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Sunday 29 May 2022

6:10 Windsor Racing Tips (30th May)


A nice competitive class 4 race with 9 runners and the likely pacesetters are Shobiz and or Winnetka, if the former gets an uncontested lead it could at least make the frame and could possibly lead all the way as its my 3rd top rated, as for any lays in this race I have marked down 4 but 3 of them are most likely to be double figure prices which leaves me just Concierge 7/2 as one to lay, its usually held up for a late run but time wise it would need to improve so I doubt it will catch the leaders quickly enough to win the race, Pure Dreamer is my 2nd top rated who is another one that is usually held up for a late run and the same racing tactics are usually deployed by SPRING BLOOM 9/2 who is my top rated using a time recorded this year but the trainers record of 0-29 at this course is a bit off putting so I will also be backing SHOBIZ 6/1 who is my 3rd top rated over all but only 1lb below the 2nd top spot position and has the best trainer 29% with the stables older horses and jockey 19% stats. 

Spring Bloom 5/1 2nd -1pt 
Shobiz 11/2 6th -1pt 

Lay bet Concierge +1pt 

Total -1pt 


A class 3 dash here with 8 runners and 2 known front runners and the race is so competitive its hard to narrow it down to a one horse conclusion, I will be looking to lay Recon Mission 8/1 in this race as its not been in good form lately doesn't seem to like really fast ground and might prefer a longer trip, *FAUSTUS 11/2 and JUST THAT LORD 8/1 are the 2 likely front runners and are my 3rd and 2nd top rated horses so most of the field might not be good enough to get involved in the race and if either gets an easy lead they could lead all the way and hold on for the victory but I do have A SURE WELCOME 7/1 rated higher and this one likes to track the leaders and then run on well nearing the finish, the trainer has a 19% win ratio here with its older horses but its been 42 runners and 327 days since the stable last had a winner which is off-putting else it might well have been my sole selection but in this race I will be looking to dutch all 3 of them. 


A Sure Welcome 7/1 3rd -1pt 
Just That Lord 8/1 4th -1pt 

Lay bet Recon Mission +1pt 

Total -1pt 

AYR 7.30 

Down to class 6 for this 9 runner affair with just one known front runner, starting with something to lay I will be looking at Impressor, 5/2 who might need further to show its best form, my 2nd top rated and the likely pacesetter in this race is GOWANBUSTER 6/1 with an easy lead could possibly lead all the way but I do have LADY CELIA 6/1 rated higher and it could catch the leader nearing the finish but I will go with the 2 bets to cover the angles.

Gowanbuster 6/1 3rd -1pt 
Lady Celia 6/1 4th -1pt 

Lay bet Impressor +1pt 

Total -1pt 

Total on the day -3pts

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