may prove hard to catch if getting the lead, so 2 bets to cover the angles.

Charles Le Brun 4/1 3rd (-1pt)
Bluella 17/2 Unp (-1pt) 

Lay bets: Slowmo 6/1 -6pts, Loulin +1pt, Navajo Dawn +1pt

Total on the day -6pts 

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