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Tuesday 28 September 2021

Successful Gambling: Finding Answers to Questions

I often have readers ask: ''How do I become a successful gambler?'' 

Whether you are betting on horse racing, greyhounds, slot machines or enjoying a punt at Casino Gorillas there is an important lesson be learned, if not an armful of questions you need to wrestle with to achieve your ultimate goal. 

For most gamblers the idea of learning to improve their chance of success is sadly forgotten. It's as though the buzz numbs the brain - the on switch flicked to off. Your mind, that sponge of wisdom, is turned into a lump of dead meat. What's that worth a kilo? 

Nothing much.

Gambling without quantifiable learning is pointless. It's a waste of time, money if not life. It's like a student going to university for four years and never learn anything beyond that first day.

You probably didn't learn anything that day beyond think how to spell your name! 

It's tragic. 

Why wouldn't a gambler want to learn his or her craft? 

Who knows. 

I work to improve my skills each and every day. Sure, you need a skill-based sport to be able to gain an advantage over the opposition. But even fixed odds you can learn things which improve your odds. The basics such as the longer you play the more likely you are to lose is worth knowing or that smaller bettors actually have a higher success rate than the big players. 

Horse racing is very much a skill. The difference between a good and bad bettor is a void you wouldn't want to walk. However, to become a successful gambler that's exactly what you need to do. 

You can learn a lot of valuable information from others. It may save you years of work and help you look in the right direction. Knowledge is power. In truth, to be a successful gambler has nothing to do with money. 

It's all about skill. 

Your question should be: ''How can I learn more and find answers to questions?''

If you skip this part moving swiftly on to the exciting stuff of winning money you are missing the point. Sure, we'd all love to forget about the hard work and just be laughing all the way to the bank but we all know life isn't like that. 

Thank the Lord it isn't. 

If someone works twice as hard is it any surprise they are ahead of the person who does less. 

If you back a loser you may forget it, put it down to a bad day, and get ready for the next bet. You've seen the punters in the bookmakers. It's as though the next race can't come quick enough. 

However, each loser is actually saying something important (if you care to listen). It's saying: ''Stop, think and learn.'' 

There is an answer to why that horse lost and why if you had that understanding you wouldn't have bet on a loser. 

It's the same when you back a winner. Don't be so quick to move onto the next bet (even if you have a smile on your face). 

Ever winner and loser is trying to help you find answers to questions. 

Most punters don't give a stuff about finding answers to questions. They are writing out their next betting slip (brain switched off).

If you don't have an answer to a question what's going through your mind?

Next to nothing. 

And that is your biggest problem. You need to have an answer to every question. Perhaps impossible, a work in progress, but an endevour you should relish. Why? Because each questioned answered is bringing you nearer to the truth. 

It's your opportunity to make your gambling pay. 

Without an answer to a question you are floating in the wind. You don't know the answer to a question that's often imminent. The clock is ticking down and the pressure is on. You will make a knee-jerk reaction imagining you know the answer to the question. However, you don't because you didn't stop to think or learn. You bet and feel disappointed when you lose. 

Just imagine if you had ten answers to questions. 

The answer may not be 100% correct but if it is significant then you are closer to winning than losing. You have the opportunity to learn more and answer the question more accurately. Until, one day, you are happy with that answer. It helps you win. 

Now imagine if you had the answer to 100 questions. 

What about 1000. 

How good a gambler would you be? 

A bloody site better than the gambler who didn't even get to the point of answering one f****** question. 

Every winner is trying to help you learn. With this hypothesis, every loser is worth its weight in gold. 


Because it should motivate you to find the answer.  

If you think, consider and work towards finding the answer to that question the next time you will be ready and waiting. 

I know the answer to that question. That's a winner or loser waiting to happen. 

If you are a gambler, the next time you are stopped in your tracks, ask yourself if you know the answer to the question. What have you done to try and understand? This is your opportunity to learn. 

What's the betting you move swiftly on without due consideration. 

That's the first question you need to answer. It should have happened years ago but you let it go by without any thought. 

Make your betting pay. 

Answer each and every question until you are satisfied with the answer. 

It's the difference between winning and losing. 

Good luck.

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