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Thursday 22 October 2020

This Time Next Month I'll Be A Millionaire

You may be looking at the header graphic and noticed something has changed. 

It's like a spot the difference competition...

Sorry, but the other picture has been removed so you will have to use your imagination. 

Those words in a strange Fuschia pink: 1 Million Page Views

Sure, there will be one or two of you calling trading standards as the official number at this time is 995,000+. I woke early this morning so I thought I would do a little bit of admin and change the header graphic while I have a few minutes on my side. 

Here are a few facts about Eric Winner blog that you may not know:

The blog started on the 1st of February 2014. 

It averages 12,000 page views a month. Two of the last three months have achieved over 18,000. 

The most page views in any one month came back in the month of March, 2016. A grand total of 22,513 page views. 

By the time Eric Winner blog reaches 1 Million Page View it will have surpassed 2000 blog posts.

Very few tipsters have come close to beating Eric Winner for big priced winners. In fact, he is probably the only one you will hear has actually tipped and backed a 100/1 wiiner. 

Don't believe me, take a look at this post: The horse's name Major Assault on the 26th February 2018.    

Take a look at a few of these impressive winners:

Little Palavar 25/1

Bungee Jumper 33/1 

Star Cracker 22/1

Sandfrankskipsgo 25/1

Ingleby Molly 25/1

East Street Revue 25/1 

Pearl Acclaim 20/1

Reputation 16/1

Archie Stevens 22/1

Joe Packet 25/1 

Crew Cut 25/1

Your Gift 20/1

Speightstown Kid 25/1

Harrison Stickle 25/1

Ace Master 20/1

Billy Red 20/1

Incomparable 20/1

Sunraider 25/1

Captain Royale 22/1

Monumental Man 20/1

That's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Eric Winner has had over 40 winners price 16/1+ SP.

He has had many months with 100+ points profit. 

For example:

May 2019 (117pts) 

August 2019 (100pts)

February 2018 (129pts)

Look at these Mighty Profits:

EX,FC & T/C: 

T/C £212.50

EX £110

T/C £245.85

EX £111.40

T/C £104.32

T/C £336.90

T/C £628.99

EX £101.30

T/C £1075.90

T/C £785.65

F/C £205.00

Your Guarantee

There is one thing you can guarantee, Eric Winner is one of the best sprint race tipsters in the country. 

If you have benefitted from a winner or enjoyed this blog then you can give a little bit back by sharing this post or telling race fans about Eric Winner because the time and effort put into this blog far exceeds what you imagine. 

It is a premium rate tipping service free of charge. 

Don't forget that all this information comes from a lifetime of experience and talent.

Thanks for your support.

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