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Friday 6 August 2021

How Do Pro Punters Place Their Bets?

As the market for horse betting grows to an all-time high and more people than ever wager on the races, demand for information has also skyrocketed. While we all bet for fun, we also want to win. That's why a rapidly-growing industry has emerged, with various individuals and groups offering supposed insider tips that will help you place a winning bet. 

But how do the professional punters do it? There is no shortage of full-time horse racing bettors out there, many of whom have shown remarkable abilities to correctly wager on the outcome of the races. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some of the ways that professional punters put together their own betting strategies.  

Know the Track 

Many beginner punters fail to realise that the environment plays a crucial outcome in every single horse race. That's why pro punters are always poring over the stats of a particular track or background. It's important to know the track material, the length, and the history of accidents on that track. Also important are the predicted weather conditions on the day of the race, as this will undoubtedly affect the jockey's performance, even if this does not show up in the official odds. 

Know Your Horses 

Of course, it is also important to read up on your horses. As any professional punter will tell you, never, ever take the odds purely at face value. Do some of your own research. All of the stats and race history of any horse should be publicly available knowledge. Take a close look at this and see if there are any similarities between previous wins and losses and the race you are considering wagering on. This will help you make a more informed wager.

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Use Trustworthy Tips  

There are countless bookies and blogs out there, each claiming to offer the very best, most reliable horse racing tips. When choosing which resources you will rely on, it is important to be discerning. You should always opt for well-established horse racing betting sites like bet365, as these companies have the resources to write truly expert and informed horse racing tips. For beginners and pros alike, always use established, well-known tip sites.  

Be Selective 

It is crucial for any punter to exercise a degree of selectivity with their choice of race. While it can be the most fun to bet on major fixtures like the Grand National or Royal Ascot, these should not be your only choices. By trawling the bookies for more niche, less well-known races, you might be able to find a gem that offers better chances of a successful wager. That's why it pays to be as selective as possible when choosing which horse racing events to place a bet on.  

By following these simple tips, you can start betting on horses just like a pro punter. Although the skills that pro punters deploy are often the result of years of wagering, it is by following these simple rules that anyone can take their bets to the next level. 

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