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Friday 24 September 2021

2:40 Haydock Racing Tips (25th September)


WOW what a competitive looking class 2 dash, I can only see Premier Power as a possible lay bet in this race, Mountain Peak is one of two known front running types in this race and comes out 4th best on my figures so could run well and maybe even make the frame,Jawwaal is my 3rd top rated and only 2lbs below the pair who are my top rated, Mondammej is one of the joint top rated horses but drops to 2nd best when I take off the 5lb the apprentice claims riding COPPER KNIGHT 9/2 who is also the other known front runner and if getting to the front here it could be hard to catch. 

Copper Knight 9/2 5/1 2nd -1pt 

Lay bet: Premier Power +1pt 

Total 0pts 


Another nice looking race and class 3 this time, I think the early pace will be set by Al Simmo but it would need to improve to hold on for the win, Call Me Ginger who has won its last 3 races comes out 3rd top on my figures and maybe the handicapper has caught up with it, there is only 2lbs between my top rated pair and I will be backing both of them, NEVER DARK 8/1 and SECOND COLLECTION 12/1 as to be honest I cannot split them and both look good value at their prices with there being just seven runners. 

Second Collection 16/1 4th -1pt 
Never Dark 8/1 5th -1pt 

Total -2pts

RIPON 3.30 

A field of 12 for this race with a couple of front runners of whom Machree may go best but I doubt it can hold on for the win and I might well lay the other possible leader, Raydmoor who might have been flattered when winning a slow run race last time out, James Watt, Nibras Again and Deputise could all go well but I will be splitting my stake between COLEY'S KOKO 9/2 who is my 2nd top rated but only 1lb below ATLYAH 7/1 in top spot, the former is usually held up for a late run while the latter likes to track the leaders and then stay on resolutely nearing the finish. 

Coley's Koko 7/1 Unp -1pt 
Atlyah 12/1 Unp -1pt 

Total -2pts

RIPON 4.05 

As usual with an eight runner race I hope they all take part so there is 3 places available for an each way bet, it is a good looking class 2 race where I cannot see anything that I could dismiss its chances and lay it, Bossipop may do best of the two known front runners in the race as it comes out 4th best on my figures and could even stay on well enough to sneak a palace especially if others falter, Thegreatestshowman is sitting in 3rd top spot but the trainer is 0-10 in the last 2 weeks, Manigordo is my 2nd best rated horse and is usually seen staying on at the finish over this distance and could make the frame but it hasn't been in good form lately, my money will be riding on BOWMAN 10/1 (EW) who recorded a fast time at Carlisle and a repeat would see it winning a touch cosily.

Bowman 10/1 8th -2pts

Total -2pts

RIPON 5.50 

Only 6 runners where the top pair, Nearly A Gonna and Ustath, look the likely pacesetters and the latter could be dangerous if allowed an easy lead and the former might have been flattered when it won 2 runs ago at Nottingham, Hurstwood comes out 2nd best using a time from way back in 2019, my money will be riding on SINGE ANGLAIS 13/8 who is from a stable in decent form in the last two weeks and it will be held up for a late run. 

Singe Anglais 9/4 1st +2.25pts

Total +2.25pts


A class 4 race, 10 runners and 2 known front running types equals a true run affair, I would look to lay Seas Of Elzaam who should be staying on at the finish but maybe too late to catch the leaders, Garth Rockett has a good time from 2020 which would give it a good chance of winning but the jockey booking, 0-18, makes me think it will be aimed at a future race, I did have TOUSSARAK 7/1 and NIGEL NOTT 5/1 level on my ratings but the former has a 3lb claiming apprentice on board and the latter has a 5lb claiming apprentice, so just 2lbs between them but as the latter is the one I think might set the early pace and could prove hard to catch but just in case I will back them both to cover the angles. 

Nigel Nott 5/1 4th -1pt 
Toussarak 7/1 UR -1pt 

Lay bet: Seas Of Elzaam +1pt

Total -1pt


Only 7 runners but 3 of them are known as front runners and five of them are 3yo’s so my stakes are already going to be low, I think *Iesha may need further and may be worth laying despite the fact this race might be run to suit its racing style, I think JORVIK PRINCE 9/1 should lead and then prove hard to catch and if reproducing its best time from 2020 would hold on for the win but its time from 2021 would give TOPLIGHT 9/2 a chance to pick it up in the closing stages and I will be backing them both.


Jorvik Prince 9/1 2nd -1pt 
Toplight 5/1 6th -1pt 

Total -2pts 

Total on the day -6.75pts

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