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Thursday 7 January 2021

5:15 Southwell Racing Tips (8th January)


GABRIAL THE DEVIL 14/1 a possible pacesetter but has only one slow c/d time to its name from one previous run here and its record on the AW tracks is no wins but 4 placed efforts from its six runs but time wise its lacking a little. 

KATHEEFA 18/1 hasn't been in good form lately with a row of duck eggs beside its name but a time recorded earlier in 2020 makes it top rated for the year and its best time from 2019 would make it top rated overall, they are using a tongue-tie for the first time here and I am hoping it will be enough for it to spring back to form and the price it might be worth the risk. 

GIOGIOBBO 11/4 is another possible pacesetter but it hasn't run over this c/d before and looking at its best rating from Newcastle it would need to improve for the switch to this surface to actually win this race and looks poor value at the price.

OAKENSHIELD 8/1 this one has no course form to its name and its best rating also comes from Newcastle and a fair bit slower than the horse directly above so will also need to improve to get involved with the finish of this race.

THRAVE 4/1 the third possible pacesetter and has the plum stall one draw to help its cause. It has won over this c/d before but in a relatively slow time so another that would need to improve to win this race.

SAMOVAR 6/5 likes to race prominently but its best time for each year seems to be dropping off and has a lot of racing in its 3 years on the tracks it won yesterday over this c/d but again time wise it was a slow time but every race was slower than usual so it was maybe the surface running slow, it has only won once from 10 previous runs over this c/d and may struggle to win this race and I certainly wouldn't back it at the price. 

SUMMARY: The only sprint of the day for me and there's only six runners with three of them having been known to lead before so that makes it a little bit easier to analyse the race, I think or maybe hope that the 2 front runners take each other on and set it up for a horse coming from of the pace, I have to back KATHEEFA at 18/1 hoping the tongue-tie sparks it back to life and to be honest if it wasn't for the fitting of new racing equipment and he big price I would probably leave this race alone.

Katheefa 18/1 3rd (-1pt)

Total on the day: -1pt

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